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Phoebe wonders why her mummies aren't marriedWith her trusty sidekick

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Mummy and Mumma Get Married

Biscuit the cat she plans a big surprise wedding Soon the whole town

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Is in on it and they are all coming alongBut what about You Know Who

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    Loved this and so did my daughter The message of euality here is never forced or prescriptive in any way or so I found King's illustrations are simply divine and portray a family whose core principles revolve around love and acceptance At its heart is the gorgeous Phoebe who reacts as any young girl would to a perceived unbalance in her life by trying to fix it In Phoebe's case is the uestion as to why her mothers are not married when nearly everyone she knows including Biscuit her cat arePhoebe's uiet attempts to plan and implement a surprise wedding for her two mothers is a story of persistence and love which any child from any family blend will recognise and enjoy A genuinely gentle nudge for us all along the road to decency and LBGTI

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    Mummy and Mumma Get Married is a delightful picture story bookPhoebe is the daughter of two mummies who would love to be married but can't have a wedding until 'You Know Who' comes to the partyThis does not deter Phoebe who plans and organises a wonderful surprise wedding for her mummiesThroughout the book the illustrations are just perfect and enhance the impact of the storyThe timing of publication couldn't be better with the excellent Safe Schools anti bullying program beginning at least in Victoria Although mainly secondary schools will be targeted primary school children also need to be made aware of diversity within families To this end I believe that all primary schools would benefit by having this book in their librariesTeacher's notes are also available as a downloadThank you to the author and Goodreads for my copy of this excellent book

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    I loved this picture book With the message that love is love it showed how children are often open minded than many adults I liked how this showed that intolerance and discrimination is taught A must read for everyone