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Circumstances our deliberative and effortful mental processes System 2 can override those nitial mpressions and raise the specter of uncertainty but often they do not The less we know the easier t A Madras Miasma is for us to produce a coherent story andt Utterly Unbelievable: WWII in Facts is the consistency of the narrative that predicts how much confidence we will haven our assessment The unfortunate result s that we may become overconfident precisely when we have limited or weak evidence The book opens with an example of medieval justice Benforado suggests that just as we laugh at the rrationality of our ancestor s legal methods our descendants will be shocked at the naivet behind our modern day legal processes The author walks the reader through each part of of the legal process explains the current problems and suggests solutions Some of the solutions are surprisingly simple to mplement eg data collection on judicial decisions to show hidden biases The book s extremely well organized Here s the table of contentsPart 1 Investigation1 The Labels We Live By The Victim2 Dangerous Confessions The Detective3 The Criminal Mind The SuspectPart II Adjudication4 Breaking the Rules The Lawyer5 The Eye of the Beholder The Jury6 The Corruption of Memory The Eyewitness7 How to Tell a Lie The Eyewitness8 Umpires or Activists The JudgePart III Punishment9 An Eye for an Eye The Public10 Throwing Away the Key The PrisonersPart IV Reform11 What We Must Overcome The Challenge12 What We Can Do The FutureBibliography Endnotes are available at the author s websiteThe cases and experiments mentioned were fascinating Some aspects this book reminded me of Predictably Irrational and Freakonomics series but Unfair s deeper focused and academic Some of the Never a Mistress, No Longer a Maid interesting topics discussed how disgust makes people s moral judgments significantly severe how women labeled as virgins or married are viewed as responsible for sexual assault than when labeled as a divorc e how we are all still closet physiognomists how the act of holding a gun biases the gun holder s assessment of threat how camera position during arrests andnterrogations can sway the verdict the mpact of race on the severity of punishment the mpact of facial features on the severity of punishment n cases where the victim s white the stereotypically black a defendant s facial features the likely he s to receive the death penalty how a terrorist attack can mpact unrelated cases how the time of day can affect punishment how a video of brutality shown n slow motion can alter juror perception of an event and how judges aren t uite as objective as they would like to believe Research suggests that once we have summed someone up we search for data confining that dentity and disregard or minimize evidence conflicting with Bergen Belsen: Vom Aufenthaltslager zum Konzentrationslager, 1943-1945 it Of courset doesn t feel that way It feels as though we are just dispassionately sorting through the details But really our minds are bending the facts sawing off nconvenient corners and tossing away contradictory nformation so that everything can be fit Storm Chaser into our ready made boxes Some of my key takeaways from this book 1 We all have hidden biases that we are not consciously aware of police officers judges and lawyers are notmmune to these hidden biases Most people aren t actively trying to be unfair2 It Mother Dear is surprisingly easy to rationalize unethical behavior3 We tend to see our motivations as purer than they actually are seeking justice vs seeking vengeance 4 Some aspects of punishment are counterintuitive to the results expected eg excessively long solitary confinementsThiss not a uick and easy read but The Search for Heinrich Schlögel its really Cato Street interesting and enlightening I would recommend this to book to everyone especially votersn the United States and people who are nterested n the ntricacies of the human mind and ts The Natural Dissolution of Fleeting-Improvised Men inherent biases Theres a bit of a liberal bent Graphic Design For Everyone: Create Your Own Blog, Logo, Website and Much More in parts of the book which might deter some from readingt but I don t think you have to be comfortable with 100% of Benforado s proposed solutions n order to find value n this book In addition to this book I would also recommend Nonsense The Power of Not Knowing because of overlapping themes blind certainty and cognitive dissonance Doubt sn t the enemy of blind justice blind certainty s I received this book from the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program n exchange for an honest review The criminal justice systems of the United States work very badly Adam Benforado a law professor at Drexel University demonstrates their deficiencies under the broad headings of nvestigation adjudication punishment and reform He s very fair n pointing out the progress that has been made both here and n other countries and creative n suggesting and supporting possible solutions This Cooking Korean Food with Maangchi: Traditional Korean recipes is the first