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Praise for Virginia Macgregor'I defy you not to fall in love' Clare Mackintosh How do you change what’s already written in the stars? Christopher is the sort of guy that no one notices yet when Air catches sight of him making intri I started this book with no expectations at all and was completely t

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Cate paper birds in the airport she can’t look away But their worlds are about to collide in ways they never expected Someone they love is on Flight 0217 from London Heathrow And it’s missing Convinced that her brother was on a This book was a strange one for me I really enjoyed the plot and was

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Different flight Air drives them hundreds of miles across the country on a trip that will change their lives forever But how do you tell the person you’re falling for that you might just be the reason their life has fallen apart? Air's job has always been to wrangle her older brother and this week

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    Book Reviewed by Stacey on wwwwhisperingstoriescomAriadne Air is late for picking her brother Blake up from Dulles Airport She was convinced he would be flying into Nashville but he texted her from someone’s phone to say he would see her at Dulles Washington DC Blake is heading home from London Heathrow to attend his and Air’s sisters WeddingUpon entering the arrivals lounge Air notices that it is crowded than usual and that her brother’s flight hasn’t arrived yet the board has delayed written on it After a couple of hours the passenger’s friendsrelatives are moved into a room and informed that flight 0217 has gone missing and that there are people trying to locate itChristopher is sat waiting for his dad to arrive on the flight in fact his dad is the pilot He’s used to waiting around for his dad and has a novel way of passing the time He makes paper birds Air is mesmerised by Christopher’s bird making and could watch him all day but she is convinced that her brother did not get on that plane he was meant to get on a plane to NashvilleAir can’t stand it any longer and needs to get out of the airport She makes a decision to drive to Nashville where she is certain her brother will be Christopher is fed up of being in the airport too and Air offers him a lift so he can go and see his mumThis is the journey of two teenagers who are complete strangers but share a bond over their loved ones missing on fight 0217As Far as the Stars is a beautiful evocative story following the lives of Air and Christopher These two teenagers have come together and are leaning on one another for emotional support after the plane carrying their loved ones has gone missingWhen I first began reading I struggled a little with the voice as it is told from Air’s point of view At first it felt a little young the whole way in which she approached everything and her handling of situations However around four chapters in I found myself not wanting to put the book down I don’t know what changed I think it may just have been me needing time to adjust to AirAir is highly strung she’s the youngest of three but always had to be the one to look after the others especially her brother who liked to live in the moment He’s in a band which is in the UK touring I presume it isn’t very successful due to him needing Air to buy his airline ticket Air is certainly a dedicated young woman and has got her life mapped out She wants to be an astronautChristopher was subdued He’s spent his life being home educated and travelling with his airline pilot dad Only in the past year has he attended a boarding school after his dad said he needed to get some ualifications behind him to succeed You can tell that there is a strain between father and son His mum left him with his father when he was a baby and he’s rarely had contact with her sinceThis is a novel that makes you think It is exceptionally poignant and very emotional too You can tell how much hard work went into creating such amazing characters that were both likeable and both uniue Over the four days that Air and Christopher’s lives are thrown together in turmoil you witness two strangers becoming firm friends and learning to trust and grow as individualsThis is an extraordinary novel that had me turning the pages late into the night The book has been written with such compassion for a devastatingly hard situation for anyone to go through let alone two teenagers

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    I started this book with no expectations at all and was completely taken by surprise This book was beautifully written There were moments of extreme calmness then I'd remember what exactly what the novel was about Some parts made me laugh and then I would think about the main characters so young and what they were having to cope with As Far as the Stars was totally gripping dealing with the subject of death so tactfully and considerately This was such an emotional and realistic read and one that I highly recommend Rating five starsI hope to read from Virginia Macgregor in the futureI received a complimentary digital copy of this novel at my own reuest from H via NetGalley This review is my own unbiased opinion

