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Stan Bowles was one of the greatest players of the golden age of English football the 1970s But like many of his contemporaries he was probably as famous for his exploits in the bar or at the race track Pac

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Stan Bowles Autobiography

Ked with irreverent and entertaining anecdotes the book covers the ups and downs of Bowles' career his childhood in Manchester his early days at Man City his heyday at PR and the unhappier times at Forest a More Where The Ghosts Are the book covers That Darkness (Gardiner and Renner, the ups and downs of Bowles' career his childhood in Manchester his early days at Man City his heyday at PR and Quran Made Easy the unhappier Dare Me times at Forest a

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Nd Leyton Orient A candid and freuently hilarious tale of a life at the bar with the cream of 1970s British football Stan Bowles The Autobiography is an unflinching account of Stan's struggles and successe

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    Stan Bowles The Autobiography bejesusFirst uestion that needs to be answered is who is Stan Bowles and why read his autobiography?Well he was one of my footballing heroes and one of the most skillful players this country has ever producedAs with any true genius Stan was truely tortured and the Autobiography tells it all in great style from his upbringing in Manchester on the hard streets and hanging out with the uality Street gang through signing with Manchester City where he made his name before decking the manager Malcolm Alison and getting sacked Then there is his legendary gambling addiction and love of getting into scrapes we go through his career at Crewe Carlisle and his glory years at PR Nottingham Forest and Leyton OrientThroughout the time Stan is gambling everything and of what he earns on the pitch finding and losing wives and hanging out in all the right and wrong places getting arrested and being invited on stage by Phil LynottMy favourite story in the book concerns Phil Lynott as Stan was hanging out with him when his old uality Street Gang friends got back to London from prison that Phil turned into the Boys Are Back In townAfter his retirement he was broke and homeless when he got taken in and helped out by Ronnie Wood but then that's the kind of circles Stan was in off the pitch even when he had no money he could always find someone to help him out and as he says he has always lived from day to dayThis book is a fascinating insight into one of Footballs wayward genius' who if he was playing today would never be allowed to get away with what he did both on and off the pitchThoroughly recommended for Football nuts

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    Written in plain speak and as you read the book you can just imagine Stan sitting in the room telling you these storiesAn eye opener as to a footballers life in the 70sA must for any PR fanEspecially funny part about Superstars

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    Legend Love the 1970s in some ways better days than now

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