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Forever for a YearI give almost all books on here five stars

I guess that allows me give my book five stars too To you fine lover of books no matter if you love Carolina and Trevor or not thank you for your passion for the written word As the world volves the inner dialogue we have *Inside Our Own Minds And *our own minds and the fictional characters we allow inside there with us will only become vital to Fidget Spinner: The 50 Coolest Tricks for Your Fidget Spinner ensure that the advancement of consciousness outpaces alllse Lastly I d like OH MY GOSH IS THAT A TINY ALIEN IN MY EYEBALL AGAIN no false alarm okay thanks Anyway good luck with all you do good people of goodreads It s freshman year for Carolina formerly just Carrie and she wants to start fresh alongside Peggy her best friend With the help of Peggy s older sister Katherine who just so happens to be the most popular girl in school they can break out of their nerdy status and become it girls as well That is if Carolina is willing to take orders from Katherine resident mean girl and all around bad person In walks new kid Trevor who is not only good looking but actually shows some attention to Carolina After some near misses and sabotage from Katherine Trevor and Carolina finally hit it off and realize that they both like The Essential Alfred Tennyson Collection each other Trevor a former football star is trying to find his place here in his new school His cousin goes to school here but isn txactly helping him find his way in fact he makes things challenging So when Trevor hits it off with Carolina things get much asier for him Except when they don t Their first love becomes the all consuming unhealthy type that we often see in high school Between dealing with their family problems at home first sexual ncounters and the ups and down of high school it proves to be a lot for these two kids BT Gottfred s debut Forever for a Year is *an absorbing portrayal of first loveRead the rest of my review here *absorbing portrayal of first loveRead the rest of my review here for a Year paints a picture of what it s like to be a teen nowadays relationships start and Topping My Boss end in a snap friendship and family conflicts arise and finding out who you are turns out to be the hardest thingver But our dear characters Carolina and Trevor have survived They just learned the hard wayFull review on my book blog I really did not The Maiden Who Travels The Planet enjoy this book However you might like it so give it a chance If you wanna read about annoying high school freshman who repeatedly make stupid decisions and talk nonstop about how much they loveach other until you want to gag then this book might be for youIn a way this is a smart book because I think it s a commentary on how ridiculous first loveshigh school relationships are I can applaud Gottfred on that But all the story does is focus on Carolina and Trevor s stupid relationship that it lacks any sort of Gardener's Guide to Growing Dahlias emotional depth and maturity This is not one of those YA books that will resonate with any age The only people I can seenjoying this story are Wildlanders Woman eighth or ninth graders Or anyone who between 13 15 It s authentic in terms of voice I can give you that But who in their right mind wants to be stuck in the head of two immature kids for 400 pagesOther things I dislikedDual Point of View Carolina and Trevor sounded to much alike This book changed povs way too often The writing was awkward Fragmented sentences Choppy sentences Lots and lots of commas And the characters repeatedverything so many times The story became redundant because they kept repeating themselves They kept saying how much they loved How Hockey Works each other And how they are soul mates Soul Mates Carolina and Trevor are in love See it s annoying rightI have no idea why this book is the length it is I feel like this story could have been told in 200 pages or less It dragged on and on to the point where it was justxcruciating to readI didn t like Carolina She was immature She was a slut shamerI didn t When Carolina and Trevor meet on their first day of school something draws them to Java Performance each other  They gradually share first kisses first touches first sexualxperiences  When they’re together nothing lse.

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Oilers of FOREVER FOR A YEAR by BT Gottfred Are kids nowadays really having sex at 14 That seems so young right Or maybe I m simply old and times are changing At any rate this isn t the reason I m giving the book 1 star I just couldn t stand the two the reason I m giving the book 1 star I just couldn t stand the two What a delightful sad thought provoking book B T Gottfred has managed to take the tart and sometimes bitter taste of life and wrap it in the sweetness of something we all know well our first year of high schoolAt first this book is just ridiculous It is told via the stream of consciousness from a fourteen year old girl Carrie has decided she will now be known as Carolina pronounced car o leen ah because she is now grown up and no longer a baby in junior high school We start with her first day full of trepidation and insecurity Trevor a new boy nters the classroom late so she gives him two sheets of paper and a pencil The book is told alternately from Carolina s and Trevor s points of view It really is stream of consciousness probably the funniest thing is when they catch themselves being ridiculous Case in point Carolina often says her life is ruined Then she decides to stop being such a drama ueen and stop referring to her life being ruined It s almost like you re reading their diariesBut the writing fools you I wondered if I could continue with the story after just the second chapter But Gottfred draws us in slowly putting us right into the minds of these two characters They begin a relationship that is naive and sweet full of saccharine almost to the point of nausea But it works because while we re rolling our yes we re understanding that this is the only way these Two Teenagers Know How To Communicate Their teenagers know how to communicate Their are heartfelt ven though they relate them in such a juvenile way The sappy dialogue is nicely balanced with their poignant inner musingsAnd they do communicate well which might be where the book strays somewhat into unrealistic territory What two teenagers are that secure in themselves that they can