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The editing I hate given this book three stars but the editing or lack there of drove me to distraction And what ust happened with my characters Vanya finally mans up but P A Fitting Finale BRAB Online Book ClubThis is one of my favorite series The author has taken us on a ourney of intrigue suspense deception great chemistry between the main characters and some of the most intense love scenes I ve ever readIn this final book Persephone s secret was revealed and rather than put Vanya at risk she left Totally devastated he did whatever he could to find her The #journey and the eventual reconciliation was a page turning edge of your # and the eventual reconciliation was a page turning edge of your read for me I m looking forward to reading of this author s work Okay finallyThree books and it worth the wait Finally Percy s secrets were revealed and after four years she and Vanya found their way back to each other I enjoyed all three books but the third one was my favorite because it answered all my uestions Great book I was literally in tears when Vanya got Percy back I really wish authors would include the sexual content with the overview of their book not on the inside after you h Oh man there is so much happening in this wrap up Which leaves me feeling "unsure as to whether or not I liked this particular book in the series Sadly it "as to whether or not I liked this particular book in the series Sadly it out of place with the others It has far too many things that it added and wrapped up all at the same time I didn t get the sense that some of these things were going to be happening and it would have been better had they been eually parsed out between all of the books It s still a really good series though and if you can see past all of the action and drama taking place in here I don t think that you ll be disappointed I will forewarn you there isn t nearly as much sex in this story as there was in the middle book and in fact there is one particular seuence in this book that left me a little confused I still think that anyone who is interested in reading or thought about it should Concept. Book Three of the Full Circle Series As graduation from law school looms closer Ivan Vanya Kirillovich Pravdin is ready to make his relationship with his girlfriend a permanent one He doesn't care about his father's ultimatum he's determined to make Persephone Peterson his wife So what if the demons of her past.

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Full CircleId to express HIMSELF WITH PERCY HEHE DIDN T with Percy hehe Didn t off as too much actually it fit LOL Great read and ending Signing off I dedicate anet Charlestown Blues: Selected Poems, a Bilingual Edition jackson s Anytime anyplace song to these book characters lol I absolutely love this series Vanya and Percy were totally made for each other Their past were so different but oddly so similar They couldn t fight their love and attraction for each other even if they wanted to These books had a very few chapters but they were so pact with information that it felt like a long book No details were left unturned This book was the first book in the series and showed how Vanya and Percy came to be I hurriedly ran book two and three Book two showed how their love and relationship grew They discovered their lives and Percy was able to finally let herself love someone else Vanya helped her to love her extended family Book three brought everything full circle Percy s story was told and the reasons for their separation was revealed In the end Vanya and Percy got their HEA because they belonged together like peanut butter andelly I for one was happy about it I highly recommend the series This is a review of the entire series because this is not a standalone The three different volumes are one continuous story The first two books actually end abruptly in the middle of a scene forcing you to read The first two books are Full CircleandCrossroadsI waffled between 3 and 4 stars for this book ultimately landing on 3It was well written which accounts for most of my enjoyment of it It also allowed Persephone Percy and Vanya space and time to develop a relationship even though they get together rather uickly So i felt like "they earned their love for each other and rather enjoyed themIt also "earned their love for each other and rather enjoyed themIt also very good supporting characters between their friends and familyBut ultimately I think the story dragged on a bit longer than it needed to It started out a romance and turned into a rather murky I dunno government conspiracy thriller which honestly made very lit. Had other ideas One of those enemies is threatening Vanya She'd do anything to protect him even break up with him Will Vanya let her go easily Enjoy this lengthy uality volume of the Full Circle Trilogy for a great price Please read this book after Full Circle Crossroads the second book in the Full Circle Serie. Ually it s a great series needs to be re edited and I m serious when I plead that they please please please change that front cover I m sorry it s appalling I m really hoping that Blake Haugen writes There is definitely a talent for writing here especially steam sex scenes and scenes of dominance I would absolutely love to see of that with other characters that was one of the best series i have read it "was so engaging and rewarding to read persephone and vanya s "so engaging and rewarding to read persephone and vanya s they were smart and surprising characters and the supporting characters around built their story even clearly i don t want to give anything away in case anyone wants to pick up this series and start reading i don t thin you will be disappointed i certainly won t be and i can say blake haugen now has a fan Book 3 Here and now by Blake HaugenIvan is patient with Percy but when she won t tell him what her secrets are he gives her an ultimatum Tell or its over Percy secrets all come out of the closet and because of that Percy leaves Ivan without really explaining why He wants to marry her and is willing to face any danger together I did not like how she left him searching for her even if the action was necessary she could have done it in a better way There is a long separation and lots of things happen during that that timePercy does something so shocking during the separation that was hard for me to accept that someone would take this action if you really loved someone However they were separate so I suppose she has ustification for that moveA great series I really enjoyed it and it kept me turning the pages If you like a lot of heat in your stories then this is the series for you Ah sooo many words so little time so uickly loved it Now normally I would go on and on about why I loved it and what exactly I loved about it HOWEVER nope not today I will say I wasn t expecting the level of HOT in this book That took me by surprise good surprise because it was different in a sense that Vanya wasn t afra. Have come back to haunt them He'll deal with that find a way for them to be together Nothing stops Ivan Kirillovich from getting what he wants Persephone Peterson has always found running to be an affective solution when enemies loom close She thought she'd started a new happy chapter of her life but her past. ,

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