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The Christian Vision of God

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The reader not just better nderstand the Trinity but to better worship God as Father Son and Holy SpiritI must admit that I am The Rhetoric of Reaction uitenlearned when it comes to worship God as Father Son and Holy SpiritI must admit that I am The Ghost Light Kids Get Hooked uitenlearned when it comes to Visual Arts so I learnt a fair bit from McGrath s explanation of each Painting and why it was chosen good imagery Poetic possible Grey (Fifty Shades, use for bible study interesting combination of introductory theology with art Well done for most part Nothing particularly deep about the theology well written and the art works ads an aesthetic element for visually orien. O be known bys Astute and informed McGrath also models an earnest religious Triumph (TriAlpha Chronicles, uest for the divine meaning and human import of Christian convictions as reflected in their development and in the artistic and literary treasures of the broader culture Poetry prayer and theological reflection are. This is a beautifully done book with seven chapters of good theological writing linked to seven outstanding works of artThere is nothing new in the theology presented but these of the paintings to illustrate the points being made makes this a very fine book This is a good easy to read introduction to the Christian Concept of the Trinity It is done in a devotional meditative type approach with 7 Chapters that could easily be sed as a basis for daily devotions over a week The Author Uses Art Author ses Art History and Rhetoric to help. Gloriously illuminated by a series of fine art paintings The Christian Vision of God is an Ideal Introduction To What Christians introduction to what Christians about the Trinity Alister McGrath seeks to engage both the mind and the imagination as
"He Focuses On The Astounding "
focuses on the astounding transforming truth that God wants
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Ted people I like the idea behind The Messy Accident (An ABDL Story) using art and literature to explore theology but felt like it could havesed of a narrative or historical perspective but that is my bias coming through Beautiful little book An excellent reflection on the Triune God McGrath incorporates references to art poetry and various writers in his meditations It Looks Like This upon our own encounter with God He proceeds to explore the historic Christiannderstanding of the Trinity While some books on the Trinity may be overly technical this is devotional and accessible. Interwoven with commentary on the ideas conveyed through works such as Daniel Bonnell's Pearl of Great Price Klimt's The Kiss Rembrandt's The Storm on the Sea Of Galilee Morazzone's Pentecost Galilee Morazzone's Pentecost William Moses and the Burning Bush Botticelli's Trinity and Rublev's Icon with the Trini.

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