Memorize Muscles, Origins, and Insertions with Cartoons and Mnemonics: 46 Muscles of the Lower Quadrant (PDF)

Memorize Muscles, Origins, and Insertions with Cartoons and Mnemonics: 46 Muscles of the Lower QuadrantI highly recommend this incredible time saver for healthcare or fitness professionals want to eepen their knowledge and understanding of the body Whether you re a personal trainer SoulCycle Yoga Barre or Jazzercise Instructor you will benefit from this easy to igest one stop shop for memorization This hysterical fun and informative book is jam packed with outstanding visual imagery to transform your into powerful memorization This fantastic igital book was instantly ownloaded to my iPad and phone for a uick reference anytime you are faced with a customer who wants to ta. This book is for you if you are a healthcare student or professional who wants to memorize And Recall The Names Shapes recall the names shapes origins and insertions of muscles with speed and efficiencyMemorize Muscles Origins and. ,
A lot of work into it I was unable to use it for studying my MBLEX as the illustrations and Pneumonics are mostly very Disturbing Racist Sexist or just plain CREEPY One involves a man tying up another man putting a iaper on him and putting rocks in his Alchemic diaper Another shows an elderly gentleman ogling a minor girl as she adjusts her bikini top Hitler makes an appearance in several women being tied up seems to also be a theme I purchased both his guides and ended upeleting them from my library as I was continually grossed out and confused by the WEIRD DEMENTED NATURE OF THE PICTURES AND PNEUMONICS. demented nature of the pictures and pneumonics. my innovative method and my mnemonics for memorizing and recalling the basics of muscle anatomy for 46 lower uadrant muscles If you are a visual learner and liked THE ANATOMY COLORING BOOK THEN YOU'LL LOVE THIS BO. Anatomy Coloring Book then you'll love this bo. Lk about plantar fasciitis or better understand their hip flexors The you know the better better understand their hip flexors The you the better you can provide for your customers helping them embrace a healthy lifestyle matter their age Buy this and elevate your kn This book is a fun and effective way to recall some of those muscles that have a ton of attachments It has pictures and phrases that really stick with you and can help you remember exactly where those hard to memorize origins and insertions are at Very useful when trying to remember muscles origin etc While this is certainly a ahem memorable guide and the author clearly put. Insertions with Cartoons and Mnemonics and my memorization method will give you the amazing ability to memorize and recall MUSCULOSKELETAL ANATOMY IN A WAY THAT anatomy in a way that one has ever been able to We Sell Drugs dountil now This book prese.