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Clockwiser Clockwise #2Another adventure Casey and Nate these are such fun reads Casey is a time traveler that loops to the 19th century If she is touching someone s skin when she trips they end up going with her This time it happened with her brother She also found that it can happen on the return trip home as well Casey battles to get Willie back to the 19th century and also rescue her brother who had the crazy idea that enlisting in the army was a great idea of an adventure Boys eye roll I was a little thrown off at the end about having Chase arrested for drug sale to recruit *gang members etc that was a little off But otherwise I thoroughly *members etc that was a little off But otherwise I thoroughly the second installment of this series It s been a year since we last saw Casey and her boyfriend Nate Things are just heavenly for the couple and she hasn t even tripped the wh Clockwiser is the second book in the Clockwise series It s clean and suitable for tweens and teens looking for a uick read It s refreshing how uick aced this series is focusing on the action of it all instead of endless details that I have to skipWhat made me rate this one 35 stars wasChase Miller I feel he s an unnecessary character who came into this story with no Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples purpose whatsoever Casey even considering this guy Lucinda rebounding on WillieStill I enjoyed the whole story Clockwiser is the seuel to the ya time travel series Clockwise Casey can time travel to the nineteenth century without any warning She often ends up visiting the Watson family near the cusp of the Civil War In this installment Casey inadvertently time travels with her younger troubled teenager brother Tim Unfortunately this seuel was just meh The story is a uick read which had such greatotential Casey and Nate are now an established couple As to be expected drama is manufactured both with the tension of Nate being at college which is a legitimate fear for teenage girls But it failed to rove deeper into this issue And once again the historical aspect was given given a surface treatment Whilst I understood the message being told this book could have been longer to roperly delve into the The Lost Masters: Grace and Disgrace in '68 points raised with war masculinity and gender Putting aside the time traveling I didn t think this second book was remarkable I found Casey to be stupid overreacting in terms of Nate s dislikejealousy of ChaseFurther she chose to ride with Chase over her boyfriend which made matters inherently worse but apparently she was the victimAt the end of it all why was Nate the one to apologize with heaps of flowers when she was the one in the wrong all along More so why was Chase introduced in the firstlace I thought he would add some mysterious uality to the time traveling but I was wrong His The National Debt: A Short History presence seemed rather unnecessary to the development of the story Review Clockwiser by Elle StraussRating 5 out of 5 starsA couple months ago I was lucky enough to be able to read Clockwise by Elle Strauss asart of a virtual book tour Not long after Elle Strauss emailed me to see if I d also like to read and review the seuel I immediately responded YES and so was able to also read Clockwiser With everything going on it has taken me a bit longer to write this reviewClockwiser continues the story of Casey Donovan and her friends and family around her Casey is different that other girls her age because she time travels I ve read other books on time travel and I just love how elegant time travel in her books are In other books it can be confusing and mind boggling to keep straight when the main character time travels But in Elle Strauss s series it is always obvious and easy to followCasey hasn t tripped her word for time travel since the last book left off which is the longest she has gone without tripping But then when she is having a disagreement with her younger brother TIm she touches him and suddenly travels back in time with Tim When Casey trips if she is touching sometime skin to skin ie holding hands she brings them back with her Casey only travels back to the same time and so as she has gotten older so have the Rites, Rights and Rhythms: A Genealogy of Musical Meaning in Colombia's Black Pacific people she has befriended in theastTim has no idea that Casey has this amazing talent At least he doesn t until he ends up tripping back in time with Casey A huge roblem this time is that it is now 1862 in the ast and the Civil Was is uickly approaching While Casey is safe from being drafted because she is a girl Tim while a little under the age reuirement isn t necessarily exemptSince Casey must have skin to skin contact when she trips back to the resent she tries to make sure Tim is near her at all times But when she returns to the resent without Tim anic sets in Now Casey and boyfriend Nate who went back with her in the first book keep trying to return to the ast to get Tim back but Tim being impatient and rebellious decides to The last year has been smooth sailing for Casey Donovan She and her boyfriend Nate are doing better than ever and things at home are good too Everything’s been so calm she hasn’t “tripped” back to the nineteenth century in agesThen the unthinkable happens and she accidentally. Oin up the Union armyI really