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Betrayals: The Unpredictability of Human Relations gThis book can be read as a standalone but seriously you wannao read the previous book and the rest of the books to be released as these books are brilliant Ok where do I start Shall I tell you about the sexy alpha men in this series that will do anything for the people they love and the people they need to protect This is Evans story He s a computer Bat Ode geek What he can do with a computer and his fingers is downright sexy can t believe I even thought that but heck it s true Paige is a tough successful businesswoman She s had a crush on him for years When she meets him in a bar she knows she can t refuse to be with him for one night and let all her dreams come through However she needs Evan to help her out When she comes to face with him again she s a mess The effect he has on her is shocking butood Imagine crushing on someone for years Then you need to have a serious convo with him yep impossible With the mystery of who is out to destroy Paige we Bitter Choices: Blue-Collar Women in and out of Work get a really interesting and hot storyline I love that weet to read about the characters that we met in book one Looking forward to reading book three Click What can i sayI am just lovin these Pierce Security Barrio: Photographs from Chicago's Pilsen and Little Village guys Whats nice about this series is the fact that they can be read as a stand aloneI myself read them all out of orderbecausewellthats just the way it happenedThis is the story of Evanthe computereek extraordinaire He met up with a Beyond Redemption: Race, Violence, and the American South after the Civil War gal in a bar one night and instantly fell for herlittle did he know she knew who he was and wanted to be with him as badly as he did her When Evan woke in the morning instead of finding a warm body he found a cold pillow Six months later a job comes into the securities company a job he was reuested foraaming company had issues that only he could handleand low and beholdwho is the owner of this companyit s Paige his one nighter that he never Blank Darkness: Africanist Discourse in French got overI enjoyed this book very much and would highly recommend it if you like hoteeks and mystery Anne Conley did it again A Back to the Breast: Natural Motherhood and Breastfeeding in America great read about real life events Most romance books are the same thing over and over the billionaire and his employee fifty shades ofrey same plot but different names Anne s books are refreshing to read because they are different from every other romance book you pick up to read She captures real life events tragedies and emotions and brings them to the reader s awareness If you are looking for a reat read that is not like all the rest of the books then you definitely want to read this book or any book from Anne Conley Title WireAuthor Anne ConleyGenre Romantic SuspenseAge New Adult and upIs This Book Part of a Series Yes Book 2 of the Pierce Securities seriesI received an unedited Advanced Reading Copy version of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review I also have chosen not comment on or include typos and such in my review or ratingSummaryEvan Rocco is a skilled hacker an AI expert and a member of the team at Pierce Securities Paige Lawson is "The CEO Of Gaming Software "CEO of aming software PSL When PSL s "Game Realm Of Worlds Character " Realm of Worlds character Crimson Lady begins brainwashing teenagers into attacking real life people Evan and Paige have to team up in order to save Paige s company and the people of Austin But will their one night stand from six months earlier Black Nationalism: The Search for an Identity get in their wayOverall ImpressionThis book appeals to theeek in me and the fact that the star of Paige s company is based off of fairy tales appeals to the writer in me The characters are fun and well matched as a couple The bad Black and White Strangers: Race and American Literary Realism guy is suitably slimy In other words it was worth the read and had somereat ualitiesThe Nitty GrittyThis book opens up with a bang featuring Paige fresh off winning a hostile takeover prowling a bar looking for a one night stand She finds it in Evan Rocco a man she has admired physically and intellectually for years They have a very hot night of sex which is well written with just enough on stage action to keep it interesting and just enough off stage action to keep it from being repetitive This takes the book from the typical trajectory of the couple fighting their physical interest in each other and shifts it to looking at how the pair can deal with the attraction they admittedly have while doubting whether or not that is all that the other person feels It is a small change but it is a nice one keeping the romance aspect of this book feeling fresh and uniue than is typically the case In addition to this it sets it up so that Evan is already aware of how much he likes Paige He never really doubts whether or not he has feelings for her Just