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    When the state of Israel achieved nationhood in 1948 it was seen as an ethical and moral experiment because of the role the Holocaust played in its creation along with its dominant Jewish culture Residing in a geographical region that had nothing but hatred for the new state it would be difficult to expect Israel to maintain the high standards that were expected of it The difficulty would morph into a nation that had to protect

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    This is a really remarkable history of the violence undertaken by the modern Zionist movement starting all the way back from Mandate Palestine the wars against the postcolonial Arab states and ending with the present conflict between Israel and the Iranian led Axis of Resistance The author gets incredible access to the people involved in executing military and clandestine operations on behalf of the Mossad Shin Bet and

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    My feelings after reading this book is sense of despondency on the Israel’s political establishment Title of the last chapter succinctly captures the result of Israel's targeted killings ''Impressive tactical success Di

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    Dang This is a phenomenal book that is eye opening in so many ways Going all the way back to early Zionism this book charts Israeli covert action against its myriad enemies The programs Bergman describes have been one of Israel's major national security tools They fit with an Israeli focus on pre emption massive retaliation as well as a national sense that no one will save the Jews except themselves The extent to whic

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    The Badass Israeli Assassinthis is an archetype that has glued itself to the public imagination More cunning professional stylish than their bumbling goody two shoes gentile counterparts there are many grains of truth in this image Since its creation the state of Israel has developed a highly sophisticated paramilitary cap

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    Four stars for a general reader five for those of us really interested in IsraelThe title is taken from a line in the Talmud “If someone comes to kill you rise up and kill him first” and is used as justification for everything from retributionrevenge murders assassinations to preemptive kills to blowing up

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    This book is much better than Mossad The Greatest Missions of the Israeli Secret Service has details about operations and most important talking about political situation and decisions made that lead to assassination Both books are highly recommended but if you're planning to read only one pick this one

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    Informative in many ways but NOT in one HUGE wayThis book is great for documenting how Mossad foreign intell Shin Bet domestic intel and Aman military intel combined to fight a variety of threats from various Palestinian groups including Fatah and Hamas plus Hezbullah in Lebanon and Syrian and other support for some terroristsIt documents types of operations targets successes some slip ups organizational lapses and overhauls and

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    My favorite b

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    Wow This book is a monumental achievement and will leave your head spinning The sheer chutzpah and courage of many of Israel's intelligence operations over the last 80 years was incredible to read about but Bergman does much than tell incredible stories about crazy assassinations He is able to weave these stories into a

