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Once again I feel very cheated as the book actually ends at only 59% with over 90 minutes left most of which is taken up with 5 chapters of the first in the Unleash Me series the same 5 chapters that were at the end of volume 4 and that are in a book I ve already downloaded to read I m pretty annoyed that this is allowed to happen and am very unhappy about it Annihilated HolidayI love how we continue to see love between Alex and Jennifer growing in this book I love how we finally got to meet Barbara s daughters I love how Barbara rocked that Christmas dinner And I really love how thus book set us up for Tank and Lisa to continue with their love in their book I was not a fan of annihilate me 1 4 but I read the holiday edition anyways It was some better but I m not sure I understand it s purpose except to introduce Blackwell s crazy daughters and to transition into Tank and Lisa s story I didn t now what to expect from this series which i spent the last three days reading I must say I am very happy how this book ended This holiday book was a good one to read since the holidays this book ended This holiday book Was A Good One a good one read since the holidays passed It is filled with all the normal family dramas that everyone can relate too Having Blackwell s daughter appear was a loving and humorous addition to the dialogue Alex oh Alex swoon worthy He is a true romantic The love letters reminded me how true we are missing a lot by not writing them any The author does a wonderful job of. It's Christmas along the coast of Maine with Jennifer and Alex Lisa and Tank and Blackwell and her two daughters What initially sounds like a good idea uickly proves uestionable when Blackwell herself demands to cook Christmas din. Ever it has some surprising characteristics that are not expected Each of the volumes are full length books not those puny novellas Due to the lengths of the books the characters actually have time to develop and grow allowing the reader to enjoy the changes In the first book in the series Jennifer and

"Alex Do Not Even Have "
do not even have Do not think the book is without the sexual tension and overtones because they are there in full forceJennifer has come to New York with her business degree to start a new life in a highly competitive field She is struggling to get a job when one falls into her lap but it was not the type of job she was expecting Alexander Wenn needs a foil to eep the talons of unattached females away from him From this the story moves on This is a great segue between Alex and Jennifer s story to Tank and Lisa s Blackwell and her daughters add a nice touch to this holiday story Holiday in MaineChristmas with Alex Jennifer Blackwell her 2 crazy daughters Lisa and Tank It was a fun read with crazy antics from Blackwell her daughter s will drive you nuts I wanted to tell them to shut up Lisa and Tank begin their romance and it is steamy and romantic Recommend with a 5 Stars rating Annihilate Me Holiday Edition vol 5Lisa is a writer of Zombie books Her best friend is JenniferThey met as children in school Best friends for years Both went to Manhattan to for fill their met as children in school Best friends for years Both went to Manhattan to for fill their Read to see what happens to Lis. Who have yet to take their relationship to the next level take separate bedrooms But with their romance riding high the only uestion is how long they'll be sleeping single in a double bedRomance love sexy times and hilarity ensue.

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Annihilate MeShowing romance and chivalry sprinkle with angst There are steamy moments but this Is Not A Erotica not a erotica It has moments of sexy sexy but it s just a good romantic read The character at this point are believable in there actions I uestioned a few things in other books of the series But here the characters became real in thoughts and actions The fashions described in gorgeous detail made me want to go out and shop And oh I live to shop Blackwell s toast was written with such great emotion I could truly imagine the scene playing out I look forward to Lisa and Tank s story because I now we will get to see Blackwell plan the wedding There are true LOL moments in this books It is one book the you smile the whole time reading I had to absolutely read this book after I finished the Annihilate Me series This book leaves off where the Annihilate me series ends Jennifer and Alex has gone through a few rough months To celebrate Christmas they invite their closest friends to their home in Maine All of our favorite characters are in this book from Annihilate Me are in this Book I Was Excited To I was excited to up with them This book has both humor and tenderness in it EntertainingContinuation of this series It leads into the Unleashed books next Then I see Annihilate books to follow I m loving the continuation and I really like all the ups and downs in this series Annihilate Me volumes 1 5 is considered the new adult reading How. Ner with zero help from the others Will she serve roughage and ice Or a proper dinner made by someone who nows zip about cookingMeanwhile love grows between Jennifer and Alex who bring forth a major announcement And Lisa and Tank. .

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