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    Cross Your Heart Connie Pickles is a little like Harriet the Spy meets Ghost World This book was the personal diary of 14 year old Connie Pickles and her meddling misadventures It was both laugh out loud funny and a realistic endearing coming of age story Some children's books are written solely for kids but some kids' books can be appreciated even from an adult perspective I found myself thinking than once that kids were probably missing out on some of the book's insight some parts of the total message of the book and even some of the humor Connie lives in a small flat in the UK with her mother and two small siblings Her main objective at the start of her personal diary is to find her mother a new boyfriend Her father passed away when she was a baby and her stepfather and mother had been divorced for a while Connie gets a Saturday job at the local pharmacy with the intention of fixing her mom up with the cute young owner Mr Leakey The job and Mr Leakey both turn out teach her much than she bargained forBoth of Connie's female best friends seemed to have grown up in a lot of ways without her They are already going to parties and snogging boys Even though Connie is still close with the other girls she feels like she might be missing out And Connie's very best friend William is acting even strangely All of a sudden he's acting like he likes her as than a friend which Connie doesn't want at all Or does she?The progression of Connie's feelings towards William is so heartfelt and honest At first she's so scared of her feelings for him that she is rude and almost mean to him William is the perfect first love He's so sweet and continues to like Connie even after she pushes him away The way he rides up and down the street while she's at work struck me as so darn cute something that could only be cute between 14 year olds in love Also she was always opening her door to find that he had left chocolates on the doorstep for her Still it was hard for her to see than her best friend in WilliamI loved Mr Leakey as a father figure for Connie He was such a thoughtful reassuring influence on her He guided her to open her mind to see different viewpoints not to blindly follow what others say including himself He wanted her to take others' advice and then think for herself And Connie herself was just a fantastic character so self assured and vulnerable at the same time Her strong sense of herself and funky thrift store clothes willl pull her through even the roughest parts of adolescence I can't wait to read the next book in this series and I hope Durrant writes because I can't get enough of Connie PicklesReviewed for

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    For some weird reason I didn't think I was going to like this book The reason was the front cover and description They sounded so meh But now I am so glad that I did read it It wasn't entirely remarkable but for some reason I loved this book Whether it's the characters or Connie or the descriptions or the story Well I don't know What I do know is that I'm glad that I gave it a chance because when it came down to it this book was good I'm not going to give a description because a I doubt this will ever get read and b there is one that Goodreads so helpfully supplies I love Connie's honesty and her confusion But it's not the type of confusion that makes you want to make her be real just so you can punch her in the face It's the type of confusion that you can relate with I loved the way she described how the nicer William was the annoyed she got with him because that is so believable I liked this book because I din't get that impression of it trying to make you love it I didn't get the impression that the characters were perfect or that their flaws were clichéd I was surprised by it and saddened by it Throughout it all I was glad that I had decided to take it out after all I don't uite know what to compare it to but for those who liked Raspberry rules by Karen McCombie you might just like this

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    It is a good book and written in the style of a diary which I like its a good book I going to read the next one

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    Oh the problems perils of the teenage yearsFourteen year old Connie is in desperate need of help to solve the eternal mysteries of friends male female love money French things including kisses uncomfortable underwearto add to this she is also trying her hand at matchmaking by trying to find a man for her beautiful French motherneedless to say all does not go according to planI'm sure everyone who recalls their teenage years will find something in Connie to identify with younger readers will love her too

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    Very good book Very engaging and makes you constantly want to read A bit of a weak story line but ultimately a good read I would recommend it to 12 14 year olds The only downside to this book is that it ends on a huge cliffhanger which leaves to to guess what happens next

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    Cross your heart Connie Pickles is a book about a girl who wants to find a perfect man for her mom She also wants to win the foreign exchange but her family is not in a very good position economically With all that happening she then starts to see that her best guy friend Will is changing and her feelings toward him too So what is Connie going to do now read it if you want to find out though there is something you must knoe in some parts there are talks of sexual relationships and smoking too

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    Four years ago I originally gave it 5 stars because I never considered the technicality of a book back then This book was one of the first few that I've never finished Ironically I've loved this book so much that I've lost count on the times I've reread itLooking back I realized that although it was light hearted and cute it was too dense Also I never liked the main character She was your typical Mary Sue

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    Bought this book for my soon to by 10 year old daughter It was in the book store under the 8 13 year old section As I was reading it I was surprised about the things she was talking about and realized this is NOT a book for a child I however enjoyed it It was a lot of fun to read and had a cute ending but being a grown up I could appreciate it a bit Maybe will let my daughter read this when she is in high school

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    I wouldn't say i liked it but it was a fun read It made me reminisce of my highschool years a time when there was never a day that passed without writing on my journal about my best friends and frenemies; boys and crushes; and all those bits of drama most teenagers go through in the trying years of adolescence

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    Cute and uirky although not the most well written book A fun read though I thought Connie was a bit too full of herself Glad she realised this later on A disappointing rushed ending as the author seemed to be attempting to tie up all loose ends in less than ten pages Won't read this book again

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