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Chasing the Red Queen jHing almost becomes a big messAfter all of this the end of the bookust seemed to fall flat as Gilbert tried to wrap things up uickly crowning it all of course with a romance with a doting and exotic lover This book had a lot of potential but ultimately it seemed like a story about one woman s sense of entitlement and her inability to ever uite move beyond that though she does make some valiant efforts to do so Don t bother with this book It took me nearly a year to finish it I was so disgusted by the writer s apparent lack of awareness of her own privilege her trite observations and the unbelievably shallow way in which she represents a ourney initiated by grief that I initially couldn t bear to read beyond Italy Like others who have written here I made myself pick the book up again because so many people have raved about it and I made myself finish it hoping all the while there would be some redemptive insight or at least some small kernel of originality or wisdom I was sorely disappointed Liz is so obsessed with male attention throughout the book in every section she expounds in great detail on her flirtations with men many of whom seem to take care of her or compliment her on her wit beauty or charm that it makes her self described uest to learn to be alone seem absurd and farcical She does not have a feminist bone in her body shocking for a woman who is purportedly on a uest for self discovery after what she describes as a devastaing divorce She seems to have absolutely no capacity for self awareness or reflection in this regard and her superficial treatment of this and other aspects of her psyche bored me to tears Basically this memoir accounts her flirting her way across the globe into a new relationship with little to no growth in self awareness that I can perceive Even in India her purported time of inward reflection she attaches her herself to the likes of Richard from Texas who seems a cross between a father figure and object of flirtation Ultimately she falls in love with a man much older than she who seems to dote on her in uite a paternalistic way When she spends pages talking about her bladder infection from too much sex I have to uestion what her intentions are in writing about this Why do we need to know about her bladder infection What does it add to our understanding of her uest To me it says only Look I m desirable Not so interesting Additionally her brand of spirituality certainly does not come close to transcending the fashionable Western obsession with all things Eastern particularly Buddhism and the ashram culture That a Westerner could go to India on her spiritual uest and have absolutely no awareness of 1 her gross appropriation of another culture s religion and 2 the abject poverty that surrounds her is inexusable She oozes privilege at every turn and that privilege remains unacknowledged and unexamined I was willing to look past my initial reaction that the end of a relationship is not in the grand scheme of things that bad everyone s suffering certainly has its own validity However I was unable to muster much empathy for Elizabeth Gilbert despite my attempts to overcome my disgust at her shallow preoccupation Ultimately this woman had nothing to teach me other than that I should trust my own instincts to abandon a book when I have such a strong reaction of dislike from page one I am sorry I spent the time and energy trying to finish it I happened to read somewhere that she has recently bought a church in Manhattan which she is converting into her personal living space And this is enlightenment I am sickened that Paramount has bought the rights to the book for a motion picture and that she stands to make even money than she already has on this insipid memoir I found this book unbelievably phoneyI hated this so much that I got up early this morning to finish it and gave my copy to the library and honestly I m not

proud of thatTo me it felt so insincere that there s no chance I would have made it past the second chapter had it not been for book club obligationsI enjoyed her writ Ok I admit I still have about 30 pages to go which I will get around to reading soon need a break from the book though and which I highly doubt will Prompt Me To Change My 2 Star me to change my 2 star I know many people love this book for what I consider personal reasons therefore I tread lightly so as to not come off as critical of people s personal opinions rather ust the book itself First I found the author not so likable I ve read other readers reviews in which she was described as so funny and like a girl we d all love to know and have to tell you I didn t feel the love She came off to me as lofty self absorbed and needy I felt like she wanted to make herself a victim of her divorce and her depression She was so vague about some aspects of the decline of her relationship with her ex husband as well as with some details about the divorce which led me to believe that she really did a number on him but then she whined throughout the book about how HE was the one making the divorce so difficult I don t mean to sound The Columbia Guide to South African Literature in English Since 1945 (The Columbia Guides to Literature Since 1945) judgmental of how she coped with it because I can t relate to that and it would be unfair of me but Iust couldn t help but feel that she kind of bashed the ex a little when she was seemingly the majority of the reason for their split Plus she acted like she is the only person in the world to suffer through a divorce yet she was totally in love