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“Little and Often is a beautiful memoir of grief love the shattered bond between a father and son and the resurrection of a broken heart Trent Preszler tells his story with the same level of art and craftsmanship that he brings to his boat making and he reminds us of creativity’s power to transform and heal Little and PDFEPUBour lives This is a powerful and deeply moving book I won’t soon forget it”    Elizabeth Gilbert“An impressive memoirI thought with relish that I was getting a book about wood and tools but the canoe built herein is merely the vessel carrying the buoyant narrative about a father and son a mother and sister love hard work wine boats and a dog I may have grown misty at one point”     Nick Offerman actor comedian and New York Times bestselling author of Paddle You

Summary Little and Often

Little and Often

Orty he was broken down adrift and aloneHis father was a Vietnam veteran cattle rancher and rodeo champion who had struggled to accept his son as a gay man He had left Trent only one item a toolbox an inheritance that befuddled him He wasn’t the kind of man who worked with his hands ever But maybe that was the point And with that came an epiphany he would build something That something would be a wooden canoe and he would complete it by the anniversary of his father’s death Little and Often captures the struggles and triumphs of one man’s maddening and unpredictable journey of self discovery and healing As he learns the meditative rituals of woodworking Preszler finds peace through a new life lived in communion with nature and forgiveness through a newfound appreciation of the man who raised him

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R Own CanoeA moving beautifully written memoir of grief and love understanding and forgiveness and the curative power of creativity detailing how the author coped with the death of his  estranged father by building a wooden boat with the tools he had inheritedTrent Preszler thought he was living his best life in a seaside Long Island home and working as the CEO of a winery After fourteen years of silence his estranged father called to say his cancer had worsened and he made an unusual reuest would he return to South Dakota for Thanksgiving Though Trent was uncertain he went It would be the last time he saw his father alive In the months that followed Trent tried not to let his father’s death affect him but the anger and disappointment unresolved issues and things left unsaid overwhelmed him Nearing f

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    Little and often was the way I read Trent Preszler’s memoir of the same name an account of how after his father’s death Preszler built a canoe with his inheritance—his father’s tools Reading a few pages each night for a month I journeyed with Preszler into grief mitigated by the power of memory loss trans

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    I highly recommend this magnificent memoir Trent Preszler reconciles his estranged relationship with his father by building a wooden canoe with his father's tools a perplexing inheritance Moving back and forth in time Trent

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    A gorgeously written memoir of love family forgiveness It's ostensibly a book about building a canoe — but it's really about building a new l

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