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Ocean s 8 meets Hustlers this is the positive sex worker epresentation I ve been looking for in fiction I especially enjoyed the contrast between the sex work scenes verse sex between The End of Intelligent Writing romantic partners Also loved ueer couple in the cast The pacing is a little slow but the characters and plot kept me engaged I m definitely going to check out theest of the series Probably eally 325 stars since the writing was only okay but this has so many things going for it former sex worker sets up women s health clinic for sex workers and other underserved populations and then spends the whole book hustling ie unning other underserved populations and then spends the whole book hustling ie The Creative Writing Handbook running on asshole millionaires to make up funding where government and foundation grants fall short a full cast of characters of color and some lesbians that I can t mark it down because the writing was sometimes clunky A fellow Rioter hadecommended this and I m so glad he did This is a mashup crime novel and omance It isn t a puzzle mystery type book instead you follow criminals But not your everyday crimi This book written by a Bay area notable and featuring an ex prostitute now health center for workers COO madame and high class heist Robin Hood esue character yes complex is I wanted it to be better It was okay I did care about the characters but they were fairly flat all good all bad all in the end predictable But for my needs at You ever ead a book in a genre you don t usually The Dreamland Park Murders read and think Damn I shouldead those kinds of books often That s what I thought after this debut only I m not sure what genre it falls into The book had a bit of everything action sex smarts an underlying point I d describe it as a women s ocean 11 but with at stake than just money and Understanding Central Asia revenge It was a much enjoyed fast funead This is pretty much what I always hoped entertaining fiction about adult women would be Which illustrates that it can be done Thank god Now we need a lot of it Unlike 95% of books it hits my basic marks such as truly adult heroine Her 20s are well Behind Her She Knows her She knows shit She has her goals Now she s in the midst of successfully Shqipja dhe Sanskritishtja running things to meet them within a network of women She s not isolated but surrounded by a variety of others just as she would be IRL They are all ages including a best friend in her 60s and cohorts in their early 20s she s intelligent driven and successfulwithout paying some dumb made up price for it She s not the only one she s not a bitch she s not empty She s not mourning what could have been if she d been traditional no baby or picket fence lust Her life is stressful and challenging to be sure but that s what she has chosen and largely it suits her she s not looking for a man She s complete She likes men And we get some fine ass men in this book along with a variety of losers The men are absolutely entertaining toead They are not there as prizes or Vietcong rescuers though And not one of those men is better or stronger than our heroine Plus some of them admire and desire her she s got a glorious pair of shoes and a couple of awesome dresses but what to wear is not her main concern or even touched on in most scenes And she often looks frazzled or carries her dry cleaning on the subway like a norm. In this sexy heart stopping tale one smart sizzling mamiobs the ich and protects the exploited until one heist too many puts everything at stake Marisol Rivera barely survived being abused with nowhere to turn So there's nothing she won't do to keep her Lower East Side women's health clinic open and give disadvantaged women new lives Running an exclusive Al person diversity of ace background nationality for example Dominicans vs Puerto Ricans vs Cubans and diversity of orientation which matches what I see around me IRL the financials and organization nonprofit details make sense I ve The Great Anarchists run businesses so fiction makes me nuts because unrealistic The heroine s organization feelseal she s writing grant proposals dealing with city ordinances truly working overtime etc the locations are interesting and don t depend on wealth for excitement Her apartment feels Relatos inconfesables de un monje real and dusty and there s nooom for a sofa Because NYC Cuba Feels NYC Cuba feels The Gentleman Mentor (Lessons with the Dom, realight down to the locals lack of personal space the way everyone s always touching you she absolutely knows what she s doing in bed No man is teaching her bupkis And she has different types of sex casual hookups paid sex buddy sex and making love sex She never fusses about what the man thinks of her sexually or her body the world is unfair to women because sexism and misogyny but nobody expects a man to help them or bail them out of this They are The German Occupation Of Jersey responsible for their own damn selves Just because it s an uneual playing field doesn t mean wee not still wholly in the gameOk so what s not for me It s a heist book which is not my fave Some of the men feel one sided or too convenient The love interest in particular is maybe too handy and perfect in most ways Also I think he needed to grovel a bit if only for my delightThere s a lot of messaging the author is trying to get across gentrification sucks Cuba is better than America in some ways we need universal healthcare paid sex work can be work with skill and dignity it can take many tries to exit an abusive situation being a Secrets of the Sommeliers: How to Think and Drink Like the World's Top Wine Professionals rich men s non working partner is boring AF etc I didn t mind the messaging in part because I agree with all of it But it s a load for a book to carry and occasionally felt a bit preachyteachyOverall though we need books like this Tons of them Then maybe this won t have to carry so much weight by itself This is a depiction of urban crime at its grittiest Marisol Rivera and her bunch of female employeesun a women s shelter as cover for their escort cough service The shelter Mr. Sheriff (Mr. Series, reuires periodic infusion of cash which as it seems the ladies can get only by breaking into the homes of the new yorkichLeon writes fluidly and gave
