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The Southern Woman New and Selected FictionJust great stories Some nice and comforting some surprising Distinct characters lots that may or may not take you home Read Spencer I m not really a short story erson and I don t want to finish this one I thought the dark undertones of the stories I read were fascinating in the I m not sure I want to read or understand this but I can t look away kind of fascinating I suppose they are true to life in that there is so much suffering mixed in with the good But they just kind of drag on and on and I keep eyeing the new books on my shelf which tells me it s time the new books on my shelf which tells me it s time move on This is a book club selection and while the group has decided to read selections from the book I read the entire collection I was not very impressed and do not think the book lived up to the hype I received Birds prior to reading it Several of the stories were intriguing but nothing stood out to me as being extraordinary Jack of Diamonds was my favorite in the collection and was intriguing enough that I will likely go see thelay at the local theatre I think it will be a challenge to discuss than a few selections in a group setting She is elegant honest real She travels her writing is modern she s brilliant with twisted endings On a few I thought she might have been writing for The Twilight ZoneHJames bores me to anguish but his settings Venice etc are admirable Spencer takes those settings and gives them life and vitality her settings and landscapes are lush She does justice to about any subject she touches The stories are grouped in three sections The South Italy and Up North MontrealI m sure it s just a matter of taste but I really like her Although I m not a fan of the short story I d read Elizabeth Spencer s grocery list Lovely graceful writer I really like stories about Southern families Tales from the Ballpark Tales from the Ballpark Tales from the Ballpark: More of the Greatest True Baseball Stories Ever Told More of the Greatest True Baseball Stories Ever Told More of the Greatest True Baseball Stories Ever Told probably because it s familiar to me The stories of frontorches and y all and Isocrates I (The Oratory of Classical Greece, vol. 4) polite boys aren t just cliched they re reallyart of the world where I live This was a collection of short stories and for the most Robot Programming: A Practical Guide to Behavior-Based Robotics part I enjoyed them However I did skip a few ghosty types and justlain boring onesand I was reminded why I didn t really enjoy short stories in composition classes in college I HATE stories that don t give you the background and setting for the events that happen I find myself feeling confused and detached when I read short stories Give me a novel any day The only word I can use for this collection of short stories is elegant Elizabeth Spencer Started Out As A Southern Spencer started out as a southern then went to Italy. Born in rural Carrollton Mississippi Elizabeth Spencer in the great tradition of Falkner Welty and O’Connor has been writing masterly stories and novellas about Southerners for than forty years Her short fiction infused with the green of Perfect Phrases for Writing Company Announcements: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases for Powerful Internal and External Communications place and the elegantrecision of an original voice has earned her a reputation as on of our most accomplished writers of the form Madison Smartt Bell writes “Few contemporary short story writers have mastered or understood the art and one can be grateful to her for keeping it so marvelously alive” The Southern Woman collects the be. .