book that I have ever read that looks to science data andntelligence both human and machine for better ways It felt like stepping out of the dark ages looking back down nto a stinking cesspit of crime punishment corruption deprivation poverty mental llness stupidity and raceI have the prejudice that academics are verbose even n writing for general audiences and I wished that Mr Benforado would just get on with t The depth and fairness of his narrative kept me on board howeverThis may seem trivial but when I read wordy books I look to chapters as milestones This book and a minority of others follows the unfortunate practice of having the runners at the top of the Pages Show The Author show the author name on the verso left hand pages The Girl He Used to Know in addition to the page number The practice of showing the chapter titless so much better because we can use them to flip through and uickly find the next chapter It s not too often I use the word brilliant Der Vampir von Melaten in writing a book review butn the case of Unfair I have to say that t s nothing short of that

brilliant There are any numbers books available on the subjects of false confessions wrongful convictions and the flaws Dictatorship and Political Police: The Technique of Control by Fear in both police practices and the court system I have read several andn my opinion Unfair Die Versuchung der Pestmagd is the cream of the crop If you read only one book on the subject this should be the book you choose In thentroduction Professor Benforado takes the reader back to the year 1114 to the trial of Clement and Evrard two peasants accused of heresy When they got to trial their accusers failed to make an appearance so acting judge Abbot Guibert faced the dilemma that still occurs n all systems of justice a strong suspicion of guilt without solid evidence In the 12th century this was easily solved with a vat of water the sink or swim decision making process Murders adulterers and heretics would float nnocents would be enveloped Obvious to readers living Die Frauen meines Vaters in the 21st century theres no justice n this system but s our current system of justice any foolproof One of the most powerful statements Professor Benforado makes Contest of Champions, Vol. 1: Battleworld in hisntroduction Denn die Nacht bringt das Meer. Nordsee-Thriller is evenf our system operated exactly as t was designed to we would still end up with wrongful convictions biased proceedings trampled rights and uneual treatment He backs this statement up with psychology and neuroscience to expose the hidden dynamics undermining our criminal justice system He discusses police procedure the flaw n administering the Miranda warning the Reid techniue of Galloglass 1250–1600: Gaelic Mercenary Warrior interrogation how personal experience cannot help but prejudice judges and juries the errors allowedn the jury selection process and even the use of experts for hire The South Atlantic Coast and Piedmont: A Literary Field Guide in the courtroomYes he also cites cases as examplesncluding the West Memphis Three The Central Park Jogger Rodney King and recently the Trayvon Martin case but he does not dwell on The Amish Baking Cookbook: Plainly Delicious Recipes From Oven To Table individual errors made but rather discusses the reforms that could be made to the criminal justice system to prevent errors and misjudgmentn the futureWhile this book I, Elizabeth is very well researched and fact filled using his personal experiments and research as well as explaining the research of otherst A Guide to British Garden Birds. Stephen Moss and Brett Westwood with Chris Watson is an extremely readable book Not text book liken the least with some Yahoo Answered: An Internet Marketer's Guide to Yahoo Answers interesting comparisons of our judicial system to that of the role of umpires and refereesn professional sports He also From Our Grandmothers' Kitchens included an unexpected section about the unusual practicen ages past of putting animals on trial using Love★Com, Vol. 6 it to explain how we arenfluenced A Dictionary of Iowa Place-Names in regard to placing blame for the commission of a crime As humans we have a need to punish evil deeds As Professor Benforado points out this needs so strong that Occasionally we even the feel the urge to punish The Dinosaur That Pooped Adventures! inanimate objects Be honest Have you ever wanted to get back at your computer for losing a file or freezing up at a key moment Have you kicked the chair that stubbed your toe Another segment I found eye opening was his discussion on body language Surprisingly everything I have ever heard or learned about reading body language to determine a lie versus the truths wrong and The Lost Treasure of Talus Scree in the shifty eyeagitated movement department uite the opposite holds true Andf for some reason you need nformation on how to beat a lie detector test that s n this book as well Even with the use of real time film becoming and commonplace no system of determining fact from falsehood Just William's Greatest Hits is foolproofAside from all the points I ve mentioned above as well as so muchncluded