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Esponse to attacks against the Israeli people and sometimes preemptively In this page turning eye opening book journalist and military analyst Ronen Bergman offers and Kill First The Inside MOBI #180 a riveting inside account of the targeted killing programs their successes their failures and the moral and political price exacted on the men and women who approved and carried out the missionsBergman has gained the exceedingly rare cooperation of many current and former members of the Israeli government including Prime Ministers Shimon Peres Ehud Barak Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu as well as high level figures in the country’s military and intelligence services the IDF Israel Defense Forces the Mossad the world’s most feared intelligence agency Caesarea a “Mossad within the Mossad” Dang This is a phenomenal book that is eye opening in so many ways Going all the way back to early Zionism this book charts Israeli covert action against its myriad enemies The programs Bergman describes have been one of Israel s major national security tools They fit with an Israeli focus on pre emption massive retaliation as well as a national sense that no one will save the Jews except themselves The extent to which the Holocaust permeates the history of this program is remarkable the conviction is that if Jews are not strong and ruthless they will be destroyed by their numerous foesI don t consider myself strongly pro Israel but I would say I m anti anti Israel The world s obsession with the crimes and misdeeds of Israel is absolutely unreasonable given that Israel is the freest and most democratic law abiding state of a very messed up region They get loads criticism and condemnation than freaking Saudi Arabia Egypt or even many Palestinian groups This book shows the depth and extent of hatred of Israel throughout its history and the almost unrelenting waves of indiscriminate terrorist attacks perpetrated by a host of groups from the 1938 pogroms to Hamas and Hezbollah You will feel the radiating anger of the Israeli people when you read account after account of the butchery of Israelis and consider that these groups would have killed if they could have There were few Israeli actions in this book I would totally condemn Invading countries like Lebanon to get at terrorists has proven to be a terrible strategy so Israel has little choice but to strike covertly Killing operatives or even just members of terrorist groups is not only a just but a necessary way to fight this type of war And man they sure are good at it The stories of spycraft assassination and covert action in this book are absolutely gripping and it s clear that they can kill off members of these groups at all levels It is also remarkable how much in most cases the IDF and Israeli spy agencies were willing to postpone or call off hits and strikes to prevent innocent life from being lost This is another important contrast from their enemiesBut does this program really work in a strategic sense Sometimes it clearly backfires In the 1990 s the Mossad killed a Hezbollah leader who was replaced with a raving extremist lunatic who unleashed a new even worse terror campaign on Israel This kind of thing happened several times throughout this book including the killing of figures who might have been willing to come to the table with Israel This program also occasionally backfired internationally as Israel gained and sometimes earned a reputation for brutality I buy this argument but I also understand that many Israeli leaders probably think that the Jews will be hated no matter what they do so they might as well defend themselves Overall Bergman suggests but does not prove that this program has proven a tactical success but a strategic failure It is of a way to manage a strategic problem although it cannot solve that problem only a political solution can one that will have to involve the halting of Israeli settlement buildingNonetheless there s a strong point to be made that over the course of this book the Israeli leadership especially right wingers like the odious Ariel Sharon lost their moral bearings and indulged in hateful and myopic thinking Obviously Lebanon was a good example of this but an even interesting example was the response of Shamir s gov t to the first intifada In this case ramping up the assassination program was a way of ignoring the deep social political and economic roots of that uprising If the uprising was understood as the product of the PLO and other radical groups conspiracies and provocations then killing them off would uell the uprising And kill them off the Israelis did but the Palestinian problem only got worse SO not only did many Israeli leaders become brutalized and somewhat inhumane over time they allowed the obsessive focus on killing terrorists to overshadow the broader political problems festering in the Palestinian Territories This obviously remains a problem todayMore praise for this book it is actually exciting to listen to You want the terrorist to die and sometimes you have to check yourself to make sure you are remaining critical And yet Bergman is a scrupulously fair guide to this story He documents legal problems with the assassination program especially how at times esp under Sharon in the early 1980 s it exceeded civilian controls He raises excellent moral and strategic uestions all while acknowledging the uniue position of Israel its special history and the fact that it must be tough in order to survive So I d recommend this book for anyone interested in counter terrorism or Middle Eastern history especially given that the Israelis thought about and operated in CT long before the US It was a longish listen but utterly engrossing I learned a ton and it made me think about the US war on terror in new ways This is vivid historically rich exemplary journalism Read it

READ Rise and Kill First The Inside Story and Secret Operations of Israel's Assassination Program

Rise and Kill First The Inside Story and Secret Operations of Israel's Assassination Program

That carries out attacks on the highest value targets and the Shin Bet an internal security service that implemented the largest targeted assassination campaign ever in and Kill First The Inside MOBI #180 order to stop what had once appeared to be unstoppable suicide terrorismIncluding never before reported behind the curtain accounts of key operations and based on hundreds of on the record interviews and thousands of files to which Bergman has gotten exclusive access over his decades of reporting Rise and Kill First brings us deep into the heart of Israel’s most secret activities Bergman traces from statehood to the present the gripping events and thorny ethical uestions underlying Israel’s targeted killing campaign which has shaped the Israeli nation the Middle East and the entire world My favorite book of the year so farI ve been looking for a comprehensive history of Israel s targeted assassinations since the clumsy video recorded assassination of Mahmoud al Mabhouh in Dubai made headlines worldwide in 2010 and finally I have found it a truly comprehensive journalistic and enlightening look at the history of Israel s targeted killing program from the days preceding the 1948 foundation of the state to nearly the present day Rise and Kill First was everything I wanted to read and Not only do I feel far knowledgeable about the history of Israel and the Middle East as a region in the last eighty years than I did before reading this book but the dozens of assassinations and assassination attempts make for spellbinding reading Despite the worldwide perception of Israeli intelligence as incredibly adept its history of success with targeted killing has been mixed than one might perceive from the outside Many times potentially disastrous assassination orders were subverted or sabotaged by concerned or skeptical commanders or military personnel Even when assassinations did proceed Bergman shows how killing a single individual yields unpredictable results often Killing a perceived threat in Hezbollah or Hamas sometimes slowed the freuency at which attacks on Israelis occurred but sometimes it created power vacuums filled by even staunchly anti Israel charismatic leadersBergman clearly extensively consulted with sources within the Israeli intelligence and military establishment and the depth and breadth of his knowledge even about matters that are not at least on a global scale common knowledge is very impressive and he hints at times that he may be prevented from disclosing even information due to military censor Although he is Israeli himself he doesn t gloss over some of the ugly episodes in the history of the targeted killing program such as Lillehammer a near attempt on Yasser Arafat that ended up being mercifully aborted and would have been a total disgrace internationally and even vengeful extrajudicial killing carried out by relatively high ranking military personnel He also touches upon the historic successes of the red page program Thanks to the endlessly interesting subject matter and narrative driven writing this is interesting than a spy novel and I found it can t put it down fascinating in many parts I can t recommend it highly enough especially if you are interested in military or espionage history