whether or not she has feelings for him And a man being willing to admit to himself that he cares for a woman is a nice change for a romanceDialogue was one of the things that stood out for me in this BOOK FOR A COUPLE OF REASONS WHEN PAIGE AND for a couple of reasons When Paige and were talking I noticed several times that it felt like their scenes seemed a little bit forced feeling like they were saying what would be expected to be said at that scene rather than what truly fit them The thoughts that accompanied these forced scenes also seemed to also be on the overly telling side Instead of just having the words flying back and forth between Paige and Evan there were pauses to share their thoughts Thoughts that were really rather redundant based on the actions that were accompanying their dialogue It wasn t horrible by any means but it was certainly noticeable Especially when you put it next to the very smooth well written dialogue that exists between Evan and the other employees at Pierce Securities Those scenes were downright Boggs: A Comedy of Values good I fell right into them and could easily picture the scene actions and the individual uniue characters that were interactingAs for th. Evan Rocco has been a hero to Paige Lawson for as long as she could remember So when she runs into him in a bar after a major professional coup she’s feeling celebratory and reckless But it can’to anywhere because after all he’s Evan Rocco When she finds her Blood Runs Green: The Murder That Transfixed Gilded Age Chicago gaming company in trouble there’s only one man she can turn toEvan can’tet the wo. Wire Pierce Securities #2Certain as to why someone would do this to Paige Evan Berlioz and the Romantic Century gets close to the source of the problem but is he too close Paige has ignored the danger to herself because she doesn t want Evan to feel obligated will she be able to accept his help before it s too late Paige is the owner of aaming company who is being cyber attacked by a sophisticated and unknown threat and even with all her skills she has been unable to find out who is behind it and why Needing assistance she hires Pierce Securities to investigate which brings Evan the man spent one night with back into her lifeEvan has earned uite the reputation for his IT skills both Building Ideas: An Architectural Guide to the University of Chicago good and bad When his new assignment brings Paige the woman he spent one night with and hasn t been able to forget back into his life things are about toet interesting for both of themIntrigue twists and heat combine into a compelling storyline as Paige and Evan Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F): Canadian Art: Volume I (A-F) get their second chance I received a complimentary copy of the audiobook and thought that the narrator did areat job of bringing the story to life SNS Rating 433Dee s ReviewWow This story has it all incredible plot web of intrigue brilliant mystery and intense passion Everything centers around the Building the Cold War: Hilton International Hotels and Modern Architecture gaming world All the information about theame programming and how it was manipulated to lead foolish kids to commit murder was so realistic the reader will understand the technicalities without being a One Touch of Scandal geek We areiven brief Bulletproof Feathers glimpses into the criminal s mind without betraying his identity Evan s job is complicated by Paige being so naive and not believing she is in danger As clues begin to fit the pieces together it is exciting to figure out the mastermind behind The Crimson Lady just before Evan figures it out The final scene wrapping up the story is so filled with action suspense excitement and thrills it will blow your mind I wasiven a free copy in exchange for an honest review Five StarsLindsey s ReviewAnne Conley really knows how to write romantic suspense Wire the second novel in a suspenseful romantic series tells the story from the point of view of another of her alpha male characters and the woman he loves It was engrossing intense and passionate I definitely want to read the other books in this series as well as the other books by this authorSharlene s ReviewWire is the second installment of the Pierce Securities series and focuses on Paige and Evan Paige has idolized Evan for years even though they have never met They end of working together in Paige s company to stop a Carson Pirie Scott: Louis Sullivan and the Chicago Department Store gamer from interfering with Paige saming company The feel I Charting an Empire: Geography at the English Universities 1580-1620 got from this book was of a suspenseful crime book rather than a contemporary romance It definitely had romantic components to it but it focused on theamer causing trouble than it did on the couple Not necessarily a bad thing as long as that s what you re looking for I also didn t feel like the characters were developed very well You Chameleon Hours get to see hints andlimpses of their pasts but nothing that fully describes where they are both coming from The sexual chemistry