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Post Office JobsOr 7 other careers and job escriptions for the top 24 occupations It provides guidance on how to explore alternative civil service occupations and includes a chapter on how to apply for postal inspector positions Nancy Ledgerwood our editor worked for the postal service for 22 years She provided an insider’s perspective of their eCareer recruiting system and testing processesPostal employees are interviewed prior to appointment by the selecting official Chapter Six provides sample uestions and Feminism and the Women's Movement Dynamics of Change in Social Movement Ideology and Activism Perspectives on Gender detailed guidance on how to successfully handle this often nerve racking face to face encounterProfessional and administrative occupationso not reuire written examinations Your background work experience and education determine your eligibility for the job You’ll learn how to locate your eligibility for the job You’ll learn "how to locate and apply for these positions "to locate and apply for these positions Appendix B escribes how to prepare your resume and includes examples of Knowledge Skills Abilities KSA statements that must be submitted with your application for many of the corporate positionsAppendix C provides an updated list of Customer Service District Offices that you can contact for test. Results and to learn when jobs will be advertised in your area Many who apply for and take postal exams misplace their paperwork and o not know who to contact These offices can The Passport That Does Not Pass Ports direct you to the rightepartment when you have uestions or have These offices can The Arcav Princes Captive (Arcav Alien Invasion, direct you to the rightepartment when you have uestions or have reschedule an examVisit postalworknet the companion web site for the new 6th edition for up to Southern Women at the Seven Sister Colleges Feminist Values and Social Activism 1875 1915 date guidance on postal service job options includingirect links to the postal service’s recruiting siteIf you are seeking a job with the postal service you should also be aware of postal employment and testing scams that charge excessive fees The postal service oes not charge application fees and no one can guarantee you a postal or federal job All jobs are filled competitivelyThe average pay and benefits for all postal employees was 75614 per year in 2013 The largest postal service pay system is predominantly for bargaining unit employees There is ALSO AN EXECUTIVE ADMINISTRATIVE SCHEDULE EAS FOR NON BARGAINING an Executive Administrative Schedule EAS for non bargaining members where pay ranges from 23279 up to an authorized maximum of 120617If you’re looking for good pay with excellent benefits explore the postal service job mark. ,

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The all new sixth edition of Post Office Jobs provides an overview of what jobs are available including many that on’t reuire written tests and how to apply for them You will also find a comprehensive 473473E study guide with helpful test taking strategies that could ramatically improve many applicant’s exam scores Seven other sample postal exams are included in this new edition for maintenance clerical technician and other major occupationsMost limit their job search to mail carrier and clerk positions and are unaware of the many other career opportunities that the postal service offers Even with mail carriers and clerks making up over 50% of the workforce the postal service still employs hundreds of thousands in other occupations They employ 30000 building "and euipment maintenance workers 5000 vehicle maintenance employees "euipment maintenance workers 5000 vehicle maintenance employees of motor vehicle operators postal inspectors accountants administrative staff human resource personnel and professionals across a broad spectrum of fieldsPost Office Jobs is the only post office career guide that of fieldsPost Office Jobs is the only post office career guide that a comprehensive 473473E exam study guide sample exam uestions .
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