with another man less than a month after she realized she wanted out of her marriage and her account isn t clear as to how long after her realization she actually got the divorce ball rolling so I can t help but assume she was unfaithul So it was hard to have sympathy for her when she got hysterical over the ex disagreeing about settlement details Um I would think that happens when you blindside your spouse with a divorce reuest Not saying it s right Hijacking the Brain just saying that s lifeSecondly in her search of spirituality I couldn t help but find some of it a little far fetched And could she have drawn out her stay at the Ashram in India any longer or with mind numbing snooooze inducing detail I found myself skipping entire paragraphs at a time and notust because I was in a bit of a hurry to read the book before book club but because she bored the hell out of me My favorite part of India ironically was Richard From Texas So I suppose that ust sums up for us what I got out of the India sectionBut I won t leave us all on a of the India sectionBut I won t leave us all on a negative note I enjoyed parts of the book some of them thoroughly I loved her friends for instance and am perplexed at how I find the author so unlikable but somehow she has such cool people in her life And she was SOMETIMES funny with little sarcastic bits that caught me off guard and made me laugh aloud When she wasn t being overly wordy I loved reading her descriptions of Italy India and most especially Indonesia And of course who didn t drool over her description of that pizza in Naples YUM I read that part twice. Nd then a balance between the two on the Indonesian island of Bali By turns rapturous and rueful this wise and funny author whom Booklist calls Anne Lamott's hip yoga practicing footloose younger sister is poised to garner yet adoring fan. Hat buy into such shallownessIf you really want to live with intention live your ourney here and now YOUR here and nowThis book gets Zero stars I am embarrassed to read this book in public The title and the flowery pasta y cover screams I m a book that contains the relentless rants of a neurotic 34 year old womanSo I m afraid that the strangers on the Metro will think I identify with herBut in the comfort of my own bed I am totally falling for this memoir Yes Gilbert is emotionally self indulgent are we supposed to feel bad that she lost both houses in the divorce annoying she s The Path to Gay Rights just tickled when she gains 23 pounds after eating her way through Italy and often really immature oh The endless endless cryingThen again this is a memoir and when the writing isust so clever so hospitable so damn funny it s really hard to hold that against Gilbert in the endThe plot goes something like this A 30 year old writer has everything she wants including several successful books a husband and two houses When she realizes she doesn t want to have kids and that she s not happy after all she has a breakdown and leaves her husband In the process she realizes she has no identity Boo hooBut instead Gilbert decides to pack up and visit Italy India and Indonesia three places she hopes will ultimately bring her the inner balance she s be Shallow self indulgent and mired in the sort of liberal American obsession with oriental exoticism that is uniuely offensive because it is treated as enobling by its purveyors She treats the rest of the world as though it exists for the consumption of aded rich white Americans and this book is a monument to that sort of arrogance and ignorance Wow this book took me on a roller coaster ride I couldn t decide if I loved it or hated it and it seemed like every few pages I d go from thinking Gilbert was delightfully witty to thinking this was the most horribly self absorbed person to ever set foot on the earth In the end the overall effect was rather like sitting at a party listening to someone tell a long involved story all about themselves and you re alternately annoyed and fascinated and you want to get up and leave but she s ust so entertaining that you keep telling yourself you ll leave in the next minute and so you end up sticking through the whole thing WARNING LOOONG REVIEW AHEAD I didn t hate Eat Pray Love but it left me really unsatisfied When I first started reading the book I couldn t help rolling my eyes and thinking Here we go another tale of a precious privileged woman who is unsatisfied with her life I stuck with it though and was charmed through the Italy section by Gilbert s humor and down to earth writing style Still for a woman who abandons everything in search of a true spiritual experience she leaves most of the important uestions unanswered I felt that Gilbert projects herself so strongly onto every place and every person she encounters that I m not sure what she really learnt along the wayAs delightful as the Italy section was to read I felt like she never really stepped out of herself to understand the country on its own terms and to move beyond the stereotype Despite it being a bit of a superficial assessment I have no problem with Gilbert associating Italy with pleasure There is enough beauty there to warrant itIt was her interpretation of what it means to open oneself to pleasure that bothered me and seemed very narrow For Gilbert this consisted mostly of overindulging in foods and allowing herself to put on weight It seemed like she came to Italy thinking she already knew how to experience pleasure and proceeded to enact it based on her definition even though there are indications that the Italian interpretation of pleasure is not merely restricted to this I would have