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Ly prove to be closer than she could ever have guessed Rogers daughter Deborah takes a great fancy to Emily and when Emily has moved to another household in Hull she finds that her new employers son Hugo is to marry Deborah But Hugo too has taken a fancy to Emily and dish This book gripped me from the start Val Wood never disappo

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Emily by Val Wood

Onours and then betrays her to such an extent that she is imprisoned tried and deported to Australia But just when her fortunes seem to be at their lowest ebb Emily is reunited with the one man who can save her from her miserable existence and bring her wealth and happine Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book a real page turner I'

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Emily was only five years old when she was sent away from her ma and pa and her brother Joe to go and live with old Granny Edwards A loving and hard working child she goes into service when she is twelve at the house of Roger Francis whose connections with Emilys own fami Yes this book came up to my expectations as usual with Val

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    Yes this book came up to my expectations as usual with Val Wood books I couldn't put it down But as I was reading this I rea;ized that I should have read it before Going Home which I had just finished reading there was no indication Going Home was a seuel to Emily so obviously I read them in the wrong order As I have said it was a very good read to see how things turned out for them all

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    Another brilliant story by Val Wood It starts with Emily's Mother exchanging Emily for a dozen eggs & a hen but we are unaware that Emily's father is is very ill & her Mother wants Emily to go to Grandma Edward's who will care for her as the Mother realizes that once the father dies It will be the Workhouse for them all its so sad as this three year old does as she is bid holing back the tears to leave her family so we follow Emily through her early years then into service making friends except for the son of the house who has other idea's about Emily which is the start of the unhappy period of her life But Emily is a strong character and we see happiness come back to her as always you just have to read one chapter as you cannot put the the Book kindle down LOVE IT

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    Travel through time and experience the hardship and injustice of the poorer classesExpertly written which gives you a sense of seeing the scenes as they unfoldEagerly waiting for the next time to turn a page to discover the next part of Emily 's lifeThis a book to read again to ensure that nothing has been missed

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    This book gripped me from the start Val Wood never disappoints She vividly brings Victorian Hull and Victorian Sydney Australia to colourful life in this novel I don't want to give too much away but would highly recommend this book and the price is good too

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    This Book is very well written & a very Good Book to Read I must say that I enjoyed reading itit is what they call a page turner & kept you going to the endI for one will be looking for Book's by Val woodI find by looking a the list of Val Wolf's Book's that I have Read sideburns I will look for to Read

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    Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book a real page turner I'm afraid the housework has had to wait This is the second book by Val Wood that I've read the other one being No Place for a Woman which was also very good and will now start a collection of her novels

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    The number of stars reflects my personal level of satisfaction with the book I readProbably each of us perceives books differentlyWe have a different level of humour ethics and things we like or don't like

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    I chose the highest rating because I enjoyed the book so much I have read uite a few of Val Woods books and have enjoyed every one of them I did find the Characters a little confusing at times as there seemed so many of them B it I got them sorted out Keep up the good work Val I look forward to my next read Yours sincerely Mavis Hutt

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