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With Montagnard tribesmen a courageous Vietnamese girl who poses as a rabid anti American Communist to capture a murderous Viet Cong officer and the unforgettable acts of courage of soldiers in the field Loved itVer Encounters with Rauschenberg unforgettable acts of courage of soldiers in the field Loved itVer

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The Vietnam War and the basis for the hit John Wayne movie of the same title Taut fast paced and interspersed with unforgettable accounts of combat Moore's novel features an American major who goes native Educational

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Robin Moore became one of the first true embedded journalists by training with and fighting alongside the Green Berets in Vietnam Though fictionalized his work is an eye opening exposé of the horrors of These are s

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    The #5 bestseller in 1965 was a tough read for me In 1965 I graduated from high school By 1967 I was a full blown protester against the Vietnam War When I started My Big Fat Reading Project reading books from the 1940s I found many antiwar sentiments alongside books about and even glorifying war For decades I embraced pacifism Now in my 70s I realize that pacifism is a fine ideal but does not work out in real life All the way from what would you do if someone was trying to destroy a loved one to what if some country is trying to destroy your own I have also espoused non violence but observed that eventually most oppressed humans resort to violence Robin Moore was a journalist who got permission to train as a Green Beret and then imbed himself with these Special Forces units in Vietnam to get first hand information on how and why they practiced guerilla warfare He turned those experiences into fictional stories about some of the operations According to him JFK wholeheartedly backed the endeavor including CIA involvement in some of the operations The idea grew out of the realization that for Western nations to fight communism in the far east it appeared impossible to win by conventional military manuevers Having read the book mainly loathing it the whole way I understand those pressures better I also learned how the US Military was at war with itself over these new approaches and how some of the top generals actually sabotaged the Special Forces I felt fortunate to have read The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen in which I got the story of the conflicts within the Vietnamese governments Fast forward to the present when the art of war has become even complex I don't need to explain Just read the newsI still believe that war is not the answer to human problems though it sure seems that to many it is just accepted as the way things are I don't mean to discount the bravery patriotism and commitment of soldiers but I do condemn the huge loss of human lives as the price we pay I really do wonder if any entity could do a correct poll or survey what the majority of human beings think about the necessity or inevitability of war What do you think?Now we are fighting another war against little invisible things called viruses War news has suddenly become almost absent but it is for sure war and human beings are not united in this war either Of course there are plenty of courageous and dedicated individuals doing all they can to save lives to do the right things concerning the spread of the virus; there are officials taking appropriate steps to protect lives We will get through it somehow but again the result is huge lossesI am sorry if this post brings you down I pondered whether or not I should enter this review into the conversation today Still this could be a time for us to dedicate ourselves to becoming educated and responsible for our fellow man to consider alternatives to the past and what we as individuals families groups can do for each other and our planet Out of suffering and mistakes and destruction can come new understandings and intelligence and bright ideasKeep the wisdom

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    It seems only right that the first Vietnam War novel would come out about the same time as Gulf of Tonkin resolution Robin Moore got as close to the Green Berets as possible going through jump school and special forces training to build trust with his subjects and not be liability in the field He definitely did go to Vietnam and spend several months in a very secret war that most people didn't even know aboutThe blend of first hand reporting war stories and outright fiction is strongest when it sticks closest to Moore's personal experience The defense of an isolated outpost patrols and helicopter med evacs all have that live wire electricity of great reporting The war stories are weirder being the only white man commanding a Montagnard warrior band in Laos or recruiting a female agent to honeypot a VC spy and don't capture the psychological dimension of the characters The last section of the book is an outright fantasy about setting up a guerrilla network in North Vietnam Many attempts along these lines were made and they universally ended in disaster against the Communist police state of the northMoore has some great little word portraits of the Special Forces and their Montagnard allies a period look at sophisticated new weapons like the clay mine and AR 15 rifle and nothing but derision for the South Vietnamese and the remaining French A fascinating bit of history but one that has not aged well

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    These are some amazing stories about Vietnam era US Army Special Forces Green Berets by an embedded reporter It's hard to tell how much of this is accurate it was fictionalized for operational security reasons among other reasons but I believe it is widely perceived to be plausiblerepresentative of that early stage of the conflict I'm much familiar personally with modern SF 2005 2010 or so and this is pretty much another world from what white SF did in IraAfghanistan but that's because in those conflicts they were not really being used for their doctrinal mission were kept on a short leash and all the secret suirrel stuff was by definition done by JSOCThe crazy thing which could never happen today is that the author went through AirborneJump School and SF training and got very close to the action on various missions to the level of carrying extra ammunition for others but not generally a weapon At the time SF wasn't directly fighting just advising so it is a little understandable but wow times have changedEssentially life at small bases working with indigenous forces struggles with the Republic of Vietnam government interactions with CIA Combined Studies Group and some dirty tricks with agents recruiting people who had personally been harmed by the communists and operations across borders Most of the stories are riveting while also being sad and overall the whole thing is much sadder once you realize this was the early escalation phase of an ultimately doomed conflictA few of the stories seemed completely plausible details about how Vietnamese Government forces failed in the field and politics between SF ODA and the conventional army There was some weird fantasy stuff about running massive guerrilla operations with undercover networks and armies raised seems unlikely to have happened at that stage in the war