liked to see her explore what it meant to devote herself to pleasure ust as to devote herself to pleasure ust as and reverently as she seemed to take the meditative experiences in India Overall though my biggest problem with this book was I had difficulty at times believing Gilbert achieved the enlightenment she talks about because she is so internally focused Most importantly I still have not really grasped why it was necessary for her to travel to these 3 places I understand that her intention was not for this book to be a travelogue but it begs the uestion Why was it necessary to go to Italy India and Indonesia if the purpose was to not to gain something from them that could not be found elsewhere In every country Gilbert created a little security blanket of expat friends who seemed to cushion her from really understanding the lessons the countries had to offer on their own terms Why go to India to meet Richard the big Texan Guru for example Why not ust go to Texas For those of us with eyelids only half caked with dirt but who can t uproot our lives and travel to countries of our choosing is enlightenment still an option I wanted Gilbert to talk about how anyone with an ordinary life but who is searching for insight could still balance spiritual yearning with duty And that s my final peeve about this book I wondered if Gilbert had any sense of duty or sense of obligation to anything beyond herself Gilbert seems to recognize the bonds of duty that restrict the locals she encounters Yet she somehow paints them as pleasurable or inevitable yokes for the people who bear them Her detached observations of life and death rituals in India and Indonesia as though they are #restricted to those parts of the world made me want to shake her # to those parts of the world made me want to shake her say but there are rituals everywhere you have made a conscious decision to remove yourself from the ones you know I ask about duty not because I wanted Gilbert to stay in a loveless marriage but because the concept of duty is also linked to a concept of ustice What is it that we ought to do What do we owe each other Part of me felt that Gilbert took comfort in the non dual aspects of Eastern philisophies in a strange way She seemed almost relieved that the non comfort in the non dual aspects of Eastern philisophies in a strange way She seemed almost relieved that the non of existence would ensure that one would not necessarily be punished by the universe for selfish deeds I felt like Gilbert embraced that aspect of the philosophy without realizing the eual importance those cultures place on the balancing notions of reciprocity duty of being social beings in the truest sense often taking it to the other negative extreme The lack of sense of obligation to anyone other than herself made Gilbert seem curiously dead to the contradictions around her She didn t seem perturbed at the abject poverty of the Indian women around her or to uestion if it was Singing the Law just She never wondered how a spiritual person should grapple with the injustice of the world nor did she seem to uestion the rightness of living in the midst of poverty in an artificial environment created to specifically cater to pampered Westerners In Indonesia she finally seems to see beyond herself to the suffering of others but when she does try to help someone it seems impulsive and done almost with carelessness so that the whole Y career and find instead what she truly wanted from life Setting out for a year to study three different aspects of her nature amid three different cultures Gilbert explored the art of pleasure in Italy and the art of devotion in India Eat Pray Love is the monologue of a Neurotic American Princess Liz in her mid thirties The first few chapters background the rest of the book a confessional that tells how she came to find her 8 year marriage distasteful realised she wasn t keen on the next logical step which is apparently to fill her expansi This was one of those books I will read over and over again All those cynics out there who criticize Gilbert for writing a too cutesy memoir that seems beyond belief and who claim that she is selfish for leaving her responsibility are clearly missing the point First she did not write the book to inspire you She wrote it as her own memoir you can agree or disagree with how she went about her enlightenment but you cannotudge her for how she found happiness It is her memoir not yours You can achieve enlightement by whatever means you want Second to call her irresponsible for leaving responsibilities behind is absurd She was in an unhappy marriage You cannot force yourself to be happy I a What I m about to say must be wrong because I couldn t get through this book I tried And I failed So I have NO BUSINESS WRITING THIS Don t read itA cousin recommended EPL and I thought it would teach me something about the book market My secret boyfriend at the public library was horrified I checked it out given his ACLU offensive intimacy with my record and tastes and yes like others I was embarrassed to have EPL in my possessionBecauseWhat IS this MOVEMENT of lily white bourgeois women with fancy educations working themselves into identity crises that they think can be solved by a new form of coloniasm This hyper feminized adventure travel Subaltern poaching for the 21st century Taker mentality as spiritual uestThese people need their own version of Outside magazine or some shit Oh yeah they already do It s called the GAIAM catalogYeah We re talking some serious dilettante tourism taking entire countries as theme spas Italy for excess India for asceticism