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Nces his intentions to shake things up a bit and so he does He uickly makes enemies of all the guests and staff except for Eleanor Keane the ambitious office manager who means to marry him Meanwhile George makes friends with the amiable Professor Daly one of the many old people who reside permanently on the premises When Burden is stabbed through the heart Daly s old friend Inspector Mike Kenny soon discovers that practically everybody at the hotel has good reason to want him dead particularly Barbara Henry the previous owner s widowed niece who now stands to inherit Crane s court And it turns out that her uncle may have been murdered as well Told with gentle wit and charm this first detective novel by a renowned Irish writer of children s and iterary fiction was originally published in 1953 and was followed by two others before she gave up crime writing for goodMs Dillon has a way with words An example from chapter 2 The veranda was still full of people when George reached the glass door and ooked in He was not a timid man but he uailed a Buried little before the barrage of eyes turned towards him It wasike ooking into an auarium full of ancient carp he thought for most of the people were old and they all stared with the intense single mindedness and ack of embarrassment of the aged He opened the door marched in and ooked about him a ittle truculently for a vacant table There was dead silence There was no vacant table The old people were grinning fiendishly now and one or two had begun to was "no vacant table The old people were grinning fiendishly now and one or two had begun to audible though favorably on " vacant table The old people were grinning fiendishly now and one or two had begun to audible though favorably on appearance His knees wavered Then a voice beside him said in an undertone You had better sit here with me Mr Arrow till the excitement dies down I can just see those old carp staring fiendishly can t youDeath at Crane s Court is a character driven story and oh what characters they areGeorge Arrow Thinks he is dying of a bad heart and has come here to ive out his days in relative uiet and peace Afraid to do anything strenuous or get stressed out He falls in ove with Mrs HenryJohn Burden The odious new owner of the Court who wastes no time in making sure everyone wants to bump him offProfessor Daly An elderly professor of English iterature with a secretMrs Robinson Dubbed the ueen bee she knows how to get what she wants And watch out for her greasy son HoraceColonel Waters He has never really been a colonel but he is certainly henpeckedMrs Fennell Very old and not uite right in the head she ives in a small cottage on the grounds where she keeps a dozen cats and tends to her uxuriant flower garden How do the cats euate into the ushness of her gardensand of course the Ghost of Sir Rodney the first owner of Crane s Court and seen only by Mrs Fennell Just to name a few and Professor Daly and Inspector Mike Kenny re appear in the third book Death in the uadrangleI did not have an inkling who the murderer was right up until it was revealed I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Crane s Court and really hated to come to the end of the book I did hurry and order copies of the other two mysteries though and am ooking forward to reading them soon Mystery overs Read this. Ld A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, ladies'iberties commented Maurice Richardson in The Observer of this 1953 nove. ,
According to the write up on Eilis Dillon on the Rue Morgue Press site I ve read her three mystery novels out of order It is suggested that the reader start with Death at Crane s Court move on to Sent to His Account and finish up with Death in the uadrangle I m afraid that I m just a rebel I ve done it in reverse order Not on purpose It s just the way of things I came across "Death In The Uadrangle Uite " in the uadrangle uite time ago And was delighted to add another academic oriented mystery to my collection And a uite nice ittle snapshot of academic Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies life it was too When I discovered that Ms Dillon had two mysteries up her sleeve I immediately put them on the TBFO To Be FoundOwnedist and ac This is the first of a 3 book mystery series by Dillon Since there are recurring characters it s probably better to read them in order but I didn t find it mattered The characters are fairly interesting but odd The detective Mike Kenny frets a good deal is overwhelmed and wearied by the task of solving the crime Repeatedly George Arrow who kicks the story off is a fuss budget who takes it to a whole new evel There are a couple of hysterics one ooney a bunch of nasties and a scattering of hostiles This might account for Mike s weariness The story setting and writing are uite good so it s too bad they aren t host to a congenial The Power Of A Choice lot of characters OTOH there are thoseaugh out oud moments This was my first Dillon book and I oved it It moved uickly The characters were interesting and uirky and the story was enjoyable Enjoyed this solidly written cozy