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    Ken Broaden doesn't really feel like hero material but when push comes to shove will he be able to do what's necessary? This is one of the best books I have ever read Robb White is a suspenseaction genius This story is realistic gripping and free of the political ambiguities which made the Second World War so full of moral gray area It is just one man's struggle with his own problems not this stupidity of let's save the world by eradicating certain nations thing and it contains no malice toward their enemy It is very matter of fact I recommend this to pretty much anyone of any age anywhere

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    One of the first novels I can remember reading when I was around 13 or so My father and several of my uncles were in the military during WWII which made me intrigued by the US Navy and WWII The story of a WWII UDT diver and his assignment to capture Japanese codes was a page burner even for a kid I remember feeling as though I sweat blood held my breath and became drenched in the tropical heat of the south pacific

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    This book is another in a series of i watched the movie now I want to read the book trend that I seem to be on lately and I am really glad I did as the book and the movie are significantly different and I was able to enjoy them bothThis book is a For Young People novel something I did not realize until looking at the back cover I saw it was published by the Scholastic Book Services As a result it is a pretty straightforward action story but I was pleasantly surprised to see some time spent giving technical descriptions of submarine life and what it was like to be in one on a cruiseLieutenant jg Ken Braden is sent on a dangerous secret mission to a japanese held pacific island during WW2 in the submarine Shark The first third of the book moves pretty slowly as Ken struggles with the subs captain and the realities of what he is supposed to do Once that is resolved the mission itself begins and is surprisingly realistic there is no Rambo style heroics with guys standing up and shooting machineguns at the faceless enemy who can never hit anything This is a slow stealth mission in an enemy campFinally the last third of the book details a typical submarine situation sinking enemt ships and surviving the inevitable retaliation This seemed a bit rushed to me but then this is an action story for younger readers and is not a men under pressure psychology studyAll in all a fast read and a well written book that is still enjoyable decades after WW2 ended

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    Found this book in the free bin outside Powell's books in Hyde Park It's a boys' adventure book set during the end of WWII and has all the stereotyping and chest thumping which goes with that Nothing exceptional about the book but it's straightforward and a nice throwback to the diesel submarine era Mmm diesel

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    Took a break from my usual lists of book titles to read something from my childhood Back before CD’s and DVD’s and FM radio in the car our family entertainment in the car on vacation was homemade And we created the original audiobook service My parents made sure there were a couple books packed in there for the ride and when the alphabet game was over and the stream of new license plates slowed down out one would come And we would dive into an adventure or a mystery or something funny until mom’s voice got tired or she started falling asleep Or one of us would take over reading for her Or dad needed help from the mapnavigator gasp 😲 Sound familiar??Something reminded me of this book recently Not sure what I haven’t seen it in 40 years But I got online and the wonder that is popped it right up And I bought it It came all scuffed up with yellowed pages much like the way I remember it from when I was 10 It even had the same cover And I took my time reading it just one or two chapters a night until the end when I had to read the last few all at once because the suspense would’ve kept me awake anywayThis is a true old fashioned naval adventure story I suppose written for boys but it captivated me as a kid Especially when read out loud And as a nostalgic adult I loved it all over again With upright characters concerned with honor With the turbulent post Pearl Harbor setting The tension of a secret mission The exotic South Pacific Torpedoes and depth charges going off all around What’s not to love? Will Lt JG Kenneth Braden and the crew of the submarine Shark make it a successful mission? All read by bedside lamp with the reminiscent fragrance of 64 year old faded yellow pages I am so glad to have a copy of this little gem back on my bookshelves And just maybe I will make my kids listen to it in the car someday

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    I read this book several times when I was in grade school and enjoyed it very much Now all these years later I re read my very worn paperback copy and liked it just as much The characters are very distinctive and the author does an excellent job of telling how life was aboard a World War II submarine; cramped stuffy dangerous A real tribute to the men of the silent service

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    Well written intense WWII submarine story

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    I really enjoyed reading Robb White's book Up Periscope It was a very realistic book based off of battles that happened in the Pacific during World War II One of the best things about this book was how real everything seemed If I hadn't looked at the spine label on it I might not have known that it was fiction because the people and missions seemed so real What I didn't like was how the book ended It left an open feeling in me wanting to keep reading and it was rather disappointing Every time I find a good book it ends How typical Up Periscope was still a great book and I loved reading it Anybody who likes World War II books should read this

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    Fiction I bought this WAY back during grade school 3rd or 4th grade because it had a cool cover much better than the one depicted by goodreads and waited anxiously for its arrival When it finally arrived seemed like it took forever back then it didn't have any pictures in it I shelved it and didn't read it until I found it again during collegeI liked it US Navy submarines SCUBA divers World War II if you like all that stuff you'll like this book

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    Just like the James Garner movie on the same exact subject matter as the book from the 50's one finds comfort even at sea in this book out in the remote stretches into the deep Pacific Ocean there is a refuge from the sturm and drang of war being awaybut then it really never is far awayeven out at the farthest stretches

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Up Periscope

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The story 1943 the Pacific War US Submarine 'Shark' is gliding through enemy waters on a dangerous mission Ken Braden young offic This book is

characters ½ eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Robb White

Rolling sub without detection This is one of the most exciting sea stories of all time written by a man who knows all about actio I really enj

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Robb White was partnered with gimmick horror film king William Castle during Castle's most popular and productive period Born in the Philippines White was a preacher's son who held a wide variety of jobs before landing in the Navy during World War II He initially collaborated with Castle on the short lived TV series Men of Annapolis then joined forces with the enterprising producer di.