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The first definitive history of the Mossad Kill First MOBI #239 Shin Bet and the IDF’s targeted killing programs from the man hailed by David Remnick as “arguably Israel’s best investigative reporter” The Talmud says “If someone comes to kill you rise up and kill him first” This instinct to take every Rise and PDF measure even the most aggressive to defend the Jewish people is hardwired into Israel’s DNA From the very beginning of its statehood in protecting the nation from harm has been the responsibility of its intelligence community and armed services and there is one weapon in their vast arsenal and Kill First ePUB #9734 that they have relied upon to thwart the most serious threats Targeted assassinations have been used countless times on enemies large and small sometimes in r When the state of Israel achieved nationhood in 1948 it was seen as an ethical and moral experiment because of the role the Holocaust played in its creation along with its dominant Jewish culture Residing in a geographical region that had nothing but hatred for the new state it would be difficult to expect Israel to maintain the high standards that were expected of it The difficulty would morph into a nation that had to protect itself from invasion and once that was beaten back it had to deal with constant attacks across its borders As a result Israel would take on the character of other countries and adopt measures that ran counter to expectations The evolution of Israel into an intelligence and military power to meet the needs of its citizens is explored in detail in Ronen Bergman s new book RISE AND KILL FIRST SECRET HISTORY OF ISRAEL S TARGET ASSASSINATIONS Bergmann is an Israeli journalist who writes for Yedioth Ahronoth and has received the highest prize offered for journalism in Israel Bergman s monograph begins with the end of the Second World War and continues through today It is based on over 1000 interviews thousands of documents and runs to about 650 pagesWhat is clear from the outset is that Israeli leaders were firm believers in the Hammurabi Code of an eye for an eye This can be seen from the outset as Israel wanted to ethnically cleanse as many Palestinians as possible Plan Dalet from towns in the West Bank and Gaza Strip Bergman traces the creation of a machine which came about through the marriage of guerrilla warfare and the military might of a technological powerhouse Bergman explores the political leaders operatives methodology and deliberations that resulted in many successes but a number of important failures also One of the major themes of the book rests on the moral cost of this policy and how two separate legal systems developed in Israel one for ordinary citizens and one for the intelligence community and military establishment The template became a model for other countries particularly the United States after 911 which mirrored Israeli intelligence gathering and assassination techniuesBergman does an excellent job explaining the Israeli rationalization for targeted killing He explores in depth the history that preceded its implementation its legal justification and the resulting bifurcation in Israeli society Since Israel suffers from a deficit of men and euipment when compared to its enemies early on they decided to rely on internal security and intelligence gathering services for their survival The program began under Israel s first Prime Minister David Ben Gurion who effectively set up the extrajudicial system to carry out assassinations By 1949 Ben Gurion created the Mossad covert activities beyond the country s borders along with AMAN the military intelligence arm that supplies information to the IDF and Shin Bet responsible for internal intelligence counterterror and counterespionage These three services still remain the core of Israeli intelligence activities to this dayThere are a number of key events and individuals that are responsible for the evolution of Israeli tactics Israel faced Fedayeen Arab terrorists led by an Egyptian Mustafa Hafez who crossed into Israel in great numbers after the War of Independence and killed numerous Israelis By 1956 the Suez War broke out and after the Gaza Strip was conuered Israeli intelligence came across Hafez s list of operatives who had terrorized Israel for years Ben Gurion ordered that everyone on the list should be killed and one by one operations were carried out This section of the book reads like a Daniel Silva novel From 1956 1967 attacks were drastically reduced as the Arabs realized the price they would pay from Israeli retribution However the Egyptians began to employ German scientists to develop long range missiles Bergman provides a detailed chapter on the episode and one realizes that once a threat is perceived Israel reacts In this case the assassination