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  • Sulari Gentill
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  • 23 March 2019
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    Six books in and I still cannot get enough of this series Sulari Gentill manages to get everything just right the historical facts the atmosphere of the time the mix of fictional and real characters It all demonstrates a huge amount of research on her part but she does not fall into the trap of trying to display all her knowledge as some authors do It is just there on the page in the realness of 1930s Australia I still think these books are best if you read them in order from book one The characters grow on you and in this particular book the author delves into the past and the relationship between Wil and Rowly Some awful secrets are revealed about Rowly's childhood which explain a lot about how he is now There are murders past and present wrongful arrests misunderstandings cleared up at last and the amazing discovery of the true culprit All totally enjoyable and highly recommended for anyone who enjoys historical fiction

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    5★“Lucy’s behaviour did in fact reassure him on this account She was as cheerfully vacuous as ever She asked about his time abroad enuiring after fashions and acuaintances she’d made during her own season in London and extolling over Kate Sinclair’s presentation at court Of course nobody mentioned the murders They were after all at dinner”Murders plural Not the murder of the title but murders that took place in Europe before Rowland and his friends escaped just home to Australia Hoping for relative peace and uiet Rowly as he’s affectionately known is visiting his brother on the family property ‘Oaklea’ near Yass about 60km 40 miles from Canberra the national capitolRowland is a Sinclair third son of an influential wealthy grazier and a bit of a black sheep because he’s a portrait painter not interested in livestock or life on the land He has the family mansion ‘Woodlands’ in Sydney which he shares with his artist friends much to the dismay of the housekeeper and his brother who manages ‘Oaklea’This instalment is about family not politics and I found it compulsive reading I’ve become invested in these people as if I know them and I worry about them and I want them to live happily ever after Okay they can have escapades and close calls but as I learned how dark some of the Sinclair history is I got nervousRowly’s brother Wil is conservative and always suspicious of his younger brother’s “Communist” lower class friends One of Rowly’s best pals Clyde Watson Jones is a landscape painter and a thoroughly decent bloke but he’s from a poor Catholic farming family No silver spoons or fancy schools in his background The other two who make up this formidable foursome are “Milton” a bohemian Jewish Communist poet and Edna the svelte gorgeous sculptress whom Rowly adores as do most men who meet her but who tries to keep it in check Sculptress is the feminine term by which “Ed” is known – it is the 1930s after allEd and Milton were pals since early childhood She’s the sister they all want to protect who worries about them and mothers them and the free spirit nobody seems able to capture And she gets away with all sorts of things“Convinced that male attire was comfortable to work and sleep in Edna had been blatantly helping herself to the clothing of the men she lived with since she’d moved into ‘Woodlands’ Milton complained bitterly that it took three washes to get her perfume out of his shirts”All of the Rowland Sinclair mysteries are built around these four characters and I’ve enjoyed every one Every character every story I think this is my favourite so far Most of it takes place on the family property where the famous in Australia anyway garden expert Edna Walling is designing a new garden landscape near the homestead I remember her as a bit of a character from my youth but she was a knowledgeable conservationist interested in Australian native plants and probably ahead of her time This book isn’t as political as the previous ones but then political hopeful now former Prime Minister and a Sir Robert Menzies makes a showing as someone brother Wil meets with He plays a short but crucial role Wil Sinclair is a man with the highest connections We also “visit” Long Bay Penitentiary when Rowly and Milton but I’ll say no Things look dire there’s still a gallows at Long Bay when this takes place and I got pretty worried So did Edna who sneaked into Rowly’s room beforehand“Edna wiped her eyes with her sleeve Rowland handed her a handkerchief She stared at it blankly for a while and then she laughed through her tears ‘Oh Rowly You carry a monogrammed handkerchief in your pyjamashow would you possibly cope in prison?’‘I don’t expect I’ll encounter uite so many weeping women there’”His beloved yellow Mercedes gets a workout as does his biplane the ‘Rule Britannia’ aka ‘Doris’ although both get bogged at inconvenient moments Wil’s young family and another Sinclair cousin feature strongly and all in all it’s a very satisfying addition to the series I enjoyed getting to know background and it was nice being out of the clutches of the Nazis at least for now I don’t know what’s coming nextThanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a copy to review as they introduce the next adventure Sulari Gentill is terrific This is such a wonderful way to absorb a little history