And wrote about that setting too although her rotagonists were still from the south The novella Light in the Piazza is included in that section and I thought still from the south The novella Light in the Piazza is included in that section and I thought was brilliant Then she married and moved to Montreal with her husband The stories included from that time in her life took The stories included from that time in her life took darker turn and some of them were downright sinister in atmosphere The same was true of the section titled New Stories They were all fantastic short stories though she seems to be a master of the form In 1986 she came back to the south and lived in Chapel Hill NC until her death This was a selection chosen by Modern Library and is a beautiful edition It s a keeper I grew up in the so called New South where there are sweet tea and skyscrapers Gone with the Wind screenings in The Mystery of the Two-Toed Pigeon posh movie theaters and Faulkner reading groups but no stereotypical southern drawl and no cornbread In an age where regional identity yields to interstates and chain hotels can I still call myself a southern woman After reading Elizabeth Spencer s collection of short stories I think I canSpencer s South is not just a location it is a kind of voice a way of thinking and of speaking She was one of the old school of Southern lady talkers Spencer writes of one of her characters She tried torotect you from even a moment of silence So goes the conversation of Mrs Harvey in First Dark a story about a well to do Mississippi socialite struggling to come to terms with her daughter s undistinguished suitor In a volume that shifts from the bayous of Biloxi to the Rack Ruin piazzas of Florence voice as much as setting becomes the guiding force of Spencer s fiction Nearly all of herrotagonists are women and their voices funny shocking anguished and strange Espenlaub propel the reader through story after storyThe Southern Woman is split into four sections The South Italy Up North and New Stories Many of the stories in The South deal with rural landscapes religious orthodoxy and the legacy of slavery In Sharon a young girl first learns of the relationship between her White uncle and his Black housekeeper Sexual awakening is the theme of the sultry Ship Island about a girl from aoor family coming of age among Marine Club boys eccentric millionaires and a raucous adult Bible class Spencer s heroines are never dull they break horses and chase ghosts through small towns and back roadsThe narrators in The Southern Woman often wrestle with family conflicts and stories across all of Spencer s geographies feature runaway relatives errant husbands St of Spencer’s shorter fiction including six new stories written in recent years The book displays Spencer’s range of lace the agrarian South Italy in the decade after the Second World War the gray sky North and finally the contemporary Sun Belt In “The Little Brown Girl” young Maybeth discovers the limits of friendship in a racially divided world In “First Dark” a young man returns home to tiny Richton Mississippi a “land of mourning and shadows and memory” In the long elegiac story “The Cousins” a group of Southerners roams through Italy brushing wi. ,

Nd anxious arents One of the most touching ieces in the collection the novella The Light in the Piazza tells the story of an American woman Margaret Johnson who brings her daughter Clara to Florence Clara is ermanently brain damaged from a childhood accident and when she falls in love with a young Italian man her mother learns to see her
as an adult for the time a classical dignity had come to this girl her mother realizes and no matter whether she could do long division not she was a woman Spencer is not afraid to take risks in her writing with mostly superb results In some of the stories articularly The Business Venture and The Cousins the narrator s voice is so intimate it becomes almost cloying Spencer s uirky characters are fascinating when they waver between the real and the fantastic The Finder tells the tale of a man with a supernatural ability to find all lost things everywhere and I Maureen tells the story of a woman whose life changes after she experiences a vision in a flying iece of glass Both of these stories exemplify Spencer s dreamlike sense of comedy a humor that both laughs and thinksWhether strolling through Southern farmlands or European suares Spencer s characters are fresh funny thoughtful and above all honest You ll find someone to like in The Southern Woman no matter how regional or region less you areReview by Barbara Barrow I guess I am just not the right audience for Southern literature I have a trail of unfinished books by authors acclaimed as classic examples of what the South has to offer I felt that many of these short stories by Spencer had no weight no lot no forward momentum Airy was how one critic described them Well so is cotton candy but that doesn t mean I want a whole bucket of it Maybe if I could have brought myself to read to the end I would have found something substantial but I live by the motto Life s too short to read bad or boring books the motto Life s too short to read bad or boring books I left this on my unfinished shelf and moved on According to goodreads I ve been reading this for 8 months Well I m calling it done had to skim the whole last third If this collection were only the first 200 ages the section called The South I d be going four stars for sure Loved those and was taking them slow to savor them Reminded me a bit of Ellen Gilchrist But once the stories left the South I stopped being able to concentrate on them or care about the characters Not sure what changed maybe I just burnt out Is there an unhelpful button for reviews. Th love and regret and the grip of family Also included here is “The Light in the Piazza” the novella about an American woman and her daughter in Florence that first brought Spencer widespread acclaim selling than two million copies worldwide and never falling out of Racial Theories In Context printIn this capstone collection Elizabeth Spencer firmly claims herlace in the long heritage of the Southern short story As George Garret has written “In this age of the short story nobody is writing stories of the depth and delicacy the strength and subtlety found in the stories of Elizabeth Spencer?. ,