of German scientists kidnappings and recruiting certain scientists to be used against Egypt ie Otto Skorzeny Hitler s Operational CommanderThe book encompasses than a retelling of numerous targeted killings Bergman discusses a series of operations whose focal point was not assassination For example the high jacking of an Ira MIG 21 fighter by getting the pilot to defect or allying with King Hassan II to spy on Arab leaders providing intelligence leading up to the Six Day War Further throughout the 1950s and 60s Israel was preoccupied by Egyptian President Gamal Nasser and as a result Israeli intelligence missed the creation in 1964 of the Palestine Liberation Organization under Yasir Arafat and Abu Jihad After the 1967 War the PLO launched numerous attacks against Israel As Israel attempted to assassinate Arafat his popularity among Palestinians increased and enlistments in the PLO rose dramatically as the Palestinian leader was seen as the embodiment of Palestinian nationalismPerhaps one of Bergman s most interesting chapters Meir Dagan and His Expertise the author describes how Israel dealt with this increasing threat It is here that we see assassination and killing implemented as standard policy The Israeli government unleashed Ariel Sharon who commanded Israel s southern frontier By the end of 1969 Sharon created a new unit under Meir Dagan and using intelligence gathered by the Shin Bet went into Gaza to murder Palestinian operatives and leaders After the PLO responded by slaughtering an Israeli family driving along the Gaza road Shin Bet and IDF Special Forces wiped out terrorism in the Gaza Strip through 1972 by employing methods that went beyond Israeli domestic law This was effective until the Jordanian Civil War produced a new Palestinian terrorist group Black SeptemberBergman s command of his material is superb as his analysis down to the last detail He takes the reader into areas that no previous author has done Numerous operations are described including their conception and implementation Among the many that are discussed include the Spring of Youth operation that resulted in the death of three top PLO officials and 35 PFLP terrorists in Beirut in October 1972 which netted documents that would lead to the destruction of the Fatah network in the West Bank and the killing of all the assailants related to the 1972 Olympic Munich massacre by elements of Black September However as successful as the operation was it created tremendous hubris on the part of Israeli leaders leading them to believe the Arabs would not attack further This feeling of superiority resulted in rejection of Anwar Sadat s peace overtures which led to the outbreak of the Yom Kippur War The Salameh operation is described in detail and produced a number of surprising pieces of information For example Salameh had been recruited by the CIA and was America s back channel to Arafat Both parties agreed that the PLO would not launch attacks in the United States and Salameh would be protected However Israel viewed Salameh as the man who engineered the Olympic massacre and waited until January 1979 to kill him with a car bomb in Beirut Another example was the Israeli raid on Entebbe that resulted in the rescue of most of the Israeli hostages that were imprisoned after an airliner high jacking that was flown to Kenya Bergman presents the planning of the raid and once again the outcome was marked by Israeli hubrisAbu Nidal presented a different problem for Israel after his terror group killed Israel s ambassador to England Shlomo Argov This was used as an excuse to invade Lebanon when Israeli attacks led by Meir Dagan failed to provoke a PLO response a move that Middle East expert Robin Wright led to Israel s Vietnam Bergman highlights the most important aspects of the war especially the role played by Sharon The Israeli general had his own agenda in launching the attack first to redraw the map of the region with a Christian Lebanon and the movement of Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza to Jordan second his obsession with killing Arafat Both goals were not achieved but what was achieved was raising Arafat s profile in the Arab world as the Palestinians were forced to leave Lebanon in August 1982 the emergence of a new terrorist group backed by Iran Hezbollah and the beginning of an eighteen year uagmire in Lebanon Sharon acted like a monarch a law unto himself making him a detriment to Israel Sharon overshadowed Prime Minister Menachem Begin who receded into an emotional depression as the war continued and was replaced as Prime Minister by Yitzchak Shamir Israel would continue its policy of targeted killing as the carnage of Munich Maalot Nahariya and many others became Israel s justification for murder and summary executions Lebanon made the situation even worse as there were