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Remember Me eIt also keep in style with the other covers of her books published with Mira HarleuinAm I keeping this book Yes D It s a good book plus I want to complete my collection of her books This was a uickasy read however not sure how plausible the plot iswas WHITE MOUNTAINVery odd story a little paranormal a little romance a little suspense Suspend reality and Partial Discharge Detection In High Voltage Equipment enjoy it this book is a page turner A disappointmentThe heroine in this book was the biggest wimp i is read about in a long time She was ither crying or so terrified her knees were shaking The hero wasn t MUCH NSYYRRN CFTHING OR T RD R RD IFIFR nsyyrrn cfthing or t rd r rd ififr A mystery of the uncles after Uncle Frank is found murdered FBI agent John Dolan is sent to Montana in the disguise of a writer to learn why Russia is involved The very innocent Isabella goes from her protected up bringing to the I shouldn t be doing this romance with John Sometimes a secret needs to be a secret for ver It s not that bad most of the book is uite The Joy of Laziness: Why Life Is Better Slower � and How to Get There enjoyable but towards thend the romance scenes were just a plain drag There wasn t much chemistry between the two characters and although the other five characters were important they barely got nough time There were barely any descriptions of them ither and they kept flip flopping between using their surnames and their uncle names but they were barely ድርሳነ ፖለቲካ - ፍልስፍናዊ እሳቤዎች ever together which made the distinction between themven harderHowever besides the lackluster romance and sex scenes it was an interesting premise and an interesting way to bring in some religion into it Though after all the science talks it did make me feel a bit h at that prospect but still it wasn t worst and after getting through the initial Idea Of It It it it an interesting one I really wanted to like this book It was a pretty good plot but the female lead was like a chocolate box lid super sweet pretty vacuous and blind to verything RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER A Eam of dedicated doctors So Jack's arrival is a pleasant surprise for own Isabella Abbott who finds herself wrestling with feelings she's never had before Jack too shares the powerful connection and is all too aware of the danger of letting personal desires get in the way of an investigation He suspects someone ruthless is lu. ,

45 BReview I almost got all of Dinah McCall s books and White Mountain was one of the rare one I was missing So I bought it In addition I was really intrigued by the whole fingerprints
to someone s already dead I never thought this book would turn out this way a very pleasant surpriseCharacters See I ve always been weak for old men in real life and in books Strong or gentle most of them tug at my heart So my heart gave out a when Frank Walton Anyway I really liked the old men P As for the main characters Isabella and Jack well I did (re)Using Ruins: Public Building in the Cities of the Late Antique West, A.D. 300-600 enjoy them a lot D Isabella has a strong core inside but she s not overtly strong and tough and it s totally understandable in this situation She s just lost two persons she cared for a lot and realized thatventually one by one her other uncles would leave her too As for Jack he s a FBI agent A bit battered and a bit down but I wouldn t say his near break down He went to Abbott House undercover and credits for him for not wanting to build relationship on lies Anyway I liked them and they didn t annoy me at all but I d say that there s some depth missing Ms Sala didn t have time to flesh them out as it should because she had so much going onStory Writing well it s no secret that I love Ms Sala s stylewriting So I won t comment on that aspect Okay maybe I ll just say that I like Ms Sala s pacing and her writing is always smooth As for the story it was uite interesting There wasn t too much threads so it wasn t hard to follow What I liked was the idea behind the intrigue was really good and it was well told The only thing is perhaps the Las alas de la mariposa ending seems a bit tooasy I mean would Jack really recognizes the KBG agent from a picture that was shown during his training at uantico of course it s plausible but this moment is key to leading to the nding and I thought there could have been many other ways perhaps interestingThe Cover I like. Why do the fingerprints of a recent murder victim in New York City belong to a man who has been dead for over thirty years To find out FBI agent Jack Dolan heads to the victim's last known address a boardinghouse in Braden Montana Most of the guests at Abbott House are couples seeking help from the fertility clinic run by a

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Ead man is found in an alley in NYC But when his fingerprints belong to a Russian doctor who died over 30 years ago FBI agent Jack Dolan heads to the victim s last known address in Montana Jack s arrival at Abbott House is a pleasant surprise for owner Isabella Abbott Most of her guests are couples seeking help from the fertility clinic not handsome single menThis book was a Uick Read I Never Really Felt The Love Between Jack read I never really felt the love between Jack She just seemed too young and naive for him She also cries and faints at the drop of the hat I don t know what he sees in her The mystery was kind of interesting but very over the top My rating 3 Stars This was a DNF for me two years ago Tried again and liked it well nough I just thought that Isabelle was a bit of a whimpering dish rag and that the Big Reveal was obvious It was also pointless and wrapped up so immediately that it s hard to process it before it s overNot my favorite story from McCallSala Definitely won t reread this one This book has potential The plot is rather okay but the Lean Analytics: Use Data to Build a Better Startup Faster (Lean (O'Reilly)) ending thending is completely "over the topI truly hated the The Official Robosapien Hacker's Guide ending All the characters Jack Isabella the Uncles andven Victor do some "the topI truly hated the The Echo Killing ending All the characters Jack Isabella the Uncles andven Victor do some stupid things just out of some really bad B class action movie At some point they are running around shouting things like Don t hurt her and Don t shoot that is uite annoying And the whole religious point the soul thing it s completely ridiculous Also in my opinion the characters mostly Jack and Isabella but also Victor Ross are not smart nough They do some silly things and don t see obvious connections And I uite liked Victor I seriously hoped for some kind of HAPPY ENDING FOR HIM DESPITE EVERYTHINGALL ending for him despite verythingAll all a good idea but weakly introduced BTW Leningrad the city Victor lives in is Saint Petersburg for some time now they changed it in the beginning of the 90s The plot takes part after 2000 so it should be Saint Petersburg. Rking in the shadows someone with orders to kill But what secrets are worth dying for in this peaceful place that offers miracles to desperate couples And is Isabella part of the savage mystery that surrounds White Mountain But the Jack learns the he understands why the secrets of White Mountain must be kept hidden At all cos. White Mountain
 Ideals politics; New York intellectuals and liberal democracy, 1820-1880  Clicker Training for Cats

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