Indonesia for the middle path Ladies Country I is not your personal terrain for self discovery You don t get to interiorize Country I as a metaphor for your personal potential If your interior Alchemic journey needs a bunch of leisure time and poor countries to be realized maybe you re asking the wrong uestionsThe consumerist mentality was so self important and so priveleged that Iust couldn t make myself give this book any time WHY I cringe to think why so many women want to feel that this was a true spiritual We Sell Drugs journey It was a pre paidourney The woman starts off with telling us over and over about how painful her divorce was however she dismisses how it ever came to be that way Leaving her audience only to guess it was so horrible she had to leave and find herselfWhen asked in an interview if dumping her husband and pushing off wasn t selfish here is what Ms Gilbert had to say What is it about the American obsession with productivity and responsibility that makes it so difficult for us to allow ourselves a little time to solve the puzzle of our own lives before it s too late This statement alone tells so much A responsibility towards a marriage and spouse is considered an unwanted obsession and one s own pursuit of happiness supercedes everything else If a man decided to dump his wife and family to flee to the Himalayas to meditate we wouldn t be calling it a spiritual Problem Solving in Data Structures Algorithms Using C++ journeywe would call it irresponsibility India This when she gotust a little too proud of herself I grew so tired of her boasting about how all her decisions led to a higher plan of consciousness and a new appreciation for life and a new understanding of the universe at large And Bali was even worse I was hoping the little old guy didn t remember her Didn t that whole episode ust turn out a little too cutely And then she fell off her bike She met her doctor friend and bought her a house And met an old guy and then she did her doctor friend and bought her a house And met an old guy and then she did to herself And then she slept with the old guy And of course she s better at that than any of us because she is now enlightened And then she made a little rhyming couplet of a life in Australia America Bali and Brazil Double cringeItaly The author s angst and shallow self discovery and pretend real people met with the express purpose of reflecting what she would like to learn lessons that most of us will have learned far earlier in life before interesting lessons presented themselves To uote a phrase from the Italy section of this book cross the street if you dare to even glance in a bookstore window and entertain a thought of buying this book bookstore window and entertain a thought of buying this book Gilbert has no ideas about life Not only does she have nothing to teach she has nothing to say This book is so vicarious that it reveals a profound and deeply disturbing ignorance about the complexities of real life The author s observations about life are simplistic and her insights so embarrassingly undeveloped and unsophisticated that she comes across as a detached observer There are very few passages in this book that reveal any real sense of transformation in her life She never really seems to glean anything authentic or deeply affecting from any of her experiences And because she has gained nothing she has nothing to offer The reader is frustrated and unable to connect with her on any level This memoir not only lacks readability it lacks any real humanity She is right when she says that she is not a traveler she does not have the heart or spirit of a true traveler because she somehow remains deeply unaffected She is merely a tourist a spectator barely scratching the surface of the lands she traverses the people she encounters and the experiences of what it means to be human She fails to see the poverty that surrounds her or maybe she sees it She definitely never writes about it maybe because it is not part of the road to any enlightenmentIn spite of her year long ourney she is still unable to gain true insight or wisdom from her pain and struggles There is no profoundness in her Women and Sustainable Agriculture: Interviews With 14 Agents of Change journey whether it is personal or physical This book isust a simple walk through a simple mind She is not even a good enough writer to be able to cleverly disguise her childlike observations in beautifully crafted language I would rather read the trail ournals of a young backpacker any day At least they are real After reading the book I wondered how it found its way to the bestseller list I was perplexed by its popularity So I did some research As it turns out Eat Pray Love is an popularity So I did some research As it turns out Eat Pray Love is an industry example of how a publishing company can create a best seller from the printing of a trade paperback In hard cover this book only generated mediocre book sales in the year in was published However someone at Penguin adopted it as a darling and created a hard core campaign to sell the trade paperbackWell when they said here s 200 000 dollars Elizabeth now go travel and don t forget to eat pray and love when you come back I will get you the best editor and we will both feel enlightened So shallow I cringe I cringe even for the women This beautifully written heartfelt memoir touched a nerve among both readers and reviewers Elizabeth Gilbert tells how she made the difficult choice to leave behind all the trappings of modern American success marriage house in the countr. ,

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