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  • Paperback
  • 208
  • The Armourer's House
  • Rosemary Sutcliff
  • English
  • 12 February 2020
  • 9780099354017

10 thoughts on “The Armourer's House

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    Delightful My six year old was enchanted by this simple domestic story about a little girl in Tudor London Partway through we discussed the absence of illustrations I don't need them she confided in a whisper I can see the pictures in my head And so can I

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    I remember reading this as a 12 year old child and absolutely loving it One of those classic children's books that transport you to another time and place in which you inwardly live until the story is finished and even for a while afterwards

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    This is honestly one of my favourite books on my shelves A delightful conversational tone rather reminiscent of the Chronicles of Narnia though this book really doesn't need comparison to anything else it's good enough on its own Full of fascinating snippets of life in Tudor times woven seamlessly into the story; Sutcliff is the master of using accurate historical information to enrich her writing without it feeling anything like an info dumpAnd the heroine is very appealing a nine year old girl Tamsyn who goes to live with a large family of cousins she has never met in London Incredibly homesick and lonely at first but she finds her place in the family and forms a heartwarming friendship with her older cousin PiersActually 'heartwarming' is a good word to describe the whole book It's one of those ones that leaves you feeling warm and happy insideBasically Sutcliff takes one into the England of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn and makes it seem real and living as though it's happening just around the corner Tamsyn actually sees Henry and Anne taking a royal trip down the Thames and has her own thoughts on them sweet and movingHIGHLY recommended if you have an interest in the human side of history or just like a great book Ages five to one hundred; I also personally think this would also make a wonderful read aloud book

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    Sutcliff's descriptions are always so beautiful And her characters Oh her characters are so wonderfully drawn Not my most favourite but still very good

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    This is really a book for children I didn't like it as much as her Roman Britain series 'The Eagle of the Ninth' etc I thought it gave a very idealised view of Tudor England there wasn't much realism it was all too cosy even for children My main reason for reading it was because it was published in the year of my birth so I can tick off one of the Reading Challenge categories

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    This was a sweet little book One of Sutcliff's stories for a juvenile audience it's a slice of life in Tudor England under the reign of Henry VIII and his second ueen Anne Boleyn they have a brief cameo in the story Pre teen Tamsyn has been sent to London to live with relatives after her grandmother's death and the story covers her trying to find her place in her new family and new surroundings Unlike so many of these type of stories with tiresome we hate you and treat you badly families picking on the poor cousin Tamsyn's aunt and uncle welcome her and her cousins are good to her but it's hard to find a place in a loving family that seems complete without you I liked how that part of the plot progressed Sutcliff's descriptions of 1500s England make you feel like you are there seeing it The story progresses through a year covering different seasons and events May Day I loved the description of the Morris dancers; Halloween Christmas I particularly enjoyed Sutcliff's chapter on the tale of Tam Lin It wouldn't make a whole novel on its own but putting it as a story told by Aunt Deborah to the children on Halloween night was perfect Many historical stories for children put young characters into major world events meeting famous people but I think a story like this just about life at the time captures the historical feeling much better This book was a pleasant discovery

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    I love how older books just have this JOY to them a sort of swooping in your chest and tickle at the back of your throat from the wonder of the world through a child’s eyes and the utter certainty that no matter how bad it gets everything will be all right The descriptions in this were simply marvelous and I knew all along what the ending would be but that didn’t make me choke up any less when it arrived

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    I picked this children's book off the family bookcase when I wanted a uick easy read It's a pleasant tale set in London during the time of Henry the VIII There's not much plot but the details of life in a well off but not noble family during peacetime were interesting The author has a reputation for historical research so I hope I can trust her descriptions

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    Holy shit the unconscious racism A child has to play the villain in make believe her red headed cousins tell her because her white coloring is dark of skin hair and eye People in Europe are curious about the New World because no one lives there 1951

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    Historical fiction for children A very sweet little book that would probably make a great read aloud

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Her beloved ships Homesick and lonely in the loud family of cousins it isn't until she meets the strange old Wise Woman that Tamsyn is finally promised her heart's desi Holy shit the unconscious racism A child has to play the villain in make beli


Ea that she loved with her Uncle Martin the ship merchantBut instead she is bound for busy bustling Tudor London and the armourer's house far from the coast and far from This was a sweet little book One of Sutcliff's stories for a juvenile audienc

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If only she'd been born a boy Tamsyn would never have been sent away to Uncle Gideon's the armourer's house when her grandmother died She could have stayed by the wild s Delightful My six year old was enchanted by this simple domestic story about

About the Author: Rosemary Sutcliff

Rosemary Sutcliff CBE was a British novelist best known as a writer of highly acclaimed historical fiction Although primarily a children's author the uality and depth of her writing also appeals to adults She once commented that she wrote for children of all ages from nine to ninetyBorn in West Clandon Surrey Sutcliff spent her early youth in Malta and other naval bases where her father.