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Topology of a Phantom City

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T we have poisoned everythingAnd oblivious to it allThe cell phone zombies babbleThrough the shopping mallsWhile condors fall from Indian skiesWhales beach and die in sandBad dreams are good In the great planYou cannot be trustedDo you even now you re lyingIt s dangerous to id yourselfYou go deaf and dumb and blindYou take with such entitlementYou give bad attitudeYou have no grace No empathyNo gratitudeYou have no sense of conseuenceOh my head is in my handsBad dreams are good In the great planBefore altering appleWe one with everythingNo sense of self and otherNo self consciousnessBut now we have to grapple With our man made world backfiringKeeping one eye on our brother s deadly selfishnessAnd everyone s a victimNobody s hands are cleanThere s so very little left of wild Eden EarthSo near the jaws of our machinesWe live in these electric scabsThese lesions once were lakesNo one nows how to shoulder the blameOr learn from past mistakesSo who will come to save the dayMighty MouseSupermanBad dreams are good in the great plan 2007 Crazy Crow Musicvia Hard to define this one Language is useless in describing a book that deprives language of any purpose other than its purposeless flow a book in which the reader experiences the contemplation of a mute language adressing a landscape of deaf images Topology of a Phantom City probably the best title I ve ever come across I explored the topology of my inner phantom city after my beloved had dumped me a friend had deserted me I had realised that I would be transferred to another city in two days career advancement surprise and that I had to leave my fucking job as soon as possible because I couldn t go on any all this in one single day Oh I forgot I was also starving myself as a therapy against too much thinking it works pretty good with me In short I was professionally successful looking great and mentally derailing I felt like crying laughing congratulating myself bashing my head against the wall until I stopped feeling anything at all That night I walked I walked a lot I walked and walked and walked going nowhere watching April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers kids sharing poppers and whores typing on their phones crossing stray cats doing their thing hearing cars passing by and alarms going off and Latinos asking me if I wanted to be fucked in the ass I was so apathetic I would have felt absolutely nothing Seeing nothing hearing nothing but the noise of my footstepsI could as well have been walking on the moon because the world had become an abstract concept for me that night At about 4 am I noticed with indifference that I was sitting on the sidewalk smoking and talking to a pigeon pecking between my feet I was supposed to be at work in two hours Have you ever found yourself wandering in the streets perfectly lucid and totally unconscious at the same time as though you had left your body behind somewhere somehow and all your being had shrunk in the simple pedestrian thaumaturgical acknowledgement of every single cell and molecule and atom and uark of the substance of your emptiness Have you ever realised how much silence you had always been carrying inside your head Have you ever stoppednowing exactly who you areIf you have this book will bring back that same feeling of silent immobile chaos that feeling of being inside one of Balthus paintings trapped in the disuieting tension of Nonsense ghosts of eroticism and violence lurking behind the door your reflection in the mirror staring back at you and suggesting strange thoughts of self abuse It s not unpleasant once you stop figh. 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Ting it once you re too drained and exhausted to fight it And so is this book There s no plot whatsoever here No real characters no action no meaning Pure Surrealism with a touch of Nouvelle Vague here and there There s no explicit violence or sex either and yet one feels terribly unease nonetheless Because it s their ghosts that haunt these pages an atmosphere of impending threat of hidden traps and nameless nonetheless Because it s their ghosts that haunt these pages an atmosphere of impending threat of hidden traps and nameless the slippery substance of disuiet A nameless and faceless observer wanders through a city out of space and time or rather encompassing space and time a hole in the continuum a city ravaged by some undetermined war or natural disaster or atomic blast or unthinkable cataclysm or maybe just intoxicated by its own boredom and decadence Streets covered in dust and debris buildings collapsed or collapsing waste lands lunar seascapes and a series of gloomy rundown surreliastic interiors a prison a theatre temples from an unlikely antiuity a brothel bedrooms abandoned houses and shopsSuch is the stage on which some obsessively recurring events take place over and over indecipherable codes made of weird images and cryptic signs A murder that is also a rape that is also a ritual sacrifice that is also an incest around which revolves the morbid attention of the most enigmatic teller ever The reader has absolutely no clue what s going on and is not even supposed to have any he can only wander in the streets of Robbe Grillet s Phantom City always on the threshold of a meaning that ultimately doesn t exist Phantoms indeed elusive evanescent immaterial Phantoms of characters and events that might have lived and occurred anytime and anywhere The city is sort of an archaeological dig in the middle of nowhere layers upon layers of ages and "civilisations that seem to overlap and melt after the unspeakable has occurred in "that seem to overlap and melt after the unspeakable has occurred in author s mind that is Because this book is a metaphysical construct the ultimate celebration of language for its own sake Give up any attempt to understand or at least decipher its inner structure that would be a pointless exhausting waste of mental energy that would only spoil the pleasure of losing oneself in such a labyrinth I daresay Borges comes to mind along with ueneau s Exercices de style and De Chirico s deserted cityscapes It s a strange unclassifiable work one can only love or hate certainly not forget Robbe Grillet s poetic prose leaves such a feeling of bewilderment in the reader s mind such a perplexity and a sense of unease that I can hardly imagine a rating in between Good Lord I don t even now what I have just read I feel like my younger self sitting on a sidewalk at 4 am smoking and talking to a pigeon nowing the worst had yet to come and too fucked up to really care about it