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    A bit eye rolling at times caused by Testosterone Overload It also didn't help to have Lee Greenwood constantly humming in my ear as I read Based on true stories but told as fiction the book follows a civilian reporter who collects the personal stories of trains with and sometimes participates on missions along side of members of the Special Forces known as the Green Berets They go around showing how Americans are the bestest of the restest Manly men who are taller and stronger than the Asian men they're fighting withagainst as the author keeps reminding us I found it interesting that whenever there was persuasive interviewing of prisoners going on it was always done by our allies Americans may suggest the torture they may sit in and watch the torture going on but they never did the torture Because torture is unAmericanAs to be expected by a book so top heavy with testosterone what few female characters that are mentioned are usually given the shaft Not even a hen gets away with retaining her dignity Poor hen Author Robin Moore mysteriously labels one story as a romance when all it is is a GI desperate to get into a local woman's drawers and the Vietnamese basically telling him Me not so horny Me not love you long time Me go to college Another chapter details how the Special Forces successfully turn women into WAC's Whores Against Communism But it all works out in the end as the money made from the whorehouse will go towards paying for teachers Everybody wins Note before anyone gets their panties in a wad I am not criticizing the actual Green Berets This is a review of a book

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    This is a confusing book in many ways It's a work of fiction However it's based on the authors experience He went through Jump School and training with Special Forces before going over to Vietnam It's hard to be sure what's representative and what might be fictional It's represented by the author is being based on events with names and places changed to protect sources It's worth reading if for no other reason than it influenced many to join the Green Berets or so the author claims It was the source material for the 1960's movie of the same title starring John Wayne I felt that the Americans came off as too good and too clean to be fully true but maybe I'm just a post Watergate cynic? I found the book read well overall There is a extensive glossary up front which can help those not as familiar with a lot of the military terms and slang used The last chapter of General Shelton seemed out of place somehow

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    EducationalInformativeDisturbingThe men whose names are on The Wall and thousands of others whose lives were destroyed by the Vietnam War did not make their sacrifices so we would repeat our mistakes and fear sending the wrong message Their families do not want to believe their men died in vain We must be a decisive nation when we recognize human catastrophes whether we are dealing with African despots Balkan dictators or Chinese human rights violators Excellent ending

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    Very good stories of the exploits of the special forces group Well written as not a history but the memories of the writer Very Recommended

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    Loved itVery insightful and written From a Vietnam Veterans Daughter Welcome Home to all who have served A must read to everyone

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    “The Green Berets” is a collection of fictional short stories that are based on actual events I seriously doubt the book could be written today because the US Government and the Army most likely wouldn’t allow a civilian reporter to complete the various training programs for the Green Berets nor would they allow a civilian to carry a weapon in an armed conflict But things were a lot different in the early 1960’s and this book paints a picture of the brave men who earned the right to wear the green beret and serve in the special forces during the Vietnam ConflictThe stories cover the early stages of the war when the Americans were serving in advisory roles and there was still hope of actually winning in Vietnam; however the author doesn’t pull any punches when he shows how unwinnable the war would became as the Green Berets battled not only against the Communists but also against the Vietnamese government the United States government religious tolerance greed and corruption In this updated version I was glad the author showed the human side of the war by including a short love story The other stories got into some of the grisly things the soldiers had to endure and also into some of the tactics they used to fight against the Communists The Vietnam Conflict is a sad era of the US Military but the author showed the braveness and loyalty of the special breed of men we call Green Berets

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    This book really is rather un put downable at times Unfortunately I was reading it on trains and in lunch breaks so I had to But if that were not the case I can pretty much say this would have been a two day read for meAlthough I found the end of the book to be a bit self serving I could have done without the Consumate Green Beret chapter if I am honest it dates this book a hell of a lot the rest is just really engrossing The introductions and the description of how the book came to be written and the history of the Green Berets are really interesting and set the book up well This is the first 'war' book that I have read that actively made me cringe at a torture scene I was reading it on the train into work and I had to put the book down for a moment because the description is just well descriptive I've read other books that deal with torture most recently The Railway Man where the author tells us of the torture he underwent so I am not 100% sure why it effected me so much here the only thing I can think is that I know the pain of ripping a nail so the idea of having something forced underneath and then deeper into a finger is something I can vaguely relate to? To be honest even the thought of it is making me winceThere were some stories here that seemed to cut off abruptly for example the story told in Hit 'Em Where They Live it would be nice to know if any of the berets made it out alive and what other actions they did I also felt the same about Kornie from the first story in the book I'd have loved to have read about him I completely understand why we don't though this book is telling us snippets of what went on not the whole storyThis really is an ode to the Green Berets written by someone who knows what they go through and admires them They clearly have faults but these aren't dwelt upon in this book because that isn't the purpose here The back of the book says this is what introduced the American people to the horror of Vietnam and if that is what it set out to do then it suceeded I don't doubt that the men of the Green Berets deserve recognition everyone in the armed forces does and I think this is a fantastic read for anyone interested in either that aspect of the US military or in the Vietnam war

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