a story that is There Is No I in Church raw unapologetic so much so I found myself both fascinated andepulsed by the lifestyle these women lived Interwoven within their crimcapades is the love affair between Marisol and Raul a younger ex copUptown Thief has a Rules Compendium (Babylon 5 Wars, 2nd Edition) really nice premise but iteads like an episode of CSI Maimi yes because Horatio so it basically stayed superficial while the issues got How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck resolved with a nice little bow Uptown Thief takes you on a wildide but not through the countryside you Teasing Her SEAL re expecting and that s what makes it greatMarisol is a former sex worker whouns a free clinic for sex workers in Manhattan But the economy is tight and it s SUEEZING HER FUNDRAISING SO SHE ALSO RUNS AN ESCORT her fundraising so she also Baroque Rococo runs an escort on the side Lately she s gotten into the Robin Hood business using her small team of escorts to case the homes of millionaires who engage in sex trafficking in Mexico andobbing them Scort service for New York City's Crooked House rich and powerful 1 percent is the perfect way to bankroll her business not to mention the perfect cover forobbing corrupt CEOs And when times get even tougher pulling a heist on a mega billionaire will secure the clinic's future and her gorgeous crew's for goodThere's just one problem Marisol didn't anticipate bad news eve.
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N classic heist fashion She s all set for her last big score that will set the clinic up for good when complications ensue in the will set the clinic up for good when complications ensue in the of a traitorous employee and an ex cop turned possible loverIt s a twisty fun ead with snappy dialogue and winning characters but what eally makes it winning characters but what eally makes it out is what it has to say amid all the breaking and entering and sexual brinksmanship about the sex trade in America It presents it as ideally and non judgmentally a gasp simple transaction between people who want sex and other America It presents it as ideally and non judgmentally a gasp simple transaction between people who want sex and other who are willing to give it to them for money No girl has sex if she doesn t want to Marisol tells her escorts Tyesha one of them defends her choice of profession with a shrug I work one day a week I pay for grad school and I have a 401k The problem the book argues is with the way the sex trade is treated in America as an illicit immoral practice ceded by default to violent pimps who treat unprotected women like property and make clinics like Marisol s all too necessary This is a point of view you don t get very often in fiction or non fiction and that s what makes this book specialBesides all that it s a efreshing take on the classic heist story with a team of smart beautiful women taking on the oles of George Clooney and his buddies in Ocean s Eleven Also it has lots and lots of sex If you A Winter Tale (Lake Emerald Chronicles re looking for a funead that also has something interesting to say you ll love this Enjoyed the feminist premise and the Lower East Side setting I ve seen that neighborhood gentrify and was glad to hear about it through these voices The Women on the Hill read would have been even fun if the writing were a little less clunky and characters weren teduced to their body types It s the new OITNB A story of women s hustle women s Dedication and Leadership Techniques relationships women s worldmaking And beautifullyealized depictions of messy dirty complex grown up love straight ueer erotic familial between grown up men and grown up women It cries out for a TV series UPTOWN THIEF offers the 神様 [Kamisama] realest breakdown of sex work economies I ve ever encountered in literature TV or film It brings to mind Auden on Jane Austen Describe the amorous effects of brass Reveal so frankly and with such sobrietyThe economic basis of societyA sample of great linesa tech assembly factory beside aed light district simply meant Tea rescue operations could send endless cheap labour For almost every woman in a bad situation it takes than one try to get out Maybe your number is two Maybe fivebut sex workerseally needed the bodywork So the chiropractor was paid mostly with stolen cashMarisol loved green things at work plants and moneyYou need to stop trying to be the hoe in the video and be the hoe making the video Marisol said the tightrope young brown women walkthe sisters who don t ever write the book attend the gala or even live to tell Co o these economic times wanna turn poverty into a death sentence I ve seen your boy s videos No one s gonna be putting any of my girls in the trunk of a carRule Zero is don t go on and on about hoes tryna take your money if you don t want hoes taking your money The girls aren t merchandise They Pure Filth re service workers He s a billionaire Jody said They get off on buying things that aren t for sale. N dangerous than her curves A seductive ex cop who's too close for comfort and a powerful thug with a score to settle are turning Marisol's precise planning and seductive fail safes into insidious traps Now this beautiful modern day Robin Hood will have to play some lethal wild cards withoutules or limits to save those she loves and live to steal another da.