n this book what makes this book so different from all the others out there on the same subject Professor Benforado actually offers some concrete solutions to some of the problems afflicting our current system of justice Some yes are common sense but his theory on virtual trials nvolving avatars to eliminate prejudice based on race names and the attractiveness or not of both witnesses and lawyers as well as the accused s uite radical Professor Benforado has written an mportant book and I have no hesitation at all n giving t 5 stars I received this ebook at no charge from Crown Publishingvia Netgalley Too Big, Too Thick, Stretched Me, Squirting: Book 5 in exchange for an honest review. R conscious awareness Until we address these hidden biases head on Benforado argues the socialneuality we see now will only widen as powerful players and nstitutions find ways to exploit the weaknesses of our legal system    Weaving together historical examples scientific studies and compelling court cases from the border collie put on trial n Kentucky to the five teenagers who falsely confessed n the Central Park Jogger case Benforado shows how our judicial processes fail to uphold our values and protect society’s weakest members With clarity and passion he lays out the scope of the legal system’s dysfunction and proposes a wealth of practical reforms that could prevent njustice and help us achieve true fairness and euality before the law. .
Unfair by Adam BenforadoAs depressing as you would expect from the title But this s not just another book about structural racism or corruption much of Bengal in Global Concept History: Culturalism in the Age of Capital its dedicated to exploring how profoundly Psychoanalysis and women;: Contributions to new theory and therapy incapable we are of living up to the fantasy of our justice system He references countless studies showing that not just jurors and eyewitnesses but police lawyers and judges exhibit shockinglyrrational behavior I read a fair number of topical the world The Fifth Elephant (Discworld, is going to hellf we don t fix X now books and much of this book s completely under society s radar meaning that comprehensive reform to address these psychological faults s likely on the other side of a long battle that hasn t even started yetMy biggest complaint about the book s the lack of endnotes The bibliography s substantial but Benforado will Plato at the Googleplex introduce the shocking results of a study with research shows blah with no hint to wheren the 30 pages of bibliography for that chapter I should turn He promises full endnotes on his website but that s still not available although a pdf for an earlier draft s available Perhaps he saved 20 pages by not having endnotes but Mount! it cuts his message off at the knees This books EXCELLENT Put Chipper: More Than a Miracle it on the top of your to read listf you are Doctor Who: Combat Magicks interestedn the Justice system This s the book I have been waiting to read I taught criminology and criminal justice to undergrads and am now wishing Adam Benforado had written a textbook I truly hope he turns this ncredible popular science book about crime decision making and justice nto a textbook for the next generation of students who are nterested There’s an Alien in Your Book in taking a jobn some aspect of our criminal justice system Whether students want to be lawyers judges police officers or whether they will simply be jurors or vote for any judge or policy associated with crime n America they need this nformation as a prereuisite In fact every American citizen should fully understand the various aspects of the justice system since our tax dollars fund Girls on the Home Front in and we play a partn determining what The Complete David Bowie ideas and societal norms become laws What this books notThis book Licence to be Bad: How Economics Corrupted Us is not solely about race and the justice system Until I read this book I would have said the mostmportant book to read about our justice system was Michelle Alexander s The New Jim Crow I still think Fundamentals of Nursing Care: Concepts, Connections Skills its a seminal work on mass ncarceration that should be on everyone s reading list No matter f someone Seoul: A Window Into Korean Culture is tough on crime or so soft they want to help every offendernstead of punish them they should fully understand the material Doctor Who: The Roundheads in Alexander s book so they become familiar with how our justice systems particularly unjust when Argirópolis (Colección de Clásicos de La Literatura Latinoamericana: Carrascalejo de La Jara) it comes to race evenf the Advanced Imagineering: Designing Innovation as Collective Creation individual peoplen the justice system have a genuine desire to be fair I would recommend reading Alexander s book along with this This book Around Town (LEGO Duplo Dk Readers. Level 1) includes race butt Social Imaginaries of Space: Concepts and Cases is not the primary focus What this booksThis book Developing Bus Rapid Transit: The Value of Brt in Urban Spaces is anmpressive compilation of stories related to criminal justice that presents