Disney Infinity: Character Encyclopedia uBy one of the popular girls to attend one of their parties Lenna is certain that Aidan will be there and in all of her thoughts hopes and even nervousness preparing for this party she never could ve believed she would find herself in a bedroom alone with the boy of her dreams patting a place on the bed where he sat and hearing the words come and sit downLenna experiences all of her firsts with Aidan Sheickly learns however Aidan could care less what happened behind Those Closed Bedroom Doors He closed bedroom doors He to his life his friends and not acknowledging Lenna in anyway whatsoever That is Dance With The Devil until he is given the news that she is pregnant with his childThe Day We Met will take you on an emotional journey sharing the thoughts hurts and fears experienced by Lenna her parents and those whom she calls friend Lenna is such a brave and courageous young woman who learns at such a young age the lessons of how our choices can change our life in just a matter of moments It is what we do with those lessons that makes who we are Learning what it means to come to a place where we can either choose to walk with Christ and allow Him to bring goodness to what seems an impossible situation I was moved to tears many times and truly appreciated the support system that the author gave Lenna in this story Seeing the vulnerable side of her parents as they too walk through all the estions and concerns as well as lessons of their own that this situation brings was just beautiful and so movingI live in a town that has a very high teen pregnancy rate Sadly I have seen too many times the devastation that comes to those who are like Aidan and his family when they deny responsibility On the other hand I have also seen the blessings that come to those who come face to face with the truth of their actions and choices When we cling to Christ we can face any storm any situation no matter how difficult they may seemI would highly recommend this book to Boys and Girls alike ages 1314 p Youth Pastors and to Jr High and Highschool teachers They could not only read this book but might even be able to share it with someone who could truly benefit from reading Lenna s story Thank you Dusti Bowling for allowing me the privilege of reading and reviewing your book The Day We Met is a definite 5 s Oh where do I begin I think most of Met is a definite 5 s Oh where do I begin I think most of remember what it s like to be a teenager So many long to be accepted by the popular crowd and for a Christian teen that can be A White Slave in Turkey Book 1 - A BDSM Novel uite a bit of a challenge This story is about how far one girl went to gain that acceptance and howickly she realized that it wasn t at all what she d imagined Lenna is such a real teenager I love how the author was able to tap in to that personality so effectively She isn t graceful she is very self conscious and ltimately she is very confused This book literally made me laugh out loud at times and also made me flat out sob I am a mother of 3 so naturally I was thinking about my own pregnancies and how I would ve reacted in Lenna s situation Heather is the BFF of my dreams She is so kind and straight forward I was honored to win a signed copy of this book through the Goodreads giveaways The moment I finished I went and purchased the Kindle edition of her other two books This author is NOT afraid to tackle hard issues went and purchased the Kindle edition of her other two books This author is NOT afraid to tackle hard issues recommend Loved this book I had come across this while looking for another This book was so worth coming apond This book shows how one can loose their way and yet find their way back to God No matter what takes place there is always a way to have love and faith in what is not in your hand. Unexpected turn taking away what little control she thought she had she must find the strength to make the most heart wrenching decision of all A beautiful story of love faith and forgiveness The Day We Met will make you laugh make you cry and touch your heart forev. Struggles of being a teen AND also being pregnant and what type of complications it can bring into your life There was nothing i didn t like in the book While reading this book it made me think about the fact that every pregnancy teenage or not a teenager its not all easy and perfect they can come with complications If i could ask the author a estion i d ask what made her write a book like this What to say about this book that would do it any kind of justice This book was about loss of faith and one young woman s ability to refind it in a heart wrenching situation The author took the reader on what for me spiritually was a recognizable journey seeing ones ability to blame God for their trials instead of realizing that not only is he not the cause but that he s waiting there to be trusted with the burden A perfectly paced and beautifully written storyI m grateful to have found it I downloaded this book to my Kindle because it was free and was looking for a different book to change Night of the Werewolf (Choose Your Own Nightmare, up my normal reading Well i m glad I downloaded this book I finished this book in one day and I was left crying my eyes out at the end with it As a teenage mother myself I could relate to this and all the things going through her head Dusti Bowling did an amazing job handling the struggles Lenna was facing At first I thought while reading this book it was just going to be another book about a teenager having a baby by a guy that didn t want to be a part of it The book took a drastic turn when she went for anltrasound and found out something was wrong with her baby What I truly love was this book wasn t just about teen pregnancy but also finding your way back to God when you have gotten off the path Everything that happens in your life is because God has a plan for you you may not Lay My Burden Down understand it at the time and you may keep asking him why me but in the end it always turns out the way it was meant to be I feel that this