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Crazy Love eOn t bother buying it not worth the hype So I was involved in a discussion a week or so ago that originated from one person s discovery of the NoSleep Podcast Someone brought up Penpal and then this book was mentioned I am not as regular a listener as I used to be and I almost never freuent the subreddit However I have an adoration for Penpal despite it s flaws which I firstncountered on the podcast So when this book was mentioned alongside that I bought it immediatelyI wasn t disappointed How have I missed Tommy Taffy buried under all of the borderline painful internet horror

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have read I suirmed at a few of the descriptive scenes this was vastly Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society entertaining Injoyed very moment of the rideThough I consume way to much true crime stuff not to uestion the happy nding Fabulous This book was fantastic One of the best horrors I ve ver readIf you loved the short storiesyou will love it Very creepy very scary One of the only books that I ve ver had to put down for a moment to really think about what I just witnessed The Third Parent takes you into a life you could never imagine and not in a good way Excellent writing and story telling on the authors part he created realistic characters that you get attached to and when something bad happens to them you feel it Elias Witherow really knows how to write stories that pack an motional punch and you ll need a strong stomach and a steel heart to make it through this book WowI m at a loss for words Having a 3 year old son myself at some points I had to walk away from this book It s so graphic and gruesome I Found Myself Right I found myself right minutes If you don t have a weak stomach I highly recommend reading This is my first book by Elias Witherow and certainly won t be my last I m a fan for life now I read this in one sitting it was that crazy and I had to know how it ndedDefinitely recommended to horror fans. Ental and physical trauma as they try to just stay alive But ven if Jack can survive the horror of his childhood will his tormentor ver leave him alone And who is he really Who is Tommy Taffy. ,
The Third Parent

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I originally read The Third Parent from rNoSleep It was actually what got me re addicted to the sub Let me tell you this book it a lot brutal than the Reddit posts There is ven one part which i couldn t stand to read any and just skipped over it view spoiler ven skipping some over it view spoiler Even skipping some it my thighs were still tingling and shaking hide spoiler by the way i swear a lot This is positively one of the most amazing books I have ver come across Seriously a once in a lifetime read Tommy Taffy believes there s only one way to raise a child his Way Tommy Taffy Believes In Having A Firm Hand And Tommy Taffy believes in having a firm hand and in control of all situations More importantly you can not scape Tommy TaffyI stumbled upon this gem while reading through Thought Catalog s creepy category Yes it was late yes I had probably njoyed a glass or two of wine too many when I met Tommy Taffy I couldn t tell you just what part sucked me in so deeply I m not usually one to njoy todays serial killer cartoon stories I can t stand Slenderman and proudly proclaim that I have never E V E R read Jeff the Killer So when I saw that Tommy Taffy wasn t just one story but a few I was about to skip over it completely Instead I gazed at it and began reading It Is Extremely Important To Obey The Rules Listen To Tommy Don t Tell Others About TommyWell Fuck Now I m hooked I must admit that Elias Witherow has managed to climb under y skin and make me shiver in fear Rarely does a book both suck me in and captivate me Tommy Taffy though Wow Just wow his skinit was completely devoid of pores a perfectly smooth creamy texture that looked almost like soft plastic His face was a pool of gentle pink his mouth a cheerful cut along his cheeks revealing a white strip of teethbut they weren t teeth It was just a smooth dgeless row like he had a mouth guard on His nose was just a slight rise out of his face like a doll void of nostrilsAnd that s just. No one knows where he came from No one knows what he wants No one dares ask about his strange physical abnormalities For a uiet suburban neighborhood things are about to change And it starts wi. The beginning my fellow bookworms Y all Should Probably Read This Book Tonight Because probably read this book Tonight Because s awesome and sometimes you just need to scare the sleepy right out of you Like most people who ve read this I discovered The Third Parent after reading the Tommy Taffy series on Reddit It was uniue and different from anything lse I d read and so when I found out the author had published a full length novel it was a no brainer I m not typically one to read stories that feature sexual violence an xtreme personal trigger of mine but Elias Witherow tends to merely imply and give hints as to what s happened and he doesn t go into as much detail as he does just on the normal blood and gore which as a horror fan I uite njoy There was one particular sexualized scene that I had to take a break from but again it wasn t too graphic or gratuitous and there was one scene where I thought it was going to be but then it went in the opposite direction The origin of Tommy Taffy was uniue and creative Unlike a lot of other notorious Taffy was uniue and creative Unlike a lot of other notorious stories Jeff the Killer comes to mind and not fondly the author seems to have given REAL thought to how his character really came to be and The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs even though my first reaction was wait what the F the that I read of Tommy s creation the impressed I was by the author s imagination The visuals described view spoiler particularly of Rez hide spoiler The Third Parent by Elias Witherow is a novel ofxtreme horror fantasy and a cry for social responsibility when bad things happen Neighbors should Help Neighbors Teachers Should neighbors Teachers should situations where something is obviously out of whack Parents Tommy Taffy is one of my favourite nosleep stories of all time so when I heard about this book I was so Moreno excited Sadly it s a terrible written book that ruined one of the only characters I ve found scary It s like someone wrote a parody of the original Third Parent story Th a knock at the door Follow his rules Don't call the police Listen to his lessons That's what Jack and his family were told Held captive in their own house they must face a growing storm of

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