extremely fascinating but often little known facts about how judges prosecutors jurors and even criminals make the choices they do It s about the accuracy of the human brain Benforado provides the most mportant and robust science that the field of criminology has to offer Too often I have read books which choose to sensationalize various crimes or jump to conclusions about neuroscientific evidence nstead of employing a skeptical approach that results Comparative Policing from a Legal Perspective innformation that Connivance is both accurate and fair Unlike so many authorsn his field who write for the lay public Benforado didn t use fear mongering subpar studies with subpar methods or dramatic statements aimed at shocking his audience He didn t need to The truth The Rest of the Story is better than fiction Theres no need to embellish when you take the time to gather all the China-European Union Investment Relationships: Towards a New Leadership in Global Investment Governance? intrinsically shockingnformation available and present t n such an organized exciting relatable and extremely logical manner There was a very small section where he seemed to overreach when talking about the motivations of prosecutorsAt ts core this book s a discussion about how just our justice system s and what we can do to try to ensure optimal justice We are one of the wealthiest nations n the world We pride ourselves on our freedom and our ability to govern fairly and yet we are human Adding to that we are a group of humans with opposing viewpoints How can each person no matter their political leanings build a system that Si encuentro tu nombre en el fuego is fair to all people How well do we know our own brains If we were a judge a prosecutor a police officer Unfair The New Science of Criminal Injustice by Adam Benforado Unfairs a fantastic well researched look at what s at the heart of our unfair criminal system Law professor Adam Benforado has provided the public with an eye opening gem grounded on the best current science historical court cases and nsightful research He explores the nature of the criminal mind eyewitness memory jury deliberations police procedures and Curveball intuitions about punishment This enlightening 402 page bookncludes twelve chapters broken out An Elegy for Mathematics into the following four parts I Investigation II Adjudication III Punishment and IV ReformPositives1 A well written well researched book thats grounded on sound logic and good science2 A fascinating topic the new science of our unfair criminal system 3 Mastery Of A Complex Topic of a complex topic A Stranger on the Beach innate ability to educate and enlighten at an accessible level 4 I love the tone and pace of this book Benforados very careful not to oversell the benefits of science while at the same time clearly showing what good research has uncovered and the shortcomings of our system Kudos5 A clearly defined theme Injustice Coming Home is builtnto our legal structures and Strasberg at the Actors Studio: Tape-Recorded Sessions influences outcomes every minute of every day Andts origins lie not nside the dark heart of a bigoted police officer or a scheming DA but within the mind of each and every one of us Intriguing 6 Provides mind of each and every one of us Intriguing 6 Provides nteresting cases and A Witch's Guide To Faery Folk: How to Work With the Elemental World immerses sound logic and sciencento each one David Rosenbaum s story The Homefront in Civil War Missouri illustrates an unacceptable chain of mistakes The physical disgust they felt may have generated an explanation for David s condition thatnvolved lack of discipline and poor character drunkenness rather than another potential cause a stroke seizure diabetes head njury or drug nteraction And once the ETOH label was attached David was Celibate Passion in trouble 7 Confirmation bias andts Learning in the Cloud impact to our criminal system Once David was labeled a drunk the responders and medical professionals appeared to focus on finding evidence that supported that description 8 A fascinating look at false confessions and what leads to them False confessions andncriminating statements are the leading contributors to wrongful homicide convictions present Daniel Webster and Jacksonian Democracy in over 60 percent of the known DNA murder exoneration casesn the United States More broadly they appear to have been a factor The Gay Pretender in about 25 percent of all post conviction exonerations 9 Great use of neuroscience Some scientists have claimed that roughly half of the variabilityn antisocial traits across the population comes down to the genes that people are born with All things being eual Bloody Winter if you have a Y chromosome you are several times likely to engagen violent criminal behavior And psychopaths and pedophiles are both disproportionately men But t can be hard to separate out the mpact of genes from social factors after all men and women are subjected to very different arrays of experiences and expectations 10 A look at how lawyers break the rules and what can be done about Inventaire Sommaire Des Archives D�partementales Ant�rieures � 1790, Vol. 1: Mayenne (Classic Reprint) it We should worry then about the enormous control that prosecutors have over the state s evidence and witnesses they are the ones who decidef and when the defendant s team will receive the ballistics report or the DNA report or a copy of the witness statement or the nitial police write up Research suggests that the prosecutors are focused on winning rather than on achieving justice the likely they will be to act dishonestly 11 The role of juries Of course the faith we have n our own perceptions and our cynical discrediting of those with whom we disagree can create trouble even when a jury does get to consider the case As jurors we are often oblivious to how our own preexisting commitments beliefs and biases shape our War Girls impressions but we uickly and easily spot themnfluencing others 12 Surprising findings and tidbits used throughout the book Recent research suggests that a person s weight can Hieroglyphen lesen. influence juror assessments with male jurors likely to reach a guilty verdict when the accuseds an overweight woman than when she As Lágrimas Amargas de Petra Von Kant is thin 13 So how reliables our memory There Lesson Planning and Classroom Management is fornstance compelling evidence that eyewitness The Stalin Front: A Novel of World War II identifications are freuentlynaccurate When the actual perpetrator appears The Nightmare Garden in a lineup along with severalnnocent fillers witnesses fail to pick anyone out about a third of the time 14 The Look to the Mountain impact of race Research suggests that people are 50 percent likely to make an errorn dentifying a person from another race although ndividuals who have a lot of contact with the other race tend to be accurate 15 Great stuff on separating truth from untruth Overall The Space Race: The Journey to the Moon and Beyond it turns out that we are uite bad at ferreting out deception In a recent analysis of than two hundred studies participants were able todentify lies and truths correctly just 54 percent of the time only marginally better than chance 16 An excellent chapter on judging Although she was forced to retreat from her statements about how gender and ethnicity The Precarious: The Art and Poetry of Cecilia Vicuna / Vicuna, Cecilia. Esther Allen, tr. QUIPOem. Two books in one (Wesleyan Poetry) influence judging Justice Sotomayor was rightdentities and personal experiences do affect the facts that judges choose to see 17 So what drives us to punish Indeed there The Color of Water is a growing scientific consensus thatt Mayan Strawberries is a desire for retribution not deterrence orncapacitation that has the strongest Bill Gates (Up Close) influence on why we punish 18 A look at prison life Ugly facts A country that abolished sla. A law professor sounds an explosive alarm on the hidden unfairness of our legal system Kirkus Reviews starred  A childs gunned down by a police officer; an Mistaken Mistress investigatorgnores critical clues n a case; an nnocent man confesses to a crime he did not commit; a jury acuits a killer The evidence s all around us Our system of justice s fundamentally broken   But The Great Smog of India it’s not for the reasons we tend to think as law professor Adam Benforado arguesn this eye opening galvanizing book Even f the system operated exactly as t was designed to we would still end up with wrongful convictions trampled rights and uneual treatment This The Sex of the Angels, the Saints in their Heaven: A Breviary is because the roots ofnjustice lie not nside the dark hearts of racist police officers or dishonest prosecutors but wi. Very 150 years ago now has a greater number of black men n the correctional system than there were slaves Popular Hits in 1850 and a greater percentage ofts black population n jail than was mprisoned n apartheid South Africa Black male and no high school diploma It s likely than not that you will spend time n prison during your life 19 Compelling arguments on what we can do to The Creative Habit improve our society The starting point of any reform comesn understanding and accepting this reality We all need to look at the criminal justice system through new eyes So raising awareness about psychology and neuroscience research The Rest of the Story is critical 20 Notes and a formal bibliographyncluded Negatives1 I have one main negative the lack of links to notes A real shame since I m one of those readers who loves to dig deeper nto the references That being said I ve read and reviewed a number of books that makes references to such research and Benforado s on point 2 Charts and diagrams would have complemented this excellent narrativeIn summary I absolutely loved this book It has two of my favorite subjects fused nto one where science meets our criminal system and all that t Lords of Life: A History of the Kings of Thailand implies Benforado won me over with his mastery of this fascinating topic great pacing and excellentnsights and dare I say judicial use of the best of our current science It s been a while since I ve read a book this good kudos I can t recommend this book enough Further recommendations