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I From Hometown Hearts 
read from hometown hearts was cute don t get me wrong But it was so Girl falls for guy Blah blah blah Not ven any twists or nada Cute conclusion This was a fluff read for me this contemporary romance was short and me This contemporary romance was short and I instantly liked the characters but didn t always agree with the heroine s reactions to the hero s antics She had a touch of doormat syndrome that didn t Raising a Sensory Smart Child exactly go well with her persona given she is supposed to be an intelligent politician Luckily she showed backbone by thend Her Surprise Hero is by Abby Gaines This is a Hometown Hearts book It is set in Stonewall Hallow a small town in Georgia This book deals with second chances Cynthia Merritt was stressed out She had been caught gibbering in a broom closet in the courthouse It definitely wasn t something the acting Attorney General of Georgia should be caught doing She had a perfectly good xplanation for it but wasn t given a chance to tell it by her Father Jonah Merritt It stressed her to realize her Father was disappointed in her She craved the unconditional love he gave to her younger sisters bu. With scandal hot on her heels acting attorney general Cynthia Merritt has to get as far out of Atlanta as fast as she can Except now she's sentenced to obscurity in Stonewall Hollow for.

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Her Surprise HeroT felt she only had his love when was perfect This wasn t that time He had a solution She would when she was perfect wasn t that time He had a solution She would a temporary judgeship in Stonewall Hallow to get her out of the limelight and prepare her for other and better judgeships She wasn t sure she was prepared for being a judge but she took the assignment She needed to prove herself She wasn t prepared for the huge jump from Atlanta to a small community Ethan Granger was an icon in the small community When a young man was in trouble with the law he was usually sentenced to do his community service at Ethan s ranch Here Ethan worked the young men and allowed them to talk to him when they felt like it Generally the young men just needed a push into the right direction Now however he has met his match his own son Sam had lived with his Mother for ighteen years and just recently came to Ethan Ethan had not known of his son s xistence until then Now he is faced with a belligerent young man who seemed to be following in his Father s own footsteps with brushes with the law However when it came time for Sam to be sentenced to community Judge Merritt did not send him to Ethan s ranch as he had asked She. As long as it takes to not send him to Ethan s ranch as he had asked She. As long as it takes to her game back And veryone in the small town acts like Ethan Granger's the law not herSure Ethan's outreach program for troubled teens is admirable But she's Sent him to the library to clean off the graffiti he had placed there Ethan was furious Cynthia Merritt managed to anger many of the citizens of this small community within the first days of her being judge She had been told by the mayor sheriff and others to listen to Ethan Instead she uestioned his reasons for taking in young men After all he wasn t a counselor She let off shoplifters with what seemed to be a slap on the wrist revoked the license of the head of the fair committee and jailed an important man for contempt of court It seemed veryone was against her She didn t know how to get people to like her and respect her view of justice under the law How can she get out of this mess When I First Started This Book I Wasn first started this book I wasn xpecting much However the characters and the storyline took me by surprise and was definitely way fulfilling than most books
Of The Harleuin Nature I 
the Harleuin nature I hoping to get my hands on the prereuisite books that have to do with Cynthia s sisters because this Merritt sister surely won me over and the brooding rancher did the same The writing was xcellent and I think this is the first time I ve given a Harleuin such a high ratin. Ot about to sentence the rancher's own son to Ethan's care She won't bend the rules not ven for this sexy single dad Damn to Ethan's care She won't bend the rules not Zora la vampira (Zora la vampira, taco even for this sexy single dad Damn for making her wish she could stay in his small town foreve.

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