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    It's good to see Rowly Sinclair and his friends safely back in Sydney after their difficult times in pre WWII Germany and England Rowly has finally learnt to fly his gypsy Moth at Kingsford Smith's flying school which comes in handy when he is summoned to the family property near Yass by his older brother Wil The gun that was used to kill his father 13 years ago has just turned up in a dam that was drained in some landscaping work and now the police are investigating what happened on the night of the murder Rowly has some dark memories of his ruthless and abusive father which puts some light on his upbringing and his relationship with his brother but also puts him as a suspect for the murder This is the sixth book in Sulari Gentill's historical mystery series and the standard remains high Filled with excitement and also amusement as Rowly's friends come to his aid as only they can the settings are well researched and redolent of the 1930s Some famous figures also pop up notably them Edna Walling the famous landscape designer and Robert Menzies a member of the Victorian parliament at the time but destined to be Australia's wartime PM I hope there are many of these books still to come

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    The discovery of a gun and some incidentals at the bottom of the dam on the Sinclair property at Yass in NSW was the beginning of another horror episode for Rowland Sinclair his brother Wilfred and the friends and family of the Sinclairs Almost fourteen years prior Rowly and Wil’s father Henry had been murdered in a burglary – now it appeared the gun was the murder weapon and the police were looking at Rowly as the murdererWhile the secrets were closely held the discovery of a recent murder – a man no one liked – saw Rowly’s good friends Edna Milt and Clyde step up in an effort to discover what the police couldn’t But could they? What would be the outcome for Rowland Sinclair in this messy look at the past? A Murder Unmentioned is the 6th in the Rowland Sinclair series by Aussie author Sulari Gentill and I loved it Rowly is such an excellent character and his “inappropriate companions” are a great support cast – along with Lenin 😊 This one was set mostly on the family property near Yass with Rowly’s newly acuired skills as the pilot of his green Gipsy Moth coming into play All in all an excellent addition to the series and I’m looking forward to the next – Give the Devil His Due Highly recommended

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    I really like this it’s my first time reading this author and I discovered it by accident so glad I did Set in Australia and I would say that it’s a cozy read for sure It moves along very steadily and a little draw out towards the end but overall I was hooked reading it The era is just before ww2 and there is a lot of political turmoil both overseas and in Australia It focuses of Posh Australian family of Rowland Sinclair and their vast amounts of money and land hard to imagine I know when we see Aussie farmers struggling so much It reminds me of Send for Paul Temple Which I adore it has the same kind of feel about it

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    A Murder Unmentioned is the sixth book in the Rowland Sinclair series by award winning Australian author Sulari Gentill Gentleman artist Rowland Sinclair is shocked to learn that his father’s pistol the weapon used to kill him has been found in the now drained dam on the Sinclair property at Yass Rowly’s artistic friends have only a short time to be puzzled by fact that he has never before mentioned Henry Sinclair’s murder Rowly is summoned by his brother Wil to Oaklea Rowly does get to fly his Gipsy Moth bi plane down there but has to deal with damage to his plane from an unsuitable landing spot political preachers a critical cousin and a besotted maiden intent on marriage The police turn up to uestion the brothers about their father’s demise almost fourteen years earlier bringing in a hated figure from the past with disturbing revelations And then someone starts shooting at Rowly And someone else is murderedBut if the items recovered from the dam suggest that the original burglary gone wrong story is false then who killed Henry Sinclair? Have people been covering for each other on assumptions of guilt? Is one of them now headed for the gallows?In this instalment Gentill again serves up plenty of fascinating historical detail giving a few famous and infamous figures cameos and some significant roles There are twists and red herrings aplenty and the identity of the murderer is likely to surprise even the most astute reader A kidnapping a birth and an engagement are in the mix Rowly’s ugly greyhound Lenin is injured a very unusual Christmas is celebrated Harry Simpson shares unfortunate dog stories and someone gets an unenviable perspective of Long Bay Prison The reader learns uite a bit about Rowly’s youth and perhaps gains respect for his older brotheruotes from press articles of the time that preface the chapters cleverly serve the purpose of providing information related to the text that follows As always Gentill effortlessly evokes the era Once again a superb dose of Australian historical crime fiction Readers by now addicted will be delighted to know they can look forward to a further four at least instalments of this award winning series beginning with Give The Devil His Due