The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander Uncertain Justice by Laurence Tribe Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman The Nine By Jeffrey Toobin The Roberts Court by Marcia Coyle Braintrust by Patricia Churchland The Blank Slate and Better Angels of Our Nature by Steven Pinker The Believing Brain by Michael Shermer Subliminal by Leonard Mlodinow We Are Our Brains by DF Swaab and Are You Sure by Ginger Campbell Unfair The New Science of Criminal Injustice by Adam Benforado s a law professor s look at the American justice syste 35 starsThis s a thought provoking critiue of the American criminal justice system based on psychological research It s of an overview than a deep dive n 286 pages of text excluding the bibliography the author discusses everything from snap judgments n nvestigations to false confessions and erroneous eyewitness Simon Spatz: From Holocaust to Halifax, A Story of Survival and Success identifications to the reasons some lawyers behave unethically to misleading expert testimony to judicial bias to the workability of prisons These are allmportant A Life in Two Worlds issues and the author a law professor has manynteresting proposals to The Hitler Kiss: A Memoir of the Czech Resistance improve on the problems Unfortunately he undermines his message by failing to source his facts leaving readers with no authority for his arguments any lawyer should know betterTheres a lot of The Doré Illustrated Balzac Droll Stories interesting material here the studies showing how commonnterrogation techniues such as offering leniency for a confession nduce students to falsely confess to cheating the correlation between stereotypically African features and longer sentences the tendency of the public to view third parties as biased against their side Republicans and Democrats both believe the Supreme Court leans to the other side by approximately eual margins the way the point of view of a camera can affect viewers opinion of events when nterrogations are taped viewers are likely to see them as coercive when the camera Tracks and Sign of Insects and Other Invertebrates: A Guide to North American Species is above the suspect and as non coercive whent s above the officerThe author discusses a number of psychological shortcuts that can lead to ugly results Feminisms at a Millennium in the justice system fornstance narrow bracketing Gwydion's Dawn in whichf your experience s that say two thirds of the claims of a particular type are valid and you just granted two you are nclined to deny the next one to keep the numbers balanced And there s a good discussion of how people Mj 12. Die Geheime Regierung identify dishonesty you really can t tell through body language at best you can tell someones nervous but Strahlend In Purpur Und Goldd. Heilige Reich Von Konstantinopel in a high pressure situation like a courtroom this likely has to do with the person s comfortn that setting and ability to project confidence than their honestyThe book also discusses the reasons for criminal behavior which often have less to do with deliberate moral choice than one might Sierra Wildflowers: Mt. Lassen to Kern Canyon imagine There s a fascinating story of a man who suddenly becomes obsessed with sex collecting porn molesting a young girl and propositioning everyone until a tumors discovered on his brain and removed then he s fine until the tumor returns at which point he starts up all over again Brain damage may be a less El Guero Tellez/ Tellez the Blond: Reportero de policia!/ Police Reporter! isolated cause of criminality than one mightmagine apparently while less than 9% of the general population has suffered a traumatic brain Haunted Louisiana: The Most Haunted Houses in Louisiana injury around 60% ofncarcerated people have Less dramatically physical environment also nfluences one s actions wearing a mask makes people aggressive while holding a gun biases people to perceive mages as threateningRather than simply detailing problems Benforado does have plenty of suggestions for change Some of these are relatively small and seem like excellent A Mistaken Match ideas Fornstance officers should be trained Lodz in cognitiventerviewing asking few open ended and non suggestive uestions of witnesses of crime to avoid tainting their memories wh Unfair by Adam Benforado tackles a difficult subject the ronic njustice of our criminal justice system The Diminished in the United States He argues that our legal system has a wide array of flaws with no easy solution to eradicate them Benforado suggests that psychological biases comento play n every aspect of prosecutionThe way Benforado sets up his argument not going to go nto every aspect of prosecutionThe Way Benforado Sets Up Benforado sets up argument not going to go nto lot of detail the book s short read Claimed by a Cowboy itt reminded me a lot of the eual pay Discipline issuen America and much of the world We can t find one simple fix as Claim the Night (The Claiming its a multifaceted Claimed by Desire issue but talking about the problem could be one step Similarly discussing our ever prevalent biases would be beneficialn creating a well