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Dangers Fate Holly Danger #6Review originally ublished at amazing conclusion to the Holly Danger saga "The Flotilla already mentioned in the first book of the series "Flotilla already mentioned in the first book of the series a reality and victim of a crazy man they are in need of help Holly and her team will try to assist but they will need to do things they have never imagined beforeThe Flotilla was something that caught my attention when I first started reading this series I knew there was going to be a good backstory Many of the elements in the series are tied up here in a satisfying conclusion The world created by Amanda Carlson was a very exciting one and I had a great time exploring it along Holly Daze and the rest of the characters I have read this book with a mix of satisfaction and sadness It was an exciting journey and the characters did grow on me Secondary characters have importance in this book than in Cigarette Kisses previous ones and this helped inroviding a rich storyEmma Wilder does a stellar job again narrating this book It is her usual top notch narration which makes listening to this book a great leasure Wilder gave the characters have distinctive voices and transmitted their emotions so that they feel like real eopleAs sad as it is to say good bye to a great series we can witness the beginning of something else at the end of the book I m looking forward to what Carlson has in store for us I am sure it will be amazingI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review I received a free copy of the audiobook version of this book for an honest review I loved it I love this series *like all the books in this series they *all the books in this series they fast aced enjoyable and hard to ut down I feel like I waited a long time for this book to come out so I wasn t sure how I d feel about Gutsy Girls: Young Women Who Dare picking up on this series after all the time hadassed but it made no difference The author created characters who are all uniue and it was easy to ick right back up on what was going on As also I m a huge fan of the narrator Emma Wilder she does an awesome job narrating She s one of the few female narrator s that I feel can do a great male sounding voice I m kinda sad that this is the last one in this seriesat kinda sad that this is the last one in this seriesat right now It did leave a little bit of a lead so the story can go on if the author wishes to continue I m not sure if I want the series to continue or to end on this note Case and Daze know who The floating city existsUpon receiving the urgent missive confirming the existence of the Flotilla there’s nothing left for Holly to do but rush to their aid Hundreds if not thousands of lives are at stake But the government now run by her crew are holding back their efforts Betraying them co.

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Hey arefamily by blood The story *hints that there might be additional books for Holly s family line Right now they re *that there might be additional books for Holly s family line Right now they re safe and out of danger but Danger is Holly s surname so the series "may go on Going into this book I didn t realize that it was the last book in this arc I " go on Going into this book I didn t realize that it was the last book in this arc I arc because I m excited to say there will be books from a different angle which I can t say too much about as I don t know much LOL There was an excerpt at the end but I don t really read excerpts Anyway the last book was a culmination of many things not the least of which was the Flotilla We find out about them and what happened And there was lenty of action tense moments and romance I loved this book and I hope that we get to see of Holly Daze Case etc in the next books If you are an existing fan you will love this latest installment If you haven t already started this you need to remedy that immediately I highly recommend this book I was rovided the e book which I reviewed voluntarily This has been the most enjoyable series I ve ever read How fortunate I feel that I discovered this author and series when the first six books were already availableIn earlier reviews of the first five books I commented on how fast I was reading these books and was buying each successive book before Never Sweeter posting the review for the just completed book I ve read a lot of series with butt kicking lady warriors and even told one author I had a crush on her heroin well I m very jealous of Case who seems to be an ideal match for Holly DangerThe development of characters has been extraordinary and their behaviors are realistic and understandable Sometimes with a lengthy series and a lot of characters it s hard to become comfortable and understand everything this author does an excellent job and everything flows smoothly I m now in the normalosition waiting for the next book in this outstanding series and will have to wait Something Holly and I don t do very wellReview by THE HOLEY ONE I received this audiobook for free for an honest review Again Amanda Carlson does an excellent job with this thrilling series I enjoy this series immensely Holly s exploits and the arts the other characters lay on the team makes this story exciting The story keeps you on the edge and your attention until the end Couldn t stop listening Look forward to each story in this series The narrator does a great job with the characters When an. Uld mean the start of a bitter feud just when the dark city has a chance to regain its lost resourcesAlaria Bancroft is in the fight of her life against her father and his trusted followers After cutting the hydro farms loose they’re in jeopardy of being lost at sea To complicate matters the. .
Urgent message for help confirms that the floating flotilla *still exists Holly and her crew have no choice but to mount a rescue operation even if their fledgling *exists Holly and her crew have no choice but to mount a rescue operation even if their fledgling government is determined to stop them but to mount a rescue operation even if their fledgling government is determined to stop them has done everything she can to rotect her eople from her father s increasing madness but they re nearly out of supplies and with the hydro farms no longer attached to the main flotilla they are at increased risk of starvation unless Ari risks it all to ask outsiders for helpDanger s Fate was a fab instalment to the Holly Danger series we ve heard rumours about the flotilla since early in the series but this is the first time we have confirmation that the floating city is still out there Holly and her crew take a huge risk flying out over the water but with thousands of lives at risk and a otential trove of new technology that could help survivors across the city they have no choice but to attempt a rescueThis was the first time we ve had another narrator alongside Holly and I really loved Ari s voice We re introduced to a whole new group of characters as one major story arc of the series ends and another is set to begin I ve really enjoyed spending time with Holly Case Dax and the others but it was fun to see another way of life aboard the floating ships and I m looking forward to getting to know Ari and her friends betterI ve been really enjoying this series so I m very glad it s not over yet and I "Think There S Plenty Of " there s lenty of to come in the next few books Danger s Fate completes the story arc begun by Amanda Carlson with Danger s Halo featuring Holly Danger and her crew surviving in a futuristic world Our world went mad democracy disappeared oligarchs ruled technology went to dizzying and worrying heights and then it all came crashing dow I adored this book I ve been waiting a long time and it was worth it I loved Ari the new female character that shared narration with Holly in this book We find out that the floating city is real and things are starting to look up for both groups as through Holly Ari they are united I can t wait to see how things change for everyone There was a hint dropped at the end connected to Holly and I can t wait to see where that leads as well The adventure concludesEnjoyed the conclusion to this episode With the continuation of face The Literary Language of Shakespeare passed action and on going relationship bonds and developments came to a well rounded end. Biospheres are broken beyond repair and food stores are rapidly dwindling If help doesn’t arrive soon they all die Ari’s only option is to sneak back into the floating city in one last attempt to save as many as she can When Holly arrives the two have to work together but it might be too la.