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    Despite loving these stories my heart grieves as I realize many of the places Rowly visits in previous novels are currently being ravaged by bushfires including where Clyde is from

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    I would like to thank Netgalley and Poisoned Pen Press for a review copy of A Murder Unmentioned the sixth novel to feature artist Rowland Sinclair in 1934 SydneyWhen a gun is found in a drained dam near the family property in Yass NSW the police start an investigation as they believe that it is the gun that killed Rowly and Wil’s father 13 years ago Not that they are investigating too hard as they have a prime suspect in RowlyI thoroughly enjoyed A Murder Unmentioned which is a fun read with a genuine mystery attached It is a much intimate novel than the others in the series concentrating as it does on Rowly’s past and his relationship with his brother Wil I found it uite moving in parts when I wasn’t smiling at the antics of Rowly’s friends and series regulars Milt Clyde and Ed The main theme of the novel is the ties that bind Milt Clyde and Ed do not hesitate to support Rowly in his time of need and series readers will be used to this but the bond between Rowly and Wil is a revelation and wonderful to read Wil is a conservative businessman who never holds back in his disapproval of Rowly’s lifestyle and friends He has always seemed a distant authoritarian character when in fact he loves Rowly deeply and has done a lot for him secretly over the years Eually Rowly would do almost anything to help Wil I found the novel heartwarmingThe mystery at the heart of the novel is just that Because Rowly and Wil have never talked about the murder of their father they both assumed the other did it So if not them who? Ms Gentill has a decent cast of suspects and motives but I couldn’t work it out before the reveal If that wasn’t enough to keep me busy there are a variety of subplots and twists to contend with I was gripped from start to finishA Murder Unmentioned is a good read which I have no hesitation in recommending

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    ‘Who murdered Henry Sinclair?In 1920 Henry Sinclair died at the Sinclair family’s country estate Oaklea near Yass in New South Wales The fact that he was murdered was not something that the Sinclair family discussed But in 1933 when Edna Walling is brought in to work on the gardens at Oaklea the draining of a dam leads to the discovery of the gun used in Henry Sinclair’s murder The Sinclair family can no longer avoid the issue But who murdered Henry Sinclair? Were either of the Sinclair brothers Wilfred Wilf or Rowland Rowly involved?‘What can you tell us about the evening your father the late Henry Sinclair was murdered Mr Sinclair?’Given the time that has elapsed will the police be interested in renewing their inuiries? Alas Rowly has managed to offend Colonel Eric Campbell the leader of the right wing New Guard and he uses his influence to ensure that the police renew their inuiries into Henry Sinclair’s deathRowly and his trio of friends head to Yass by aeroplane and car to try to clear Rowly’s name Of course nothing is ever straightforward for Rowly Sinclair He’s being pursued by a woman who wants to marry him his mother thinks that he is his older deceased brother and his cousin Arthur a solicitor is being very helpful And then there’s another murderThis is the sixth novel in Ms Gentill’s marvellous Rowland Sinclair series Ms Gentill draws on the history of the period and we see appearances by Robert Menzies and Kate Leigh as well as Edna Walling and Eric Campbell I enjoyed learning of the Sinclair backstory in this novel While I’ve read the three novels published after this one I’ve not yet read all the earlier novels But I will The characters intrigue me and the setting is perfectHighly recommendedNote My thanks to NetGalley and Poisoned Pen Press for providing me with a free electronic copy of this book for review purposesJennifer Cameron Smith

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    This installment was super exciting from the get go with a bit a different emphasis to the other books so far A very clever plot with lots of new and interesting elements I particularly liked spending a bit time at the Sinclair family home and getting to know the family a bit better It just shows how in depth the planning must be for the characters and over arching storyline in this series Very impressive

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