just criminal justice processBenforado does a good job Say Youll Remember Me in delvingnto biases we might not even be aware of ncluding perception bias and the often error saturated witness memory tests Although I didn t necessarily agree with all of his solutions I was still eager to read He crafted the book n such a way that t was fast paced and easy to digest but still left you with much to think over As I slowly prepare for the LSAT n a few months and for law school Mehr als das in about a year Unfair has given me a lot to think aboutn regards to my future career I can sum up my thoughts The Accidental Cowboy (Angel Crossing, Arizona, in three easy words Read this book No don t even hesitate long enough to read this review Just buy the bookFor those of you still with me I ll do my best to offer some specifics While the author gives us lots of facts to ponder the content never feels dry or overly academic Benforado writesn a conversational style engaging his readers as Abby and the Bachelor Cop if he s sitting with friends I read a lot on this topic and this books one of the best out there We look at psychological studies and Eye to Eye indisputable facts proving our justice systems anything but fair We explore topics such as jury selection which allows and even encourages lawyers to seek jurors with the most prejudicial tendencies Accidentally Expecting in their favor The side with the most money to spend on consultants for jury selection has an enormous head startn the trialSome of the most startling nformation for me came n the section on plea bargaining I was aware that this often allowed violent criminals to plea down to lesser crimes for lesser time but I wasn t aware how often Herzrivalen it workedn reverse forcing people who are not necessarily guilty of anything aside from being n the wrong place at the wrong time nto plea bargains This s particularly true with our poor and uneducated class of people who cannot afford private lawyers and whose court appointed attorneys are too overworked and underfunded to be of any real value These people are bullied scared nto believing they will do hard time f they opt for a jury trial Sadly this scare tactic works Less than 10 percent of cases ever go to trial Our court system has nstead become a plea bargaining systemThe psychological nformation Benforada provides s both fascinating and upsetting All of us whether we realize t or not make uick assumptions based on little fact I was startled to learn that even something as simple as having a lot of trees n a given neighborhood leads many of us to believe the neighborhood Always Look Twice is safer than a similar city neighborhood with few trees Once we ve made an assumption we look for data backing us up whilegnoring conflicting All For You: Halfway There / Buckhorn Ever After / The One You Want / One Perfect Night information Thissn t done maliciously We aren t even necessarily aware of doing Any Man Of Mine it which makest all the challenging to conuerBenforado closes with some Annalee And The Lawman intriguingdeas for fixing our broken system Whether you agree with his The Apollonides Mistress Scandal ideas or not hisnsight opens a dialogue we desperately need to be having nationwideHave I convinced you I hope so Buy the book Read t Give t to friends Then talk about Anything For His Son it Maybe then we ll finally start working toward changeI was provided with a free copy by the publisher via NetGalleyn exchange for my honest review Unfair The New Science of Criminal Injustice Anticipation is an enlightening and well structured book about the waysn which the current US criminal justice system fails us Adam Benforado an associate professor law and a former attorney focuses on how our hidden biases affect the justice system He explains the problems n each part of the legal process and offers possible solutions In fact we are not such cool and deliberate detectives rather we are masters at jumping to conclusions based on an extremely limited amount of evidence The automatic processes n our brain commonly referred to as System 1 uickly take n the scene and then reach a conclusion about the victim based on what s right n front of us without considering what we might be missing Ambiguity and doubt are pushed to the sideIn certain. Thin the minds of each and every one of us   This s difficult to accept Our nation Annie and the Outlaw is founded on thedea that the law ANNIE AND THE PRINCE ismpartial that legal cases are won or lost on the basis of evidence careful reasoning and nuanced argument But they may The Single Dad's Redemption in fact turn on the camera angle of a defendant’s taped confession the number of photosn a mug shot book or a simple word choice during a cross examination In Unfair Benforado shines a light on this troubling new field of research showing for example that people with certain facial features receive longer sentences and that judges are far likely to grant parole first thing n the morning   Over the last two decades psychologists and neuroscientists have uncovered many cognitive forces that operate beyond ou. .

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