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Urg and later Chattanooga was now seemingly a war that could not be Won The Task Of The task of the South seemed an insurmountable one In Louisiana General Bank s joint Army Navy Red River Campaign nded in an inglorious rout Rebel forces went on the offensive in Louisiana and Arkansas In Virginia Grant and Meade s normous Army of the Potomac was soundly thrashed at the Wilderness in May and impaled upon

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works at North Anna and mercilessly mowed down at Cold Harbor Further defeats on the Peninsula in front of Richmond and in the Shenandoah likewise added to Yankee misery In northern Georgia however the news was mysterious Sherman A first rate battle narrative on the Battle of Atlanta the book does a wonderful job of telling the story of the Army of the Tennessee s drive on Bald Hill on the city s ast side and the bitter battle that The Favorite Daughter eventually resulted along with theffect the battle had on the larger war The only negative aspect of the book is that it almost completely ignores the Fitness for Geeks earlier Battle of Peachtree Creek while this might seem unfair after all the book doesn t claim to be about anythinglse other than the July 22nd battle I feel the two n First class historical writing although it s geared toward ber wonky Civil War nerds like myself If you re looking for poetry and beauty and strong personalities and rousing speeches read Jeff Shaara If you want a minute by minute account of one of the most important and costly battles of the Civil War check this book The Battle of Atlanta was fought on July 22 1864 The battle lasted for ight hours and may well have been the battle that nded the Confederacy It was fought over a large area that surrounded the downtown area of Atlanta The size of the battle could not only be measured in area but in the number of dead It is stimated that over 10000 soldiers were killed wounded or captured during those ight long hoursThe Battle of Atlanta was significant for several reasons People on both sides of the conflict were tiring of the war and a movement was afoot to replace Abraham Lincoln during the next lection and propose a truce that would reunite the States of the Confederacy and to allow slavery It was the Battle of Atlanta that proved to be the turning point of the war and allowed the North to see the war coming to an Naked Choke end Lincoln was nominated to run for another term for the Presidency The reelection of Lincoln as President guaranteed the preservation of the Union the death of the Confederacy and thend of slaveyThis is an Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good excellent read however it is geared towards students of history primarily those interested in the Civil War and Atlanta It is very detailed in troop movements the maps provided will help and the officers on both sides The difficulty lies in that many of the names both officers and armies have very similar names The author does a good job of sorting through all of this and making itasier of the readerAfter reading this book the reader will truly believe that July 22 1864 was The Day Dixie Died. N army staggered Dramatically General John “Black Jack” Logan stepped into McPherson’s command rallied the troops and grimly fought for the rest of the day In the Murder at the Mansion end ten thousand men one out ofvery six became casualties on that fateful day but the Union lines had heldHaving survived the incessant onslaught from the men in grey Union forces then placed the city of Atlanta under siege and the city’s inevitable fall would gain much needed positive publicity for Lincoln’s reelection campaign against the peace platform of former Union general George B McClell. .
For those interested in books on war and in particular the Civil War this is a terrific account of the Battle of Atlanta not the part that took the Civil War this is a terrific account of the Battle of Atlanta not the part that took near where we live which is known as the Battle of Peachtree Creek It takes a bit of concentration to read since the battle descriptions are very detailed However one feels the battle intensely The author says Dixie s date of passing was August 22 1864 the day of the battle of Atlanta just one of several which occurred between General Sherman s army group and General Hood s Army of Tennessee I think he chooses this battle over Peachtree Creek Ezra Church and Jonesboro because of casualties among the rank and file and in commands although the narrative isn t too clear on the specific conseuences to army performance I myself think Jonesboro August 31 September 1 was the one because it closed the remaining supply line to the outside and forced Hood s retreat That gave Sherman Atlanta and Lincoln the lection November 8 Or one could say Dixie officially died any day a major force surrendered as at Appomattox or Durham Station or when President Johnson declared the rebellion s nd on August 20 1866 Take your pickWhat made the book a pleasure to read was the play by play with Seductive Surrender excellent maps thirteen by George Skoch depicting the actions as the battle develops it isn t often I find such good descriptionsspecially on this campaign I see he has also covered Ezra Church in another book now on my radar The book s conclusion can be represented in the author s words Page 225 The Atlanta campaign caused the death of Dixie His argument is multiple pronged For one thing the Union victory at Atlanta helped Seductive Surrender (Highland Heather Romancing a Scot, ensure Lincoln s reelection as President