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Ect rice pudding and vintage Christmas pudding this book is a genuine pud lover's delightWith 150 foolproof tried and tested dessert recipes plus easy instructions and colour photographs this is the essential pudding cookbook from the real exper First off the Fox Run (The Madison Wolves, off the

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Country From steamed sponges chestnut and chocolate pudding to classic crumbles apple blackberry and cinnamon forgotten creations such as Lord Randall's pudding and school dinner favourites like jam roly poly through chocoholic delights to perf I bought the

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Please be upstanding ladies and gentlemen for the greatest puddings that this fair land has to offerCelebrating the gooiest yummiest sweetest treats that made Britain great this new cookbook lets you in on the secrets of the best desserts in the Uh oh Hide th

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    Uh oh Hide the mirrors Find the comfy clothes with the baggy waistline British Puddings ahoyIf you are harbouring ideas about a diet and you have a bit of a sweet tooth turn away now If you a foreigner who has not learned the delights of British puddings then boy is this a treat for you The strap line for this book had this reviewer alert like a dog to a bone Over 140 sweet sticky yummy classic recipes from the world famous pudding club Now this reviewer has no idea what this pudding club is famous or otherwise but that is not the point This book has a lot of lovely recipes for lovely thingsShort of having one's own personal chef and there are not that many restaurants in Finland making good for honest British puds one tends to have to rely on food parcels from the mother country or undertake a spot of DIY Of course when time is a bit short it is sort of easy to kid yourself that you won't make such a pudding since you are watching your waistline yet be presented with a rather nice pudding menu in a pub or restaurant and suddenly it is a lot harder to say noSo this book of culinary torture and pleasure can this be what SM really is? is split into key chapters of champion puddings; school dinner puddings; family favourites; forgotten puddings; puddings with a twist; chocoholics nut cases; summer puddings and finally winter puddings All self explanatory The book starts with a what is the pudding club? page of text and then it is straight to cooking A plethora of hints and tips begin so you have no excuse to wondering what or why you would steam a pudding This reviewer didn't see a speech on why custard is important but he was rather distracted and begs the author's indulgence if such an omission was not in fact an omissionThe recipes are concise well written and illustrated with the culinary euivalent of erotic pictures The pudding virgin gets to see the dish in its natural glory whilst the experienced enthusiast has an object of lust in their hands as well as a possibly rumbling tum There are even little pudding information nodules throughout to help bolster your pudding knowledge when you subseuently begin to enthuse these dishes to those who are perhaps not 'in on the secret'Sure there are many books with many different pudding recipes Yet this book manages to combine a lot of great puddings useful information and general pudding good feeling in its relatively compact little form The price tag makes it accessible to all and can perhaps even help reinforce the stereotype about British cuisine whilst breaking it at the same time You'll have to read this book to learn An eminently suitable book for all well unless you are really counting those calories and are on a misery diet of celery sticks and water that isGreat British Puddings written and published by Ebury Press ISBN 9780091945428 222 pages Typical price GBP1899 YYYYY This review appeared in YUMfi and is reproduced here in full with permission of YUMfi YUMfi celebrates the worldwide diversity of food and drink as presented through the humble book Whether you call it a cookery book cook book recipe book or something else in the language of your choice YUM will provide you with news and reviews of the latest books on the marketplace

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    I bought the book because I wanted to know what a British Pudding was after watching too many episodes of The Great British Bake off There are lots of great easy recipes as long as you have a scale I've made a traditional Bakewell tart for my family and it was a hit Invest in a pudding pan if you really want to make puddings from the book

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    First off the recipes are written in metric but would you expect anything different from a book written by the Pudding Club from Gloucestershire England? So get out your food scales because you'll need it Other specialty euipment needed for a lot but not all of the recipes are a pudding basin like this one here from Only complaint is a lot of the recipes say to serve with cream or custard and haven't included a single recipe for custard the only additional recipes included are for a shortcrust pastry I know you can run down to your nearest British market and pick up custard powder but if I'm going to the trouble of making a proper pud I also want proper custard as well sigh off to google thenThe composition of the book is fantastic each page is beautiful looking in its own right Here are some sample pages All of the recipes are short and precise with the exception of one or two which makes it really easy to cook from I hate flipping pages back and forth while baking cooking studying etc it's just a pain There are lots of photographs and they're all in color which is a win winI haven't baked any of the recipes yet but when I do I will post updates onto this reviewRecipes that have piued my interest Sticky Toffee Pudding pg 18 ueen of Pudding pg 42 Toffee Apple Pudding pg 64 Seville Orange Marmalade Pudding pg 76 Plum and Almond Pudding pg 78 Bakewell Tart pg 80 uince Amber pg 115 Lemon Curd Roly Poly pg 122 Oriental Ginger Pudding pg 127 Pear and Ginger Charlotte pg 128 Gooseberry and Elderflower Fool pg 136 I've made a gooseberry fool which was divine and I love elderflower so I'm sure I'll go over the moon for this combo Hot Mocha Pudding pg 149 Walnut and Apple Sponge Pudding pg 155 Walnut and Toffee Tart pg 157 Apricot and Almond Pudding pg 167 Plum and Cinnamon Cobbler pg 174 Gooseberry and Elderflower Crumble pg 180 Lemon Layer Pudding pg 185 Bramley Apple and Mincemeat Pudding pg 194 Lemon Curd Puddings pg 195 Elderberry Blackberry and Apple Pudding pg 198 St Nick's Puddings pg 212 just to name a fewCan you feel your waistbands expanding?

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    I can't believe I'm saying this I forgive this book for its being written in metric measurements it IS British after all I've never been exposed to puddings such as these in my lifetime yet I can see myself taking on the task of translating the recipes and trying to prepare them Shock and aweI find even the names of the recipes tickle the imagination I'm talking just the NOUNS Pudding Sponge Crumble Charlotte Tart Custard Snow Roly Poly Cobbler Fritters Omelette Betty Pie Dappy Bolster Dumpling Flummery Syllabub Amber Mess Roulade Fool Trifle Mousse Pave` Melba Tansy Turnover Posset Duff Flapjack DickI would be inclined to introduce the tradition of 1100 am and 400 pm teatime if only to have a reason to prepare and consume these delicaciesThe tantalizing color photos of most of the dishes are themselves excuse enough to add this to an already burgeoning cookbook shelf

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    This was a fun book I've always been curious as to exactly what a pudding is and this book answers that uestion very nicely I think a lot of these would be hard to make because of the ingredients but there's probably ways to adapt them A fun read for any Anglophile

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    So many different and intriguing recipes Now if I could only get my hands on some suet

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