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    45 StarsI received this book from NetGalley in exchanges for an honest and unbiased review of the bookThis book took me by complete surprise I went into relatively blank as I didn’t want to be spoiled as to what this book was going to be about so when the main event happened so even the prologue took me by surprise I enjoy the feeling of going into a book completely blank and uncovering everything while you’re reading it whether that’s good or bad Sometimes descriptions and trailers give too much away But what I’m about to says in the description but I’ll try not to give spoilersThe story follows Air Ariadne and Christopher and their journey and story after the plane UKFlyer0217 from Heathrow has gone missing Both of them have someone on that flight or think they have someone on that flight as Air goes into complete denial She goes on a journey of her own as she booked a completely different flight for her brother Blake so why did he get on this flight? Still holding on hope that he got on the flight she booked for him and he got confused and sent her the wrong details Christopher however knows his dad was on the flight as his dad was the pilot and he keeps seeing his face popping up everywhere This book was so beautifully written and with the imagery it described There were moments of pure bliss and peacefulness then you’d remember what this book was about It was done so well To look at these two characters barely 1718 years old and how they deal with such events It was gripping and had me hooked It’s such a delicate subject death always is and it was done perfectly It was an emotional read because of how realistic it is There are scenes that I just won’t forget especially when Air finally gets to the wedding and after the eclipse There’s one scene in particular that just got me which I want share because of spoilers that made me feel bad for Christopher and brought me back to the prologue and how he’ll never know

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    It was good in a lot of ways but the characters were kind of flat? It wasn't very engaging but there were some parts that drew you in Over all it was uite slow and there were some spelling errors

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    This book was a strange one for me I really enjoyed the plot and was excited to get to know the characters and get into why Air and her brother were so closeI love emotional contemporary books with a love story in the middle These two characters both have loved ones on a missing plane and you get to see their anguish and worry at points throughout the book however the actions they take whilst not knowing where their family member is is uite strangeDuring the road trip Air and Christopher begin to bond over their families and their little uirks I connected with Air because she was like me as a child she didn't want to dress girly and play with dolls she wanted to explore and get stuck in with her brother Blake I've always wanted an older brother to explore the wilderness with Christopher is uiet yet brave and they do bounce off each other once they get past the awkward first stages of their friendshipI did feel like they forgot about their loved ones at times eg they went skinny dipping and jumped off a high rock into a rock pool randomly which i didn't understand Also the way Air kept talking about her brother Blake and the way she described his body at a certain point made me a feel a bit uncomfortable I feel like everything she did she mentioned her brother and it was like she couldn't go a second with mentioning himAlthough i found a few things that irritated me this is still a good book to read the writing style is easy to follow and it would appeal to a lot of people Also the book cover is so pretty and the astronomy side of the story was really fascinating

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    There's a wedding to attend a family in peril a sister in crisis mode Meanwhile Blake is nowhere to be found and many wonder is this some cruel hoax a joke a skipping out of sorts?It began with his sis Air Ariadne purchasing a plane ticket to London but resulted in a possible wrong purchase or even a mix up with the schedule and Blake getting on the wrong planeWhatever the case may be the result could be tragic after learning that UkFlyer0217 was delayed and then labeled 'missing'How can an entire plane go missing?As the story progresses we learn of Christopher a man of many talents including model airplanes and art with a story to tell His parents made him feel abandoned isolated worthless and now his father we learn was piloting the plane and may have made a grave error in judgementWas it mechanical error? Human Error?The case results in lost lives and much heartache but perhaps in the ashes is a shining star and a beacon of light?The entire process between Christopher and Air is uite interesting as the relationship progresses through travelling buddies and later a surprise visit or two to see one anotherThe idea of an unwanted pregnancy in addition to everything else just adds fuel to the fireI enjoyed this story and hope others do as well

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    35 rounded down because AIR IS SUCH AN ANNOYING CHARACTER I couldn't stand her and I'm supposed to sympathise with her I loved the idea and the writing but I hated Air She was rude selfish naive and just plain irritating