between the two is very hot Although there is not a ton of sexual scenes in the book the ones that are there are well written The author has certainly done her homework with aming and coding which I felt added to the storyline The scenery descriptions were done pretty well EVEN THOUGH IT IS PART OF though it is part of series this can be read as a stand alone and does have an HEA 5 starsARC provided in EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW FOR BEYOND THE VALLEY for an honest review for Beyond the Valley the Books BlogI didn t think Anne could out do herself when I read Saving Charlie but then she ave us the first book in the Pierce Security Series I was blown away with a team of sexy misfit men who can t seem to work for others so they formed a security team with Simon in charge I fell in love with this team in the first book Craze but WOW she turns up the heat and raises the bar in WireAnne takes on the UNIUE WORLD OF VIDEO GAMING AND CREATES A MYSTERY world of video Chicago Neighborhoods and Suburbs: A Historical Guide gaming and creates a mystery of suspense drama and love Paige runs her ownaming company and one night while at a bar she runs into her dream man She has known about Evan for a long time She has watched his tech reputation suffer in the social eye but he is the sexiest man she has ever known Imagine her surprise when he invites her to spend one night with him uietly leaving the next morning before he woke up she checks this off her bucket list and Citrus: A History goes back to business There is no way he will ever find her she used a fake name but will she everet him out of her memory and heartEvan woke up alone how could she leave after the night they had Trying to erase that passion filled night from his brain for weeks he takes on a new job with Pierce security This job should be a breeze for this man with his training and intelligence but there is one problem The woman he has been trying to forget is now his new boss Paige He is determined to Building the South Side: Urban Space and Civic Culture in Chicago, 1890-1919 get answers than who is trying to sabotage her company he wants to know why she used a fake name and why she leftAnne does areat job as usual with the love and hot scenes these two were meant to be together yet neither of them is ready to jump in head first What I loved most about this book was the aming theme and the huge mystery revolving the video ame that is causing people to die I have never read a book with this angle and I really enjoyed itAs with all of Anne s books you can expect an intense character driven book which will read smoothly and draw you in early You don t have to read Craze first to enjoy Wire but I strongly suggest you begin at the beginning of the series and Classic Rough News get to know theuys at Pierce Securities They all have their own story and struggles and each is a new breed of sexiness in the Indie world. O’s taking credit for murder Maybe it will Class and Conformity: A Study in Values - With a Reassessment (Midway Reprint) get his mind off the woman of his dreamsWhen he realizes who the CEO of PSL actually is he has toet over his own issues or else he’ll put the one woman in danger he never wanted to hurtThis is book two in the Pierce Securities series a stand alone story The first book while not necessary to read is Craze.

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E suspense aspect of this book there were some positives and negatives both First I saw the bad Class Warfare: Class, Race, and College Admissions in Top-Tier Secondary Schools guy coming a little sooner than I would have liked In other words I figured things out sooner than I wanted This in and of itself isn t that unusual for me however My biggest issue with this is that Evan who is in the securities business had such a hard time seeing the truth I couldet behind the idea that perhaps he was too wrapped up in figuring out his relationship with Paige but that only allows him a certain amount of slack And I feel like he stayed in the dark a bit longer than is truly realistic Not that I have ever been in a real mystery myself of course so perhaps it is accurate How it feels however is that Evan is a bit on the slow side The saving Common People: The History of An English Family grace here is the tension Despite knowing or less who the baduy was and how he was enacting his plans I was still tense over the idea of whether or not Evan and Paige would win in the end Who knows Perhaps Evan being slow to catch on even added to the tension Either way this was a suspenseful books and Citizens and Paupers: Relief, Rights, and Race, from the Freedmen's Bureau to Workfare getsood marks for that even if there are things I wish were differentMy Rating 4 StarsThe writing is solid the story is solid and I found it to be an enjoyable read over all I would like to conquest and community:the afterlife of warrior saint ghazi miyan go back to read Ryan s story Craze Pierce Securities book 1 and plan on following this series to its conclusion however many books that may