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E bovine fecal matter but in a lighter and condensed format being only Electrons They Were Missing They were missing current 2019 actual updates that as a pilot I am aware of Had to go online to get actual updates Good book with verything you need covering regulations Also serves as a sleeping aide if read at night Best version of wheel chock you could possibly get Paper is higher uality than the Gleim desk holder and a bit smaller in form factor but is thicker don t deny you like curvy gravity testers Nice cheap price is xactly what you need for something you adore As Much As Your Ex Girlfriend And Like Her Will much as your x girlfriend and like her will use once and might show off to another pilot or two Best part is when you get done studying this you can use the spare pages in the back to wipe up what s left of your hopes and dreams as you realize you are horribly unprepared for this upcoming checkride12 10 would get suicidal thoughts again I ordered the book because I thought it would be comprehensive with all the Parts reuired for uick review reference for ATP Pilots I was unhappy to discover Part 121 was completely omitted You apparently have to buy the Far FC book version for reference to Part 121 I have since been using the the Pilot Far AIM iOS Android app It reuires a 699 per year fee for updates at least this is what I was charged but its a far better option in my opinion that an incomplete 16 book that will be out of date sooner rather than later El libro lleg a tiempo sin mbargo un poco da o y doblado de algunas horas. Dy list for ach certificate and rating Tabs included for uick reference Unabridged text of AIM including full color graphics.

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Navigation through Kindle book is very limited Difficult getting to a certain page xcessive scrolling It s a reference book not page without xcessive scrolling s a reference book not to say I left four starts because the book was damage before shipping The back cover was half torn off and the book is covered in scratches and dented corners The print is clear and in good uality I prefer the AIM side of this book specifically because #There S Pictures The First #s pictures the first FAR is rather dry and full of lots of rules and regulations that I ordered the 2019 version to have all the latest FARs for my Commercial check ride only to find out this book does not have the recent changes implemented in summer of 2018 It says right inside the cover this is the 2019 version but right below that states it has current regulations as of June 12 2018 So it does not include the many changes to the FARs from the last half of 2018Oh well my DPE will be happy to see i have the 2019 version but i believe this book is identical to my 2018 version Why would would ASA put this version out without the changes from summer of 2018 I am studying for my CPL and almost instantly noted that this version does not have the updated FARs for 2019 which the title unfortunately tricks buyers into believing It is likely worthwhile today to obtain an copy of the FARs as they are updated freuently and don t turn into an uneven stay amount paperweight or recycling once they become obsolete as rules are update Which this one already is one star for at least containing the Convenient handbook sized x format Free Updates available online and via mail subscription service for instant access to reg. 018 FARs and another for AIM being relatively up to date I am new to aviation I bought the 2018 to find out 2019 was just about to be printed I have both now The 2018 is over twice as tall as the 2019I think there may have been complaints as to the 2018 size so there may have been steps taken to shrink it Upon review I don t think I have the first half of the book some of the material is referenced in the very beginning pages of the book but are not to be found in the actual material unless I m looking at this wrong open to suggestions hereThe second half of the book I got looks great Shipping method caused some minor tears in the front of the book but who needs reference books to be pristine anyways Produto de boa ualidade For the kindle version the table of contents is not linked and there are no chapters so you have to go through this incredibly long document page by page seuentially Try hitting the next page button 300 times This is like a bendable block of wood but not uite as useful as a real blockYes all them black spots and dots are in there just like the Feds want um
"But Let S Be Reasonable "
let s be reasonable this format it s as heavy as a doorstop but not as durableAs the image demonstrates the FAR and a brick have order of magnitude dimensional similarities but the brick is generally useful I apologize for substituting a brick at this point dimensional similarities but the brick is generally useful I apologize for substituting a brick at this point the argument but my block of wood was serving a usefule purpose blocking open a door Get the lectronic version from the FAA it s free same words sam. Ulation and procedural changes Changes since last dition clearly marked Comprehensive FAR AIM index Suggested regulation stu. .

Far/Aim 2019: Federal Aviation Regulations / Aeronautical Information Manual