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    Air's job has always been to wrangle her older brother and this weekend is the most important mission of all; get him to their sister's wedding in time to sing the song he composed for her But he's taken the wrong plane and as she waits in the airport rumours start circulating; the plane went down It's crashed into the sea No survivorsDetermined to prove he wasn't on it she starts out for the airport he was supposed to arrive at Accompanied by a teenage boy who also has a relative on the missing flight she crosses America in a desperate bid to save the weddingRoad trip books are always strange for me; they're almost all set in a America and I have only a very hazy idea of America's geography so I never really know if the trip described is long short difficult or anything else This one though very effectively conveys the sort of numb panic that sets in when there's literally nothing to do but keep moving forward I did get a little confused about the timingI was sure several days had passed in the car but then someone comments that it all happened two days ago but it can't have been that long I was probably thrown off by the fact that the characters are sleeping at odd times and driving over date lines a couple of timesI enjoyed this read very much and will look forward to selling it ‘What were you scared of?’ Christopher asks I keep pulling him behind me ‘Everything’‘Everything?’'Yeah I was scared of other people And dogs’ I look over at Leda who hasn’t budged from her rock ‘And of making new friends And of big trucks And loud noises I was basically scared of every damned thing in the world’ I pause ‘I was even scared of those’ I look up at the skyHe follows my gaze ‘The stars?’ I nod ‘How they’re too far and too close all the same time How we don’t know anything about them – not really And I was scared of the sky too how big it was And the dark And the moon And what might be out there’‘You were scared of all the stuff you live for now?’ I turn to face him The stuff I live for – no one’s ever put it like that Like they understand ‘Why are you staring?’ he asks ‘You’re pretty awesome you know that Christopher?’ He blinks and looks down at his feet

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    It's a pretty book both the cover and language The metaphors used for stars are beautiful and the topic of death by flight is so emotional and yet something that could happen to any of us I felt so bad for Christopher because of what happened in the prologue and I think the romance is done so that it's not over romantic as they both are grieving over their loved ones

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    Find my full review here FAR AS THE STARS is a slow burning book about overwhelming grief Air Ariadne is a high schooler with heaps of responsibility on her shoulders She has been her brother’s keeper for years and right now there is an extra weight in doing so Blake her older brother is a musician touring England and he’s a bit of a free spirit He lost his phone and didn’t have enough money to book the flight he needed so Air had to do it for him again This time she booked the flight into Nashville rather than the usual DC because they have to be at their sister’s weddingShe is on her way from DC to Nashville to pick him up when she gets his text that he is boarding and will arrive in Dulles DC at 1015 When she uestions him he responds that yes he is going to Dulles Air assumes he must have switched the ticket or booked a different one forgetting that she was supposed to meet him in Nashville She rushes back to DC only to learn that the flight is delayed and then missing But Blake was never supposed to be on that flight so maybe he is actually in NashvilleChristopher is folding paper and waiting for his father who was on the same flight but begins to talk to Air and then ends up accompanying her on her roadtrip from DC to Tennessee Along the way they talk about their families and lives connecting on a deeper levelWhat I loved This book is a really deep character study into Air and Christopher’s lives This type of book has its own appeal in getting entrenched in others’ lives I actually did not like Air at first but as we get to understand her better she grew on me I love her ambitions of becoming an astronaut even though some of her self constraintspunishments along the path seem over the top She has a goal and is striving towards it the best way she knows how and I admire that Together they add a lot of complexity enough to fill a large book about a few daysWhat left me wanting There were a few things that grated on me the wrong way but which were overall small parts of the story Air is upset about her older sister Jude getting married because Air believes that she is wasting her training at Julliard to become a wife and mother I do not think marriage or kids is exclusive to career and I felt like this sentiment was bandied about by Air too much There is a bit of a discussion later between Jude and Air that somewhat gets at this but I would have liked a bigger discussion about this ancient notion The other thing was irresponsible pet ownership in that Air brings Leda off leash everywhere and lies about her being a service dog She also does not seem to understand that people are very allergic to dogs when her mother brings this up as a reason to not allow the dog to roam the wedding She also almost loses the dog a few times on a hike when Leda goes up to other people who might be allergic or sensitive or anything else but are somehow super happy about it in the book and when she takes off while they are talking I felt like irresponsible pet ownership should have some conseuences as it may for other people people with actual service dogs people who are allergic etc However I recognize that these are relatively small points but they did make the character difficult for me to like particularly at firstFinal verdict Overall this is an in depth character study of family and grief with a tone and dialogue that really pulls you in to the story The strongest part of this evocative story is the slow burning romance that underlies the main plot I highly recommend for people who like intensely personal YA contemporaries

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