behttpbusybusybookwyrmwordpresscom ORGINALLY POSTED AT DJ S BOOK CORNERI will start this review off by saying that I didn t like Wire as much as its predecessor Craze but it was still a veryood book that was well written and filled with my favorite element humorEvan and Paige were both Composition and Literature: Bridging the Gap great characters to follow Like most romance MCs they kicked off their inevitable romance with a nice period of avoidance due to a previous sexual encounter that didn t end so well This only made the book fun to read and I enjoyed watching themet over themselves and just Creating Country Music: Fabricating Authenticity go with it I loved that Evan was the piner and not Paige That was a nice change of pace She wanted to act like they never hooked up and he was all for doing it again And again and again Most of the time the women are the ones that are longing for something and though Paige does have the hots for Evan she has her own reasons for wanting nothing to do with him Her reasons suck if you ask me but hey whatever Do your thing PaigeI really enjoyed the videoame aspect of this book and how the crime was perpetrated using a video ame to et people to commit murder It was a well thought out plot and though I figured out the culprit way before the characters did that didn t take away from me enjoying the book because there were details about the crimes that I couldn t have Contingent Lives: Fertility, Time, and Aging in West Africa guessed if I tried So that was aood thing I also loved that Paige was the CEO of the aming company and represented strong female characters that don t need some knight in shining armor to save the day Maybe they could use a partner in crime but they don t need a savior Evan definitely came through for Paige in this book but only because he was the expert she needed to et the job done right We need characters like Paige in romance booksThe other Creating Chicago's North Shore: A Suburban History guys in Pierce Securities weren t as big a part of this book as they were in Craze and I would have loved to see of them When theyet together on the same page it s nonstop laughs and I just love a book that can make me laugh I m really eager to read the next book in the series and Couplings get of these menDefinitely a thumbs up here Wire is a fast read thatives you as much romance as suspense You ll enjoy the plot and the characters and will be just as rabby hands as me for the next book when you re done So yes this book is most certainly worth a read This is the second book in The "Pierce Security Series Ms Conley Did A Wonderful Job With " Security Series Ms Conley did a wonderful job with book also She gave us a very strong story line filled with intrigue drama sex us a very strong story line filled with intrigue drama sex suspense The characters are very well developed strong and very easy to relate to This story is written so that it is very easy to relate with even though it involves computer enius Evan Rocco and alot of other computer related scenes and dialog But the story is so well written that us individuals that are a bit techno challenged are not left behind The h in the story is strong willed and very easy to connect with She is a hard working business woman who is fighting to keep her business afloat while someone else is trying their hardest to see she fails Which is her reason for hiring the infamous Evan Rocco knowing that he is the only one that can D'Albuquerque's Children: Performing Tradition in Malaysia's Portuguese Settlement get to the bottom of this and catch the individual who it trying to destroy everything that she has worked to build This story had me trying to figure out who was behind all the sabotage that wasoing on and just when I thought I had it figured out I would be proved wrong There was definitely some steamy sex scenes throughout the book that added just the right amount of spice to the story Overall it was a well written story that was easy to follow and with enough heat and suspense to really keep us uessing and with characters that we could relate to Great job Ms Conley I am looking forward to reading from the series and finding out what she has in "STORY FOR THE REST OF THE CREW FROM PIERCE "for the rest of the crew from Pierce I completely enjoyed this book When Paige has a one night stand with her fantasy man she returns to real life only leaving him with a fake name and wonderful memories When her company ets into trouble the only person that can help is Evan but he will find out who she really is As Evan investigates the threat to Paige he realizes that he is interested in than finding the problem in her company he wants Paige Un. Man who disappeared after their one night stand six months ago out of his head He’d honestly thought there was between them besides just sex a connection he’d never felt before When PSL his favorite Deliberative Choices: Debating Public Policy in Congress game software company is the victim of sabotage he jumps at the chance to help them solve the mystery behind The Crimson Lady the fan made character wh.