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That needs paying bills that are piling upShe s always been excellent at gardening she has the uniue proverbial green fingers so she decides to put she has the uniue proverbial green fingers so she decides to put talent to some use and start growing some fruit and veg organic fruit and veg the very best She could crate them up and sale them Yes that s what she is going to doHence begins our ourney with Izzy we meet her different purchasers from the dizzy to the extremely grumpy It was lovely to meet them allThere are other delights along the waySo get out in the sunshine pours yourself a nice cold iced glass of lemonade and begin this Citizens and Paupers: Relief, Rights, and Race, from the Freedmen's Bureau to Workfare journeyMy thanks go to HarperCollins UK Maze for the chance to read and review this lovely book and of course the author Izzy hasust been dumped by her boyfriend and is left with nothing but her beloved house which has a massively expensive mortgageShe decides that the only way she can keep the house is to go into business and so she starts up a Izzy s Organics

Selling Fruit And Veg 
fruit and veg she has grown herselfThis is a fun lighthearted chick lit read the people that she sell her fruit and veg to are all great characters as are her best friends and if you want a lovely summer read this is the book for you Four I want to live in that cottage starsCatherine is a new author to me I found her on an search to gain a relaxing read which to me is a book about a cottage I can imagine escaping to This one not only had that but mentioned gardening as well so I one clickedI found a fab read Green Beans and Summer Dreams reminds me of the type of books I ve read previously by Jill Mansell etc Full of fantastic characters and settings with both emotion and humour He catches all three items and bows with a flourish Simple but effective You re simple I pass him a list of orders Try being effective Izzy finds herself living alone in Farthing Cottage which has been left to her by her beloved aunt She starts a new business selling organi Green Beans and Summer Dreams by Catherine Ferguson was a delightful story to read I gave it five stars start to finish I found it heart warmingI enjoyed the dilemmas that Izzy Fraser overcame in her goal to establish a working box garden business from organic produce grown in her own garden She struggles to make ends meetI would like to thank Maze Publishing NetGalley for the complimentary kindle copy to read This did not change my opinion for this reviewLink to purchase. The local villagersAlong the way she meets all sorts of characters including the very handsome Erik and the very Grumpy Dan But can Izzy sort the wheat from the chaff And will her new business be the change to her life that she needsA heartwarming tale full of the oys of summer Perfect for fans of Jenny Colgan and Lucy Diamon. ,
Received a copy of this book via NetGalley in return for an honest reviewI was immediately taken in by the cover as it seemed perfect for me as a keen gardener to read and it didnt disappoint The main character Izzy had ust been through a bad break up and was left with the unenviable task of working out a way to carry on with the mortgage payments for her beloved home where she d spent so many happy days there with her Aunt as a child So she starts her own business from home selling fruit and veg boxes so we get to enjoy the struggles of a new business with her while get to enjoy the struggles of a new business with her while with her complicated love life and the complicated love lives of her best friends too Izzy was a really sweet character so you always want her to succeed and end up with the man of her dreamsThe perfect chick lit book for a sunny or rainy day As soon as I saw the title of this book Green Beans and Summer Dreams by Catherine Ferguson I knew I would love to read it With Green Beans in the title I knew it would involve gardening of some sort and I wasn t wrong I reuested to read this book from NetGalley due to the #Title Only Before I # only before I read the description I am so glad I was successfulThe main character in this book is Izzy Fraser she gets dumped by her cheating boyfriend and has to start making money to pay the mortgage on her gorgeous little house that she inherited from her Aunt Izzy knows nothing about growing vegetables but she is very determined to start her own vegetable delivery box business and somehow make her land pay for itself Along the way Izzy has the help of her best friends Anna and Jess and the attention of Erik and Dan There her best friends Anna and Jess and the attention of Erik and Dan There lots of other characters in this book as well that you will grow to love A beautifully written perfect summer holiday read that will leave you laughing and cringing in places for poor IzzyI have given Green Beans and Summer Dreams by Catherine Ferguson 5 out of 5 stars I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a review In this book we meet Izzy who has recently been dumped by her boyfriend and now needs to find a way to pay for her mortgage payments Because of her love of gardening she decides to turn her vegetables into a business and provide a box service similar to our local CSA s Because of my love of gardening and farmers markets I was intrigued by this connection and story line Through the story we meet some potential The new novel from ebook bestseller Catherine Ferguson As fresh and bubbly as a pint of homemade lemonade on a hot day this is the only book you need this summerYou can bury a lot of troubles by digging in a gardenWhen Izzy Fraser’s long term boyfriend walks out on her she finds herself in a bit of a pickle Whilst she may ha. .
Green Beans and Summer DreamsEw loves for Izzy we meet her two closest girlfriends and learn of their love woes and we meet some of Izzy s customers from the uirky to the calmThe middle of this story was slow for me but overall this is a nice and light summer read Predictable light read I was drawn to the book because of the gardening The idea of making a living growing and selling veg sounds perfect The book is the same as most chic lits so I wouldn t t highly recommend it it s perfectly I wouldn t t highly recommend it it s perfectly but you the same as most chic lits so I wouldn t t highly recommend it it s perfectly fun but you guess the ending early on However I would highly recommend growing veg Izzy has Composition and Literature: Bridging the Gap just broken up with her boyfriend who cheated on her She is living in Surrey in Farthing Cottage beueathed to her by her Aunt Midge but she and her ex took out a mortgage to renovate the cottage Now that he is no longer paying part of the mortgage she is strapped for money So she decides she will sell vegetables Her aunt was a gardener and Izzy has tried to bring the garden back to life So she sets herself up in business delivering boxes of fruit and veg on a weekly basis to her customers Of course she has to buy them from a supplier since she finds her garden will not ualify as organic Knowing basically nothing about what she is doing she starts off with some help from the locals and the people who work at her supplier The story covers all the travails she goes through Of course a handsome man makes his appearance Ferguson s books are rather cookie cutter as far as plots go but she does do a very goodob of characterization Aunt Midge s garden diary forms the beginning of each season giving some insight into her relationship with Izzy A nice light read held my attention but I probably won t reread it any time soon however i will try some of soon However I will try some of other books I absaloutly loved this book It s the perfect summer read to relax with lighthearted fun and completley addictive I became immersed in Issys dream of setting up her own business from the delightful Farthing cottage and lost myself in her adventures of bot Sometimes you Creating Country Music: Fabricating Authenticity just want to find a fun light read And this one was one of them I broke away from my usual reads andust wanted to read a nice summery type book and one where you don t really have to think ust enjoy the rideIzzy thought she had a partner for life but that didn t turn out to be the case he leftHe decided he had enough and off he went that wayNow what is she going to do She has a mortgage. Ve the house of her dreams she’s now left with a crippling mortgage that she has to pay on her ownIt’s time for her to take matters into her own hands and having always been a keen gardener she realises she can put her skills to use She decides to set up Izzy’s Organics delivering crates of fresh fruit and vegetables to.