book should be a mantdatory read for all youth groups at Church it will teach them to trust in God and also let them see that if they do endp having sex before marriage pregnancy can happen and sometimes it doesn t always turn out with a healthy baby As an Independent Book Reviewer I find it a huge honor and privilege to read so many amazing books as well as work with some awesome publishing companies I receive numerous emails weekly offering me opportunities to read and review a vast array of genres authors and story lines Some come from authors I have never worked with in the past or maybe not heard of before Honestly I tend to stick with those I know and have worked with closely however there are times when I ve STEPPED OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE out of my comfort zone found that book that speaks to me in a way I didn t expect Dusti Bowling the author of The Day We Met certainly falls in this category Here s whyThe Day We Met is a beautiful story of nconditional love friendships and powerful life lessons for young and old alikeLenna is a typical 16 year old She has a great family and a close group of friends She and her friends are most "definitely not in the Popular category but rather the church geeks Lenna attends church with her Mom "not in the Popular category but rather the church geeks Lenna attends church with her Mom Dad and is involved in their youth group As with many teens Lenna goes to church because it is what her family does She hasn t experienced what it means to have her Own relationship or walk with GodLenna has had a crush on a certain young man Aidan for what seems like forever Aidan is very good looking and just happens to be the most popular guy in school and sadly has no idea who Lenna is One day Lenna is asked. Lar crowd What she gets in return couldn't be further from her expectations Feeling sed and alone and facing an nexpected pregnancy Lenna struggles to regain control of her life her parents' trust and the love of her best friend Will But when her pregnancy takes an.

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A stupid decision that leads to a horrible situation what should have beena heart breaking story just wasn t i find myself nable tosympathise with this character i found her annoying and immatureand she was just plain stupid most of the time people make mistakesand her s turned out very sad but i can t love a book if i don t lovethe main character The most perfect way to describe this book is to say that it is a true love story between a mother her baby and God I went into this book thinking that it was going God I went into this book thinking that it was going be a tale of a teenage mother and her baby and the struggles she faces when the father chooses to not be part of the life of the baby But this book was so much than that I was a story of teenage "GIRL WHO HAS TO FIND THE COURAGE AND STRENGH " who has to find the courage and strengh she forgets she has to face the hard truth that her nborn child is very very ill This book made me cry while reading it It made me cry when I finished it Even now each time I speak about it I cry some No other book has yet to have such a lasting impression on me But what I loved most about this book was that it reminds you that no matter how angry you are with your self or God He still loves you You watch this girl leave that path of God angry and sad and slowly find her back in her own time for her own reasons She is able to find strengh and courgage to live and love herself and her baby It left me emontionly drained and wondering how I would react if I were in her shoes carrying a baby I knew that I might not able to keep A beautiful story about the love a young girl has for her baby I don t normally read many religous books as I have my own issues with GOD I believe in a higher power but not sure I believe in just one God Anyway the book was very wonderful and made me cry not in sorrow but in the miracle of birth and love I bought this while perusing through the list of top rated children s fiction on It was only 99 cents and it was about a high school girl who wasn t sure about hanging with her church friends Hmmmm plus it was an independently published book with such good ratings Sounds interesting I loaded it before leaving town for work and didn t come In this book the major event was teen pregnancy and struggles The major character in this book is a young teen named Lenna James who "one day goes to a party and has a little too "day goes to a party and has a little too fun and ends p getting pregnant by a boy in her school that is very popular and whom shes had a crush on since forever When Lenna finds out she is pregnant and tells the boy He wants absolutely NOTHING to do with the pregnancy Lenna ends Losing Control up alone having to deal with the struggles of being pregnant During her pregnancy as time goes by and she starts to getltrasounds she finds out that her pregnancy isn t going so good and her best friend will is being distant Lenna feels as though this is gods way of punishing her for being pregnant She goes and talks to her paster from her church club and learns that god isn t punishing her that these struggles and complications are just apart of life and that the only thing god does is to give you the strength to go through the struggles Near the end of the story will shows p to the hospital where Lenna is gonna be giving birth at and apologizes for all the wrongs he did and him being a jerk towards her In the end of the book Lenna gives birth to her son Jeremiah who only has a couple minutes to live After Jeremiah passed away a year later lenna is at the grave with will and they leave little knickknacks for himI think this book was really good and i would definitely recommend it It shows you the. Sixteen year old Lenna James goes to church attends youth group and hangs out with the church geeks at school At least she did Enticed by a chance with the boy she's had a crush on for years Lenna abandons her values and her lifelong friends to hang out with the popu. The Day We Met