no laws to restrain the Shin Bet from torturing prisoners and on many occasions killing themThere are numerous other highlights in Bergman s detailed narrative The Intifada that broke out in December 1987 that caught the Palestinian leadership Israeli government and intelligence officials totally flatfooted is a case in point as it eventually morphed into the Oslo Peace Accords of 1993 The Intifada saw Israel double down on targeted killings as it sought to control the images being flashed each day in the media Israel s main target was Abu Jihad Arafat s number two man and Bergman describes how he was hunted down and at the same time missing an opportunity to also kill Mahmoud Abbas the current president of the Palestinian Authority Bergman makes the important point that Abu Jihad who was not as intransigent as many others in Gaza had been alive perhaps there might have been some movement towards ending the Intifada and perhaps Hamas might not have been able to consolidate its position to dominate large parts of the Palestinian public 323 As the Intifada continued the Shin Bet became very flexible in its approach to killings employing disguise to trap suspects demolished terrorist s homes and turning Palestinians into spies for Israel The most important of which was Adnan Yassin a mid level activist who dealt with numerous projects in PLO headuarters in Tunis Once Yassin was turned he provided valuable information for over four years that helped prevent numerous attacks and contributed to a number of important targeted killings By 1992 Yassin was discovered and executedAs Bergman develops his narrative he integrates the history of the region and the most important historical figures into his text None is important than Saddam Hussein and his uest to acuire nuclear weapons Bergman digs deep and points out that the United States and France were currying Saddam s favor because of his ongoing war with Iran in the 1980s It is surprising to note that the French built a nuclear reactor in Ira and supplied him with the necessary technology to try and reach his goals This was due to the ego of Charles de Gaulle who resented Israel s ignoring his advice in 1967 and from that time France a traditional ally turned against the Jewish state The Mossad pursued the same approach it had used against Egyptian scientists and began killing those associated with Ira s program Bergman follows Israel s military and intelligence planning that finally led to the Israeli destruction of Ira s nuclear reactor in 1981Another important individual that Israeli intelligence had to cope with was Ayatollah Khomeini whose movement overthrew Israel s ally Reza Pahlavi the Iranian monarch in 1979 Khomeini was seen as an existential threat to Israel and eventually fomented trouble throughout the region and helped create and support Hezbollah the Party of God during the fighting in Lebanon This produced another cycle of violence with rockets and raids into northern Israel and Israeli target killings against Hezbollah leaders particularly Hussein Abbas al Mussawi who was responsible for many attacks against Israel He would be replaced by Hassan Nasrallah as Hezbollah s leader in Lebanon Bergman points out that killing Mussawi may have been a mistake for Israel because he was much liberal when it came to relations with Israel than Nasrallah who was of a radical Shi iteThis process continued in dealing with Palestinian terrorism throughout the 1990s despite the Oslo Peace Accords Once again Bergman effectively deals with another cycle of violence In Gaza Hamas was a major problem and was responsible for numerous suicide attacks against Israeli civilians Israel responded once again with an increase in targeted killings Despite the Oslo Accords Arafat refused to cooperate with trying to control Hamas It would cost Prime Minister Shimon Peres his office and he would be replaced by Benjamin Netanyahu effectively ending the peace process Bergman points out that Hamas suicide attacks were designed to end the peace process and with the arrival of Netanyahu as Prime Minister they achieved their goalIn the large number of operations that Bergman recounts he is careful to balance successes with failures ie the attempt to kill Khaled Mashal a Hamas leader in Amman totally backfired and cost Israel dearly Another would be the attempt to kill Hezbollah operative Haldoun Haidar that resulted in a deadly ambush for the IDF These failures along with the ongoing threats from an enemy that used tactics that Israel had never grappled with before led to the reorganization of intelligence agencies under new leadership a key of which was Ami Ayalon to head the Shin Bet and the introduction of new technology New surveillance techniues integration of computer systems a new approach to network analysis the use of real time intelligence