Captured: An American Prisoner of War in North Vietnam (Scholastic Focus) E–book/E–pub

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A POW than throwing a ew swears in there The Gingerbread Man and the Leprechaun Loose at School for shock value at school Maybe I will just have them read some excerptsrom the real deal not this watered down kids version YA can and should still the real deal not this watered down kids version ya can and should still written well this can and should still written well This seemed rushed and poorly thought through This is a well researched well written and engaging story about the experiences of American POWs during the height of the Viet Nam war The narrative centers around Jeremiah Denton who spent 7 years imprisoned the men who endured with him and the North Vietnamese captors Descriptive without being overwhelmingly graphic the physical Emotional And Spiritual Challenges As Well As The Way The and spiritual challenges as well as the way the worked to overcome them are clearly described The author has included many photos and diagrams that are excellent additions to the text He also presents a brief history of Viet Nam and the long term shaping effect of colonialism Putting this particular experience within a context does not excuse any of the horrors inflicted by either side but it does help the reader to understand the perspective of the Vietnamese people The Officers commitment to the mission and the military code of honor is something that I struggle to understand rom my perspective but it was definitely key in helping these men survive Having grown up during those years the conflicting attitudes towards the value of the war are very amiliar to me but young people today tend to have little appreciation The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School for the causes of the conflict the loss of life there and the socio political discord that raged at home This book would be suitableor older teens and could be used in the classroom or in a reading group setting and should spark great conversation about the tremendous cost of war The Cutting Room: A Novel of Suspense for everyone involved. 73 after the longest and harshest deployment in US historyDenton's story is an extraordinary narrative of human resilience and endurance Townley grapples with themes of perseverance leadership and duty while also deftly portraying the deeply complicated realities of the Vietnam War in this gripping narrative projector YA reade.

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Signed the Voters Rights Act into law The war in Vietnam had escalated to a then time high Riots although did not start in 1965 many took place that year in the United States Watts California was the scene of the most infamous riot in the United States that yearJeremiah Denton was an American POW Prisoner of War who served nearly 8 years in the infamous Hanoi HELLton yes you read that right Jeremiah Denton and his ellow prisoners communicated by using their own secret codes and by signaling to one another through an eye blink version of the Morse Code Photographs are included which make this book even effective This book will give readers an inside view of the sheer hell the war was or those most directly involved and or all who were most directly impacted After reading the grown up version Defiant I wanted a young adult book or my middle school humanities I LOVED defiant It was well written and me understand the horrors these men endured imprisoned at the infamous Hanoi Hilton Captured was poorly written I ound two typos in chapter one The story sort of plodded along never really gaining any ground I got the YA version to try and avoid a lot of swears or school but still wanting the students to gain an understanding into what happened to the POW s Their treatment was detailed later in the book but to grab a YA reader sometimes they need a bit of reality right away The uiz "wasn t really described Use YA appropriate language but let these kids know what these men suffered Overall I "t really described Use YA appropriate language but let these kids know what these men suffered Overall I very disappointed after looking orward to having my whole class read this book together Oh and there are still swears not that I super care but I would rather a kid hear gruesome scenes of torture as. Nes They developed a system of secret codes and covert communications to keep up their spirits Later he would endure torture and long periods of solitary confinement Always Jerry told his ellow POWs that they would one day return home together Although Jerry spent seven and a half years as a POW he did inally return home in 19.  Captured: An American Prisoner of War in North Vietnam (Scholastic Focus)Thank you I ordered this book with apprehension This was my generation We Wore POW Bracelets wore POW bracelets riend s The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success father was MIA One of the big lessons I took away was theact that since the US Congress had not The Outlandish Adventures of Liberty Aimes formally declared war on Viet Nam any military personnel captured by the Viet Cong were treated as criminals not POW s who would have been subject to treatment outlined by the Geneva Convention Reading this book brought the war home to me Inact when the author mentioned Ed the Geneva Convention Reading this book brought the war home to me In act when the author mentioned Ed I thought of my riend until Ed s age was mentioned He would have been too young It also changed my image of Hanoi Hilton I had always thought of that as an actual hotel that had been taken over to house prisonersIt was a tough read in several ways First it brought to light the horrible treatment our POW s received Second the writing itself was not what I was used to readingThe book details one man s time as a POW or eight years We read about conditions during the year and perhaps changed a perception or two about the country of Viet Nam I really enjoyed this true story of heroism and ortitude during the Vietnam War This would make a great series on HBO or Netflix Mr Townley has the ability to make you Jesting Pilot feel like you are right there and writes a great taleor all ages War is hell General William T ShermanThe Eastern world it is explodingviolence laring bullets loadingYou re old enough to kill but not or votingYou don t believe in war but what s that gun you re toting Barry McGuire Eve of Destruction 1965That song is very a propos to this dayI ound this story very intense sad heartwarming affirming and triumphant 1965 was a banner year in world history The Beatles made history at Shea Stadium on August 15 1965 President Johnson. Alvin Townley a critically acclaimed author of adult nonfiction delivers a searing YA debut about American POWs during the Vietnam WarNaval aviator Jeremiah Denton was shot down and captured in North Vietnam in 1965 As a POW Jerry Denton led a group of ellow American prisoners in withstanding gruesome conditions behind enemy li. ,