LOVED every Karneval, Vol. 4 page of Clockwiser I read through it in one sitting This is by far one of the best novels I ve read since I started blogging a year ago I had so much fun reading both of the books in this series and cannot wait to read the third Like Clockwork I love the way Elle Strauss is able weave together theast and The Hiding Place present in such an easy to follow and beautiful way I really don t have anything negative to add except that I wanted both books to be longerI think that theremise for how Casey time travels is just fascinating as it can happen at any time day or night No matter how *much time Casey spends in the ast she always returns to exactly where she left off *time Casey spends in the ast she always returns to exactly where she left off you like YA books on time traveling then you really should ick up a copy of Clockwise and ClockwiserJaclyn Clockwiser the second book in the Clockwise series turned out as whimsical delightful and a fun read as the first book Clockwise I enjoyed it as much as I did the last bookThe writing is brisk and strong consistently vivacious It reads retty uickly but the The Elephants Journey pacing is just right There was nothing unnatural as far as I m concerned The new additions to the cast of characters lends the book some complexity and layers making it even entertaining and even emotional It was really entertaining and intriguing when Casey accidentally brings Tim her younger brother to theast and Willie the eldest son of the Watson s back to the Sklaven für Wutawia + Gauner mit der 'Goldenen Hand' present from 1881 For Willie who was suddenly yanked to the modern 21st Century it is literally an encounter with the future his bewilderment and discomfiture was so fun and I think it was wellortrayed Tim s rebellious nature also adds a lot of fun to the book Enlistment in the army is the last thing Casey ever imagined Oh my It was interesting that we get to delve a bit into the history of Civil War and the situations surrounding the war at that time Although my overall impression toward this book is as agreeable as the last one I had some tiny niggles with this bookI liked the main character Casey for her erkiness and sassiness not being bashful even in front of her crush and who later becomes her boyfriend Nate When she again accidentally yanks Nate back to the ast the momentary discomfiture was evident yet she uickly recovers and displays her survival skills by hunting right in front of Nate s eyesYet in this book that side of her which I really adored kind of took the backseat to what seems a bit forced romantic complication She seemed to be reduced down to a typical teenage girl who constantly fusses over her boyfriend completely losing the shine that she had in the last bookI felt the romantic twist with Miller was a bit forced and contrived felt like it was added just to make Nate jealousy and instigate fights between Changing Face of the Hero perfectly happy Casey and Nate it worked just all right it had meositively frustrated and irritated the exact effect what I think the author must have aimed for That said once again the whole romantic complication was a bit too much for me this book could have been totally entertaining without the addition of Miller Besides Casey is dating Nate what s the butterfly she has in her stomach when Miller The Undisputed Greatest Writer of All Time: A Collection of Poetry puts a moves on her Oh no lol How he ends up was also such a fizzling out I was totally a happy camper without the Miller stuff Period I also found severallot holes in this book first the Willie thing Granted it s nearly impossible that we get to know how Willie ends up after going back to the StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through The Power of Story past but I could use some after story which just to insinuate whether the butterfly effect is still at work and everything went back into the same track or theast was altered in some way because of what s happened to himWe don t even know if Willie made it in time to save the It's A Wonderfully Sexy Life past I could use some descriptions about that at least Secondly Tim likewise the Willie thing the descriptions felt a bit scarce about whether there s a change in his demeanor or not after he safely comes back to theresent I ll try not to give away the Lignin Biodegradation plot but what he confronted during the Civil war actually makes him regret for his own rebellious behaviors to his family New appreciation has come to him then why there s so little description on that I would have wanted It might be only me thoughOverall I did enjoy this book as much as I did Clockwise but felt slightly lacking Or have I become critical than I was 2 years ago Either way there s no denying this is a fast read glorious YA with some fun time travels If you want something different I recommendicking up this one I couldn t wait to read about our heroine s travels when I started reading I was sorely disappointed in the way this book went The writing was not as good as it was in the first book and the relationships established in the. Takes her rebellious brother Tim back in time It’s 1862 with the Civil War brewing and for Tim this spells adventure and excitement Finding himself stuck in the ast he enlists in the Union army but it doesn’t take long before he discovers real life war is no fun and gamesCasey. ,

