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Recommend Title Strawberry WineAuthor Darly JamisonPublisher Zebra ShoutReviewed By Arlena DeanRating FiveReviewStrawberry Wine by Darly JamisonMy ViewpointLooking for a novel with a romance with lots of twist and turns that will definitely keep you wondering what will happen nextthen you are at the right place for Strawberry Wine will give it all to you I liked how this author was able to give us a motional story that was told using flashbacks of a first love and heartache So what will happen as Addy and Jake meet again in this small town and rediscover that their is still a bond between them The main charactersAddison Addy and Jake gives the readers one sweet love story main charactersAddison Addy and Jake gives the readers one sweet love story these two together was simply a work of art I liked how this author gives the reader a witty banter which gives us a delightful read that felt so real and how this story deals with the prologue then the past the present and then on to the Een Bijzondere Vorm Van Osteosclerose epilogue Yes this story will skip around so be aware of that and in thend you get these two peoples story being told so well that you can ven smell the intoxicating strawberry wine This is one read that you may find yourself tearing up smiling and also laughing Many of the other characters were all well developed and relatable but one of my favorite people was Addy s grandmother Mags who was a serious matchmaker cook xtraordinaire and a advice dispenser all Rolled Up Into One up into one the reader a intriguing read that you will keep turning the pages until the nd Oops I don t want to leave out another character I liked and that brought a lots to the read and that was Ruby Strawberry Wine will give the reader a sweet and spicy love story of how Addy and Jake navigate through tender moments and heartbreaks of their romantic love all tied together in one well written rea. Tisfying Yet memories of that long ago summer and wine flavored kisses are hard to shake On a return visit to Lakeside Addy crosses paths with Jake again and soon finds herself at an unexpected crossroads So much has changed and Addy has chosen another route And the magic of first love can never be rekindledcan. I loved this story I was unable to put the book down it s very ngaging and it made me feel GiddyI Really Liked The Way really liked the way the story is told while I tend to find flashbacks dull Mrs Jamison changed my mindAll the elements work beautifully the story is intriguing the work beautifully the story is intriguing the style is decent and the characters are great tooI liked it so much that I see myself reading this book again in the near futurePre review noteit s Christmas ve I ll be writing the review the day after again in the near futurePre review noteit s Christmas ve I ll be writing the review the day after after Jan 8th I first read this book on Wattpad and I m so Math Basics 6 excited to see it published Strawberry Wine hasverything that I love about Nicholas Sparks best novels but written from the female perspective an irresistible combo as far as I m concerned Told through a series of flashbacks this is the story of a young woman who can t get past her memories of her first summer love with a relatable heroine and an impossibly drool worthy leading man Prepare to smile uncontrollably and maybe keep a box of tissues handy just in case I loved the sweet beginning The story had Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, enough twists and turns that it kept me guessing and turning those pages I had the privilege to read thepilogue of Strawberry Wine written by the remarkable Darly Jamison when it was released on Wattpad An incredible love story between Addison and Jake brought me back to my youth Those teenage dreams butterflies in your tummy wanting to see him again and looking for any The First Ghost excuse to make that happenDarly s writing is superb She completely outdid herself writing about a first love first kiss a first true relationship with all the trials tribulations but most of all passionThis is a must read A true love story that will keep you wanting I first read this book on Wattpad and I reallynjoyed it The characters are well developed and the settin. Jamison's promising debutwill gratify readers looking for rural charm second chances and tender cowboys Publishers Weekly How do you know if a first love is made to lastAddison Monroe was ighteen when she fell for Jake Grady a college student working on her family's farm for the summer With his sapphire yes an. G is great Very Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential enjoyable read by a great author As Captivating as first love itselfI ve had the pleasure of reading Strawberry Wine by upcoming author Darly Jamison I must confess that it s not often that a book makes me feel giddy Yes I said giddy She truly captures thessence of first love through Addison and Jake This isn t a simple boy meets girl kind of story No this is

love at its 
at its with all the messiness that makes our hearts race and our breath catchThis books was truly a feast for the motions and chapter after chapter I kept coming back for seconds I laughed I cried I had butterflies in my stomach as I lived vicariously through Addison I must admit that I want a Jake all for myself Ms Jamison has outdone herself in bringing this love story to life and for that she deserves a toast And not just any kind of toast No it should be something deserving of this storysomething sweet and intoxicating like Strawberry Wine The writing style has a sweet southern pull that keeps you turning the pages A super sweet summer romance Strawberry Wine is such a sweet and romantic story I really liked Addy s character and found myself swooning over Jake the ntire time Who can resist a sexy cowboy with a heart of gold I first read this book on Wattpad and I can t wait to r Romantic Charming and MagicalIt is asy to see why this novel was the winner of the Write Affair contest sponsored by Kensington Publishing and Wattpad I have read novel was the winner of the Write Affair contest sponsored by Kensington Publishing and Wattpad I have read Wattpad version and can only imagine how good the dited and Smokin' Hot extended published version will beIn the story the main character wistfully remembers the passion and purity her first love We can all identify such anngaging and Placing Memory empathetic heroine And it doesn t hurt that the love interest is a hot hunky guy This story will make you laugh and cryHighly. D killer smile Jake could have had any girl in Lakeside Georgia But he wanted Addy and for those brief wonderful months before circumstances drove them irrevocably apart they belonged toach otherTen years later Addy is ngaged to a doctor and working in Atlanta as a physician's assistant Life feels full and sa.

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Strawberry Wine

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