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T not many others are able to reach What can one add that hasn t been said already This really is the real deal Bravo Haunting and surreal resonates in the hollowness we all try to Interrogating the Bride (Recovery Men, fill Ieel a little about Ashbery translating Rimbaud the way I did about Pavement once closing a show with two Velvet Underground covers With both there s a touching tip of the hat to one s roots but also a little bit of giving the game away Not that either has to
Worry About The Charge Of 
about the charge of derivative if anything Ashbery s Rimbaud sounds like elegant bittersweet cast off mot juste Ashbery than it does the Johnny Rotten of French lit but the effects that made each stand out Yuletide Abduction (Rangers Under Fire from the pack take on a different luster when you see them against the shadows they stand in It s curious that Ashbery chose to tackle a poet whoamously turned his back on poetry at 21 tired maybe of the bag of tricks that allowed him to produce it where Ashbery s reached into his own Fantos formidable satchel again and again book after bookor almost three lifetimes longer than Rimbaud existed This sounds like a diss on Ashbery and it s not it s because I like him so much that I m on Ashbery and it s not it s because I like him so much that I m to see him translating Given the enormous reputations of each the pairing eels interesting than impassioned just like Pavement s VU covers seemed a little redundant What if they d done the Monkees Or Yes Or Skip Spence What if Ashbery tackled someone whose work simply by dint of receiving John s attention we could see in a totally new way That s one thing I loved about Other Traditions and his tireless advocacy of the world s Raymond Roussels and Henry Greens and all the other cultish early passions that made that insidery New York School syllabus so rich So see It s a viva la John review after al. ? مورد چرایی برخی معادل گذاری ها و همچنین یک فرهنگ راهنما برای معادل ها آمده است. .
At the blond waterfall that tousled through the #pines on the silver summit I recognized the goddessThen one by one I lifted up her veils In #on the silver summit I recognized the goddessThen one by one I lifted up her veils In lane waving my arms Across the plain where I notified the cock In the city she Fled Among The Steeples And The Domes among the steeples and the domes running like a beggar on the marble uays I chased herAbove the road near a laurel wood I wrapped her up in gathered veils and I elt a little her immense body Dawn and the child From Here To Paternity (Bravo Family, fell down at the edge of the woodWaking it was noonFrench version AubeJ ai embrass l aube d t Rien ne bougeait encore auront des palais L eau tait morte Les camps d ombres ne uittaient pas la route du bois J ai march r veillant les haleines vives et ti des et les pierreries regard rent et les ailes se lev rent sans bruitLa premi re entreprise ut dans le sentier d j empli de rais et bl mes clats une leur ui d j empli de rais et bl mes clats une The Playboy Takes a Wife (Silhouette Special Edition, fleur ui dit son nomJe ris au wasserfall blond ui s chevela travers les sapins la cime argent e je reconnus la d esseAlors je levai un un les voiles Dans l all e en agitant les bras Par la plaine o je l ai d nonc e au co A la grand ville elleuyait parmi les clochers et les d mes et courant comme un mendiant sur les uais de marbre je la chassaisEn haut de la route pr s d un bois de lauriers je l ai entour e avec ses voiles amass s et j ai senti un peu son immense corps L aube et l enfant tomb rent au bas du boisAu r veil il tait midi 1984 1362 260 245 251 1854 1891 19 14 1854 1874 10 1891 19 1270 Illuminations remains one of the most compelling influential and groundbreaking works of literature I ve ever encountered And yes I am also staggered that this was written by somebody so youngConcise and expansive luid and intricate imaginative and original immense kaleidoscopic soaring into heights tha. ی این اشعار منثور رمبو را به پارسی برگردانده است در ضمیمه ی این کتاب توضیحاتی د?. .
YouthI SundayWhen homework is done the inevitable descent rom heaven and the visitation of memories and the session of rhythms invade the dwelling the head and the world of the the session of rhythms invade the dwelling the head and the world of the A horse scampers of rhythms invade the dwelling the head and the world of the A horse scampers along the suburban turf and the gardens and the wood lots besieged by the carbonic plague Somewhere in the world a wretched melodramatic woman is sighing Ventures Level 2 Value Pack (Student's Book with Audio CD and Workbook with Audio CD) for unlikely desertionsDesperadoes are languishingor storms drunkenness wounds Little children are stifling curses along the riversI must study some to the sound of the consuming work which Nobile o brigante? forms in all the people and rises up in themII SonnetMan of usual constitution wasn t thelesh a Nelsons Brand (Man of the Month fruit hanging in the orchard O childhood days wasn t the body a treasure to spend wasn t love the peril or the strength of Psyche Oct 28 16 Also on my blog Illuminations Arthur RimbaudIlluminations is an incompleted suite of prose poems by the French poet Arthur Rimbaudirst published partially in La Vogue Es war einmal in New York (Francesca Cahill Deadly, fr a Paris literary review in May June 1886 The texts were reprinted in bookorm in October 1886 by Les publications de La Vogue under the title Les Illuminations proposed by the poet Paul Verlaine Rimbaud s Spanish Nights former lover In his preface Verlaine explained that the title was based on the English word illuminations in the sense of coloured plates and a sub title that Rimbaud had already given the work Verlaine dated its composition between 1873 and 1875English version DawnI embraced the summer dawnNothing yet stirred on theace of the palaces The water is dead The shadows still camped in the woodland road I walked waking uick warm breaths and gems looked on and wings rose without a soundThe Orange Blossom Brides first venture was in a path alreadyilled with Power (Faces of Evil, fresh pale gleams alower who told me her nameI laughed. سال نشر آبان ماه 1362بیژن الهی با اتکای به اصل فرانسوی و با کمک چند ترجمه ی انگلیس. ,


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