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Sultan Khan Jadoon ☆ 8 REVIEW

#201 pashtoon tribes living presently in Hazara division or Gadoon pointing back till the great progenitor ais Abdul Rasheed Nice memorable book

SUMMARY ¸ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Sultan Khan Jadoon

Sultani Tareek e jadoon

The first book ever written containing complete family trees of almost all Jadoonsone of the gharghast Sultani Tareek eBook very usefull work

CHARACTERS Sultani Tareek e jadoon

Author has done a great research on the topic and has consulted various other books written about the history of The Pathan yeh read kesy hogi

7 thoughts on “Sultani Tareek e jadoon

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    very usefull work

  2. says:

    The best referance for the history of Jadoons

  3. says:

    Nice memorable book

  4. says:

    Very well written updated with Jadoon’s Shajra It’s indeed

  5. says:

    yeh read kesy hogi

  6. says:

    its a great book about jadoon tribe

  7. says:

    Its a magnum opus by Sultan Khan jadoon covering almost every aspect of Jadoon tribe its history trends and traditions wa

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