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FOR EVERYTHING THERE IS A SEASON Be it sorrow hope or love and Jayne Dawson had weathered all three Widowed before she was truly a wife she'd found aid and comfort with Ethan Trent a decen I loved this book

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West of Heaven

T man beset by sorrows of his own But could the grieving rancher ever release the darkness of his yesterdays to join her in a brighter tomorrow?The protection of his name was all Ethan Tre West of Heaven by Grandmother Moon rancher ever Practical Prinkery release the darkness of his yesterdays to join her in a brighter tomorrow?The protection of his name was all Ethan Tre West of Heaven by

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Nt could offer Jayne from the danger stalking her Though buffeted by life's storms pregnant and alone this angel of a woman gave him so much the ability to feel again and the power to drea The hero and heroi

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    I loved this book HH are wonderful A flawed yet loving Hero And I got an epilogue that I adored Really tame in terms of sex scenes at least for me but it fit the story and there was just enough to show they were sigh crazy for each otherNOW LET'S GIVE REVEREND JOHN HIS OWN BOOK PLEASE Just discovered the Rev does have his own book can't wait to read it

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    West of Heaven by Victoria BylinMidas New Mexico Series Book 1Another fantastic read by Victoria If you are prone to tears keep the Kleenex nearby Jayne Elizabeth McKinney Dawson was married for barely a week before she became a widow On top of that she finds out he was not who he said he was and their was a good chance his murderer would not come after her as well The surly rancher who found Hank's body did not appreciate that she wanted to wait until after he was buried before leaving his ranch especially with a storm coming up but she was a strong willed woman A woman who indeed did get stranded on Ethan Trent's ranchEthan was one of the walking dead He no longer took care of himself or his ranch He lost everything that meant something When the stubborn woman returns to see her husband buried he ends up stuck with her And after awhile he don't mind Something about Jayne brings life back to Ethan and when he learns of the danger she's in he wants to protect her as well He just don't have room in his heart to love again Can these two people find a future even while holding on to their pasts?Along with the danger and suspense of the story there is also humor We meet Reverend John Leaf who is unlike any Pastor and his story is in book 2 Sexual situations within marriagehttpjustjudysjumblesblogspotcom

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    The hero and heroine switched back and forth between we can make this work to it's over I'm leaving so fast and so many times I practically got whiplash

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    Story was great hated to put book down

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    I'm a bit disappointed I had heard a few good things about Bylin and so I had big expectations but the truth is that although being a nice story it was really nothing special At least to me

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