whodunnit set in Ireland The murder mysterypolice procedural takes place in a hotel whose guests are predominantly aged and rather uirky The hero of the story George Arrow is relatively young but has had a health scare and is sent to Crane s Court to recuperate Of course events don t uite go to plan for GeorgeI enjoyed the atmosphere the coziness of the mystery itself and the setting Also appreciated that t ExcellentMy first ever Eilis Dillon book featuring Inspector Kenny and I found ever Eilis Dillon book featuring Inspector Kenny and I found to be an excellent read The book starts with George Arrow being informed by his Doctor that his heart is very weak and although still a young man he should spend his remaining days in an hotel called Cranes Court where a number of elderly residents are ooked after After settling his affairs in Dublin he is travelling to Galway Bay on the train and the only other passenger happens to be John Burden the new owner of Cranes Court During the journey they strike up a conversation and George immediately takes a dislike to John Burden as he boasts of the changes he intends to make to the hotel where George is headed Certainly worth reading for a whodunnit as there are ots of twists and turns I was disappointed in this I have The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right loved Eilis Dillon s children s books They have wonderful characters and a great sense of place This was a nice cozy mystery but nothing special I enjoyed it I had hoped for based on her earlier books If youike a good cozy mystery this one is okay An entertaining mystery set in a hotel in Ireland in the 1950s George Arrow a bachelor of independent means is dism. Cozy chatty Irish whodunnit staged in a hotel sanatorium near Galway A new propriet. ,

Ayed to hear that he S Has A Fatal Heart has a fatal heart Determined to stretch his Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling life span asong as possible by Monsieur Pain leading a pampered stress freeife he decamps to Crane s Court a uxurious hotelspa with a permanent clientele of elderly folks In the train bringing him to Crane s Court he meets an unpleasant vulgar fellow called John Burden who it turns out is the brand new owner of the hotel Burden immediately sets himself out to be as offensive as possible to the elderly and sometimes eccentric guests of Crane s Court and to ally himself with the gold digging Miss Keane The senior citizens fight back by any means at their disposal and there is very ittle pretense of shock and regret when Burden is found with a knife in his chest The book was fun to read both because of the Irish turn of phrase and because of the characters George Arrow is essentially the straight man straight as an Arrow hahaha in a cast of eccentrics A temperamental cook an old ady who sees ghosts an elouent former professor of English it s all good fun Eilis Dillon was a most interesting author who wrote three detective novels in the early 1950 s This is the first Set in a Galway hotel populated by a fascinating array of well delineated characters it is a beautifully written tale of murder blackmail and secretsThis is not one for those who ike complex puzzles The murderer is not too difficult to spot but the motive is ess obvious The joy of the book is in the fine writing and the careful characterisation There are some good portraits of strong women and the main investigator Inspector Kenny is just introspective enoughHighly recommended When George Arrow 36 is diagnosed with a weak heart he decides to eave Dublin and ive a hotel recommended by his doctor Crane s Court in the Bay of Galway the train by his doctor Crane s Court in the Bay of Galway On the train meets the obnoxious John Burden who coincidentally is the new owner of the hotelGeorge is not the only person at the hotel who objects to Burden so when he is found dead Inspector Kenny has uite a few suspects to eliminate before finding the guilty partyAn enjoyable murder mystery originally written in 1953 Murder strikes at a hotel on the Galway Bay in this witty Irish Mystery by Eilis aye ish Dillon Published in 1953 this is the first of three mysteries by this wonderful Irish writer What a oss to the genre that she didn t write mysteries among her 50 published booksEilis was born in Galway Ireland into a family deeply involved in the events of the Irish War of Independence Her great uncle Joseph Mary Plunkett was one of the seven signatories of the Proclamation of Independence and was executed by firing suad following the Rebellion of Easter Week 1916 Her father and mother were both in jail at various times for political reasons For info on Eilis Dillon see her website here Book description from back cover of Rue Morgue editionGeorge Arrow is a bachelor of independent means who when diagnosed with a weak heart is urged to ive out his days at Crane s Court a comfortable hotel on the Bay of Galway On the train he chances to meet the hotel s new owner John Burden who has just inherited the property and annou. Or a particuarly revolting spivvish sadist is stabbed soon after interfering with

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