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Er new neighbor DimitriA single father Dimitri is still as gorgeous as ever and it is inevitable that he and Molly should fall into bed together again But for how long? A 2nd chance

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The Greek's Secret Passion

Once upon a time Molly had shared a passionate romance with Dimitri Nicharos on an idyllic Greek island Now in London over fifteen years later Molly is shocked to meet h This is not Fingerpicking Styles for Guitar on an idyllic Greek island Now in London Foundations of Security Analysis and Design VII over fifteen years later Molly is shocked to meet h This is not

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Dimitri and his daughter were returning to Greece and he's determined to keep their affair a secret Only Molly wants to be than his mistress but is he ready and willing? Nice book bu

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    This is not a book with a crazy burning passion that kept hero from having feelings for any other woman This is a realistic sweet story of finding your first love again against a bittersweet backdrop of a cheating Greek sowing his oats What if heroine was one of the oats? Hero and heroine were both 18 years old he's a Greek playing around with tourists before he settles down with the woman he plans to marry He really does love the woman but it's expected that he can sow some oats before settling down He does have stronger feelings for the heroine than the other women he sleeps with but ultimately you got the sense he would have still married his sweetheart as expected although heroine having been a virgin had a big impact on his Greek mentality He's almost relieved when he sees her in bed with another guy as it gives him a way out of a complicated situation than he expected having fun with tourists This is harsh reality than romance But he was 18 years old so that helps me forgive him and choosing to the Greek sweetheart was realistic although I think this will upset a lot of readers I actually preferred that the OW wasn't demonized It made his conflict poignant Dmitri and Molly find each other again 16 years later He's a bit arrogant and insulting rich Greek style but apologizes pretty uickly if he says something hurtful and is really not even on the HP nasty jerk spectrum He's a really good man devoted father etc I felt the year of their romance was rushed but I loved that heroine moved on with other men although hated the lack of passion in her marriageit makes it seem like she didn't move on as much as Dmitri did I didn't get the sense that she had the love and happiness that the hero did But I liked the normal courtshipno blackmail and romance they have with real world scenes about thinks like who pays for meals Once they are together I think if she had taken risk she would have known he wanted earlier I liked that 34 year old heroine felt her biological clock ticking Also realistic than unplanned pregnancy from one time on birth control sure that can happen but to the entire population?

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    Um amor secreto Sharon Kendrick Paixão 02 paperback

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    A 2nd chance tale with a thread of realism this actually made me a little sad because the h was so into the H yet always having to control her feelings and being nonchalant Always in control and guarding herselfresonated with me

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    i actually enjoyed it n did not miss one page however overall i did not like it n will not read it again i felt very bad 4 molly i was waiting 4 her 2 say ok i'm cutting my losses n leaving u gonna be wid a man who actually want a relationship wid me but no instead she took what crumbs der was left 4 her 4 god's sake he did not even look 4 u in 16years 16 years they were separated n never did he look 4 her they met by chance ofc dimitri was supposed 2 think she had been wid another man but he did admit at the end dat he did not really believe dat but he wanted 2 believe dat at one point he told her dat malantha did not mind his relationship wid her bcoz malantha knew dat he had other girls but ultimately he wud return 2 her n he seemed really upset abt his wife's death though it had been 15years ago dimitri maybe loved molly but not enough it was heartbreaking i even found tears in my eyes

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    Nice book but I felt so sorry for Molly I like my heroines to be a little strong and not that sacrificing

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    Pasión Griega Spanish Version

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    Very good emotional and very sexy

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    One word Dimitri