hardware and software designed to integrate different services and operational bodies led to a series of success of which the killing of the Adwallah brothers and capturing the Hamas military archive stands out The advances made by Shin Bet was replicated throughout the entire country Bergman correctly argues if these changes had not been implemented it would have been even difficult for Israel to deal with the Second Intifada that broke out in 2000Bergman discusses the changes in Israeli governments and its impact on killing strategies Netanyahu s government was plagued by charges of corruption and an increase in suicide bombings and by May 1999 was replaced by the Labor Party under Ehud Barak who as a soldier had been a master of special operations Barak s military lessons did not carry over to the world of politics and diplomacy He was able to withdraw the IDF from Lebanon but failed in his approach to Arafat at Camp David in 2000 This failure in conjunction with Ariel Sharon s visit to the Temple Mount helped touch off a second Intifada The increase in suicide bombings toppled Barak s government and brought to power Sharon as Prime Minister leading to an all out offensive against suicide bombers With no real strategy to confront events Israel turned its usual approach increased assassinations When this failed Israel altered this strategy by going after much low level targets employing advanced drones retrofitted with special targeting technology and missiles In addition they began to acknowledge their responsibility for attacks and provided explanations for each Once the 911 attacks took place the Israeli leadership used the new climate in the world to legitimize its assassination policy to break the back of the IntifadaTo his credit the author delves into discord within the intelligence community over certain actions Reflecting his objectivity Bergman discusses certain planned operations that brought about refusals on the part of certain participants to carry out orders when they believed there would be too much collateral damage The debates between higher ups in this process are also presented and it was rare that there was unanimity over a given plan The possible assassination of Sheik Yassin is a case in point because Israel s legal justification for targeting anyone rests on the principle that a direct link between that person and a future terrorist attack was at hand Finally in March 2004 Yassin was killed as was his successor Abd al Aziz Rantisi one month later Israel had instituted a new policy that political targets in addition to operational targets were fair game because of the increase in suicide attacks that also included the use of women for the first time The suicide attacks finally ended with the death of Arafat and the coming to power of Mahmoud Abbas who finally cracked down on HamasBergman pays careful attention to the shifting balance of power in the Middle East as it pertains to Israeli targeting policies Yassin s assassination was a turning point as he opposed any links with Iran however once he was dead Hamas leadership agreed to work with Iran and the Teheran regime gained a strong foothold in Gaza At the same time new Syrian President Bashir Assad decided to ally with Iran producing a radical front of Hamas Hezbollah Syria and Iran Israel s response was twofold First Sharon appointed Meir Dagan to totally rework Mossad which Bergman describes in detail and secondly have Israel s intelligence services network with those of Egypt Saudi Arabia and Morocco reflecting the Iranian common enemy The result was a string of targeted killings on the part of IsraelIsrael has faced a number of threats throughout its history and no matter the obstacle it seems to land on its feet Over the last decade it has dealt with abducted soldiers that led to war in 2006 with Hezbollah the creation of a Hamas state in Gaza after the split in the Palestinian community the destruction of the Syrian nuclear reactor at Deir al Zor in 2007 and the targeted assassination of Hezbollah leaders and Iranian nuclear scientists But these successes have created further hubris by reasoning that it did not have to engage diplomatically just rely on its intelligence community and technology As in the past this hubris could lead to tragedy As Bergman concludes Israel has produced a long string of tactical successes but also strategic failures Bergman s presentation of intricate details and analysis of all aspects of Israel s targeted killing policy has produced a special book His access to the major personalities involved his documentation of numerous operations and their repercussions and how his subject matter fits into the regional balance of power is beyond anything previously written and should be considered the standard work on the history of the Israeli intelligence community