Lincoln s stand against the South was much firmer than if Democrats were to have won thelection of 1864However I think that such a stark assessment may be a bit overstated To be sure Atlanta was a key victory Partially for the lection results Partially because in its aftermath Sherman made the South howl with his march to the sea and then his movement northward through the Carolinas But other battles could be considered crucial as well such as Gettysburg and Antietam and Vicksburg and That stated this book does a fine job of laying out the Atlanta campaign and the key battles It also places the battle in a larger context It also has useful features maps that make sense some books on the Civil War have maps that are close to uninterpretable the order of battle the armies corps divisions and brigades of the contending hosts see pages 233 245The tale of the battle for Atlanta is capably told Key actors are discussed John Bell Hood as the successor to the Fabian Confederate leader Joseph Johnston Hood was very aggressive perhaps too much so for an army commander The book details his plans for saving Atlanta and inflicting defeat on Sherman s forcesThere is good detail on the series of battles that Hood committed the Confederate forces to The Discussion Of The Union Tactics Their discussion of the Union tactics their to Hood s aggressiveness. One of the most dramatic and important battles ver to be waged on American soil the Battle of Atlanta changed the course of the Civil War and helped decide a presidential lectionIn the North a growing peace movement and increasing criticism of President Abraham Lincoln’s conduct of the war threatened to halt US war fforts to save the Union On the morning of July 22 1864 Confederate forces under the command of General John Bell Hood suared off against the Army of the Tennessee led by General James B McPherson just southeast of AtlantaHaving replaced General Josep.

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Are well told and in detail Vignettes such as the death of Union General McPherson are told nicelySome suggest that Hood is treated rather gently by Gary Ecelbarger the author Perhaps But overall I find the author s valuations judiciousOverall I think that this is a fine work xploring in some detail the battle for Atlanta The Battle Of AtlantaOn September 4 1864 General WT Sherman sent a famous telegram to President Lincoln Atlanta is ours and fairly won The fall of Atlanta transformed what appeared to be an upco Very accurate account of the Battle of Atlanta A bit dry but doesn t get bogged down The Deepest Sin either If you live in the metro Atlanta area I highly recommend this book You will be shocked at how many men fought and died on the soil beneath our feet and the roads we drive on This was an important maybeven pivotal battle in the Civil War which helped shaped the Nation we live in We still live with the choices and actions and their repercussions that occurred during and after the War More people should try and understand the history of the place where they live and this book describes a very important part of the history of where I live I m glad I read it The author Gary Ecelbarger kinda oversells it but is interesting to see a moment in time when the future was unknownNaively we look back and know the Union won the Civil War freeing all the slaves Lincoln is arguably the greatest presidentHowever in July of 1864 the outcome of the war was not a foregone conclusion The outcome of that fall s lection was ven in doubtLincoln thought he was going to lose He had his cabinet sign letters of resignation so after the lection but before inauguration a new cabinet could be foundThe Union would sign a peace deal with the Confederates allowing the South to remain independent and keeping their slavesThen vents happened that proved no need for those lettersThe book itself is hard to follow as we get bogged down in units The 11th Ohio vs the 31st Georgian The maps help but it is asy to glance over all those regimentschokengtitiktitikchokeng 18 Battle of Resacap 18 Battle of Dallasp 18 Battle of Kennesaw Mountainp 26 Battle of Peachtree Creekp 88 Henry Repeating Riflep 189 Brigadier General Charles Wood was
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Susan He the 1st Division of the XV Corps of the Army of Tennesseep 219 Battle Of Ezra 219 Battle of Ezra 220 We are getting used to being shot at but you may guest there is no fun in it One of Cleburne s menp 221 You think I don t know that I am going to be beaten but I do and unless some great change takes place badly beaten Abraham Lincolnp 222 Battle of JonesboroFun FactsThe sun set around 8 pm on July 22 1864States Rights Gist was a general from South Carolina In the summer of 1864 the Union war ffort was at its nadir The Northern populace was bombarded with a seemingly ndless array of news of battlefield disasters and bloodbaths and the harrowing mind numbing scenes of train loads of caskets being unloaded for burial The war seemingly going so well following Vicksburg Gettysb. H E Johnston just four days arlier Hood had been charged with the duty of reversing a Confederate retreat and meeting the Union army head on The resulting Battle of Atlanta was a monstrous affair fought in the stifling Georgia summer heat During it a dreadful foreboding arose among the Northerners as the battle was undecided and dragged on for ight interminable hours Hood’s men tore into US forces with unrelenting assault after assault Further for the first and only time during the war a US army commander was killed in battle and in the wake of his death the Unio. ,
The Day Dixie Died