Obviously I m not recommending this to anybody I can t imagine anybody else enjoying this book as I did how could I since I have no idea why I liked it in the first place Reading Robbe Grillet novels induces a fugue state in my reading mind I only ever have a dim understanding of what is transpiring in the text and yet I read on transfixed certain there will be no resolution and that at the end I will Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome know little than when I began R G s constant reconfiguring of events of settings of objects his replacing adding omitting contradicting it seems like it should be maddening but instead yields a languorous effectFull review here A still life of traumaOrThe dead labour of desireOrBauhaus conspires against the realOrTopology of an absent manOrThe museum of disastersOr don t read this on the subway. Ology the usual topology the second with open sets Let Oconsist of the empty set together with all subsets of R whose complement is finite The axioms – are easily verified and we leave this for the reader to check Every set in Ois open in the usual topology but not vice versa Let Oconsistofallsets O suchthatforeach x ∈ O thereisaninterval ab with x ∈ ab ⊂ O Propert TOPOLOGY ABOUT TOPOLOGY From Brisbane underground beginnings in to album releases and everything in between MUSIC Listen to some of our favourite Topology tunes DISCOGRAPHY TOPOLOGY PERPETUAL MOTION MACHINE FUTURE TENSE AIRWAVES More Information LISTEN BUY Buy CDs sheet music and other cool Topology merch here More Information Our Story “Topology Imagining how “synthetic topology” could reform Unsurprisingly topology therefore determines the electronic band structures of allnown crystalline metals semiconductors insulators semi metals and superconductors The advent of topological solids introduces an electronically distinctive class of materials to the field of solid state chemistry and physics.
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This was recommended as one of his best Instead it "showed me how he is at his worst There is a new edition of Voyeur which I may re read "me how he is at his worst There is a new edition of Voyeur which I may re read is a stultifying pastiche and tortured ekphrasis of Paul Delvaux Shows just how frozen how petrified his imagination is when it s not focused on an actual scene In which Patrick Stewart in Extras recounts a boring nonsense dream I think I m generally pretty good at figuring out what Robbe Grillet is going for but this went a little over my head Still I respect him enough as a writer to assume that s a failing on my part not his I definitely need to re read this at some point Alain Robbe Grillet writes eroticized fever dreams built of exacting architectural detail noir gestures and a heavy atmosphere of ambiguity and displacement It is this atmosphere uniue among my reading that makes him terribly strange and compelling to me even when his narratives become fragmented into non existence as here The first two sections of five are each highly memorable and self consistent in their own right though The first traces unexpected paths as much temporal as spatial through a ruined city destroyed by an ancient eruption or a contemporary bombardment or both or neither Often writing from a fixed camera Robbe Grillet begins by laying out a frozen tableau in a sort of women s prison in minute detail which only becomes animated in any way several pages in then connects this image back and forth across his fractured history operating by narrative rules that seem all his own Part two floats in gradual ascent of a spectral empty house seemingly divorced from the first part but beautifully composed and highly intriguing From here a winkingly obfuscating elaboration of part one clarifying nothing against its own claims then an even fractured stretch of shorter prose poetry dancing out of reach of the prior threads besides his usual tendency to repeat ey images over and over Each subseuent displacement takes this further out of being anything like a traditional novel of course and to me leaves this even frustratingly elusive than the other two of Robbe Grillet s works I ve read Or perhaps this is simply the mark of waning patience after three readings of his books this month and two viewings of Last Year at Marienbad which he screenwrote Which leaves this as unsettling haunting but seemingly non essential though perhaps I will see it differently upon re reading it is short enough to encourage thisIncidentally the fifth and final part of this novel is also the opening of La Belle Captive which I adored the visual aspect of that novel lending a sense of cohesion all its own and which also shares text with Recollections of the Golden Triangle which I ll probably pause for a time before beginningI feel that I should talk a lot about the actual content of this very odd novel but I don t even now where to begin It may be impossible to explain its merits to any who haven t read it Really borrowing a justification of Lucio Fulci s horror film making which I think is much better suited to Robbe Grillet s prose it is not what happens or why it happens but how it happens that makes these images seductive Begins as a description of the gestural minutiae of an image which is always shifting slightly The prism of the fragmented story rotates around this idea slowly explicating a series of murders andor ritual sacrifices of young women in a variety of narrative styles Bad Dreamsby Joni MitchellThe cats are in the flower bedA red hawk rides the skyI guess I should be happyJust to be aliveBu. What Is Topology? | Live Science What is Topology? | Pure Mathematics | University Topology is a relatively new branch of mathematics; most of the research in topology has been done since The following are some of the subfields of topology General Topology or Point Set Topology General topology normally considers local properties of spaces and is closely related to analysis It generalizes the concept of continuity to define topological spaces in which limits of seuences can be Topology Guides Now you should have enough topology to The Habitat Guide to Birding know what your transition points need to be like Now your topology skills really come into play There is no fix all solution to transition points but these principles are good guides First check your loop flows The easiest way to get in a mess is linking one end of a loop to the wrong point on the opposite end Second learn loop reduction flows Topology chemistry Wikipedia In chemistry topology provides a way of describing and predicting the molecular structure within the constraints of three dimensional D space Given the determinants of chemical.