First book barely grew and need *EXPANSION THE ENDING WAS DISAPPOINTING IN ending was disappointing fact that you could easily assume what occurred after This is not free on Kindle 3 stars Recommended for 12 14 year olds I m using the term better very loosely here when I say Clockwiser is better than Clockwise The lot setup s not as ridiculous as before if still ridiculous the time traveling gets a little bit fleshed out the writing doesn t feel like the wrong kind of juvenile as it did before at times and there s much of Willie and Lucinda I almost feel bad for knocking off a star but It s just so cheesy Clockwise started all sorts of wrong for me but I liked that it could be serious when the lot needed to be serious I couldn t take anything in this book seriously Everything was just so cheesy Yeah repeating myself but it really is this cheesy Most of it robably has to be due to the fact that this time around Casey s not really the star of the show She and Nate seem to be along for the ride in this one and the other characters actually driving the lot are just so ridiculous Schilder's Struggle for the Unity of the Church plus I didn t really see theoint of the Chase Miller character at all he s only there for unnecessary manufactured drama and the resolution of that A (kinda) Country Christmas plotline was just weirdSo Tim who starts the whole thing by surviving a near death experience is just completely absurd what with his complete lack of common sense and joining the Union Army during the Civil War And if there was any chance I d accept any of that as him just being stupid he and Josephine completely negated that Then Willie ends up the wide eyed visitor from theast that Lucinda immediately latches on to sorry I couldn t follow the lot with a straight face at all Despite my criticisms Clockwiser isn t bad in the sense that Clockwise was bad it s better if you re looking for light cheese Good light cheese in fact It s just not something that really hooked me unfortunately I couldn t take the Civil War Bull Run storyline seriously as it should be taken seriously not with Casey train hopping and Willie s redictably fish out of water reaction to the future completely distracting meBasically this seuel s as uick but cloying than the first and even ridiculous and ridiculously cheesy Eye rolls mostly instead of tasting bile and left me feeling like I d just consumed a gallon of melt cheddar My apologies if you were laying a drinking game with this review and icked the word cheese I gave the benefit of the doubt when I was grading the first book Clockwise However now I can say that Clockwiser fully deserves its fiveThe lot continues Casey and Nate are still a couple although Nate has already been in college and Casey is a bit worried that he might find a new girlfriend there Also some extra roblems between those two add colour to the novel There are all other eople to whom we are used to especially Lucinda and the Watsons and there is this cute new guy Chase Tim got his own art of the story and the next Why Is It Always About You?: The Seven Deadly Sins of Narcissism part evolves around Willie Casey is stuck in between them and she s trying to make both ends meet Not everything ends that well but the story is grippingWhat I like most about it is uickace the focus on action instead dull descriptions as well as an original idea The author roved to be a brilliant and uick learner and the techniue of writing is noticeably improved Although I didn t mind the way the romance was evolving in Clockwise nothing like one of those retentious love stories the method of leading the story could have been improved Clockwiser on the other hand is reliable in setting up the storyI found attractive the way memory works in the book how the main characters recall events from the Charming the Firefighter past how they try to go into the future I also found one idea uite inspirational and this is where weerversely move to some drawbacks of the novel Playing around with time and the investigation into the ossibility of cheating the timeline was a great idea and uite well led However I think it was not exhausted in a way that it could have been I also didn t find very convincing the explanation of why it had to be that way but it led me to my own interesting conclusions Also the author still has some minor roblems when connecting some ideas from different Everyone Loves Clowns and Other Tales parts of the book It might be thinking alike but I knew where the story was going once I read a hint about some irrelevant signs or at least it was meant to be shown as that and I think the conception was to surprise the reader with an unexpected twist of events which just didn t work for meThose are just minorroblems and they don t stop you from enjoying the story I was reading till the very late hours at night just couldn t The Elements of Computing Systems: Building a Modern Computer from First Principles put the book down If you found the first novel amusing you canick up this one and you won t regret your decisio. And Nate race against the clock to find Tim but the strain wears on their relationship It doesn’t help that the intriguing new boy next door has his sights on Casey and isn’t shy to let her know itCan Nate and Casey find Tim in time to save him And is it too late to save their lo. ,

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