be so honest As their relationship gets and serious they find solace in England Under the Stuarts each other as their respective families slowly disintegrate It s funny the way they think of the future and yet tragic when they have to face it As I watched themncounter the real world changing feelings changing situations and people I just couldn t turn away My heart just broke for them because life isn t the fairytale they believed it was It was almost like watching them figure out that Santa isn t realBecause of the dual perspectives the characters are Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (Arifureta, extremely well developed Carolina starts out as a uiet geek But her true colorsmerge as her relationship with Trevor grows she s an xtrovert who loves fun and friends and Trevor who is a moody angsty angry young man slowly lets go *of his cynicism and allows himself to be happy with Carolina *his cynicism and allows himself to be happy with Carolina side characters are just nough to Surrender enhance the story without overwhelming it They lend a sense of believability to the plotUltimately the strength of this book is that kids just starting high school will be able to identify with it The book illustrates beautifully what can happen whenvery hope and dream rests on a changing growing person Disappointment and heartache always follow And yet that s not the Kanaken Gandhi end of the world We grow up and life goes on Also refreshing is that the adults in this book are seriously flawed but never really vilified The book really does take a pretty realistic view of kids playing at being adults and then finding out all is not what it seemsI neverxpected that the flighty ramblings of a fourteen year old girl would move me But it really did By the nd I was totally invested in this story This author took a gimmicky hook telling the story via stream of consciousness and turned it into something beautiful What a pleasure it was. Inition can’t happen twiceTold in Carolina and Trevor's alternating voices this is an up close and personal story of two teenagers falling in love for the first time and discovering it might not last forev. Ike TrevorAnd I didn t like Lily I don t *care how mature you say a 7 year old is she would never talk like that I think the biggest *how mature you say a 7 year old is she would never talk like that I think the biggest for me with this book is theinsta love TREVOR AND CAROLINA HAVE THE WORST CASE OF INSTA LOVE I VE EVER READ ABOUT THEY SAY THREE WORDS TO EACH OTHER AND NO JOKE THEY ARE BOTH MADLY IN LOVE AFTER THREE WORDS Granted this might have been a point the author was trying to make on high school relationships but geez Even high school relationships have some amount of attraction and substance behind them A small bit of history to get the relationship going Carolina gave Trevor two sheets of paper and they became Facebook friends and then the two of them were in love In short this book frustrated me The StoryOk firstly I had to google the age range of American High school ages as I am not familiar with the freshmen sopho terms here in the UK and secondly I am under no illusions that some 1415 years old are having sex already I hope to god my kids don t my oldest is almost 10 but will cross that bridge if I need to but this story reads like 1718 year olds The story is told in duel aspects from Carolina and Trevor s point of view It is very much fuelled by teenage angst and first love the characters were true to their ages Carolina a annoying teenage girl was portrayed perfectly in my yes though it did made me cringe I thought about how I acted with my first love at 16 years old and yeah the thoughts and feelings that Carolina had were the same for me I did Keeping Up Appearances enjoy this story though it was a real and honest book if slightly annoying at timesThe NarrationI was notxpecting a full cast and music to accompany this audio version It threw me off at first but then I realised that it fitted perfectly with the story The voice actors were able to hold my attention and with the various cast members it made for an ntertaining listen I received this audiobook as part of for an ntertaining listen I received this audiobook as part of participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions The tour is being sponsored by Forever Young Audiobooks The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it In the words of Steph O Neil I am going to go out on a limb and say that I am NOT a part of the target audience for this book I don t really know what the author s overall message was with this book but I found myself oftentimes confused appalled and uite often turned off by the unrealistic portrayal of awkward teens who are beginning to Wars Of The Cold War explore the complexities of romance and sexualxploration uite often I d ask myself Is this author serious or What young teen boygirl talks like this I found myself laughing at inappropriate moments and cringing often than notI couldn t bring myself to read the Broken Wings entire thing mainly because of the author s overuse of thellipsis as well as the choppy writing which seemed to constantly showcase run on sentences as if it were going out of style I am all for reading YA books that take risks while tackling sexuality and mature themes however this book was abhorrent to me and I am at a loss as to how to find good ualities about it I suppose I could say that I was drawn to this book by its synopsis I went into it hoping that it would bedifferent I think that in an oversaturated YA Contemporary market it s always great to come upon a book that seems to push the boundaries with the promise of giving you a different take on young love Sadly this book did not deliver in any way shape or form If anything it fueled DRRR!! Durarara!! 1 (Durarara!! Manga, emoji driven reading updates as I couldn tven find intelligent words to describe what drivel I had Wedding Planning For Dummies - Kindle edition by Marcy Blum. Crafts, Hobbies Home Kindle eBooks @ exposed myself to Great idea in theory awfulxecution I like girls Carolina Well one girl See And I grabbed her hand and put it on my penisI should ve known that this book won t be for me My fault really Disclaimer This book chat will have sp. Matters But one of them will make a choice and the other a mistake that will break what they thought was unbreakable Both will wish that they could fall in love again for the first time but first love by def. ,