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The Warrior Princess of Pennyroyal Academy kEnd up spending the day together and FACING ALL THEIR DEVASTATION AND TEAR FILLED PASTS It s so emotional I was really absolutely caught up in the story the voice the writing super fast and I d been in a bit of a ready slump but I didn t want to put this one down The themes of loneliness and loss and love where just poured so heartfeltly shh that is now a word onto every page OK butlike I did have a few problemsFor startersjust Harun s story was a really disjointed to the others and b like he s a ueer brown Muslim mm tragic story line not death or anything but still and I just I feel uncomfortable with thisnowing it ain t ownvoices and how basically Islam only gets negative portrayals in books BUT I have no idea of the backstory of why the author wrote it so I won t judge But yeeeah And also NathanielFreya s romance was very fast har har And sometimes it d switch POVs with line breaks tho like after ONE SENTENCE Surely we don t need to now what everyone s thinking in the same second Also it soooo does NOT feel like YA It felt NA at least The characters are at least 19 if not a bit older But overall I really did like this oneIt s a short punch of grief and moving on and loss and of finding yourself and finding others to help you cling on I also liked that it wasn t all oh love cures everything but rather hey look people can grab your hand and hold onto you when you re drowning and that s a really important and beautiful message THAT S HEART TO HIT YOU IN THE FEELS Also the ending is SO open and I think I really love it for that About three years ago I discovered the online book community I devoured every popular YA author I had missed in my absence and Gayle Forman was one of them I had before this point read largely thrillers and classics and had little to no nowledge of the young adult genre beyond the names of Suzanne Collins and Veronica Roth I delved into this unknown realm of literature and sampled from all genres and authors without discrimination Or so I thought But the discrimination was that each of these authors and books were all ridiculously hyped I read every it book I had missed out on and looking back seemed to form an affinity with most of them Now this could be because every one of these books was wholly deserving of its hype but I believe it was of a case of me initially struggling to understand what books best suited my reading tastes in this unknown genre and becoming swept up in the enthusiastic adoration of much of what I discovered Not to say I ever lied about loving a book I secretly hated but that when some books worked less well for me I managed to preserver and find the positives using what others adored about it as a guide rather than forming my entire own opinions first of allLooking back on past reviews I sometimes find it hard to trust my own opinions I don t alter them as they are still reflective of who I was when I read them Now however with a solid nowledge of what works for me in a broader range of literature I m not sure all of my five star rated reads would still appeal to me Gayle Forman was one such author that fit into this categoryI rated her novel If I Stay five stars and waxed lyrical about my love for the deep emotional impact it had on me Looking back I m not entirely sure if I would feel the same way about her writing now So when I was given the chance to read her most recent release I was excited to find outI Have Lost my Way follows three lost souls battling the New York metropolis and their own crises of identity A chance meeting sees their three worlds collide and proves that being lost with someone else is far less terrifying that wandering the unknown aloneThis novel was for the most part an intricate character study and I really appreciated how diverse the representation was The three individuals chosen were dealing with disparate inflictions and came from opposing cultures upbringings and religions For a relatively short read this still managed to fully confront each of their immediate personal issues whilst also discoursing on the topics of mental illness the detrimental effects of social media on teens racial identity familial troubles authority and trust gender stereotypes racism homophobia and so Much This Did Not Isolate The Three This did not isolate the three s trial but invited the reader to understand where they stemmed from and how easily it is for similar scenarios to play out in the wider worldThe thrice split perspective conveyed three individual characters and Forman did a terrific job of consistently separating their identities I perspective conveyed three individual characters and Forman did a terrific job of consistently separating their identities I I understood each of them with my empathy enlarging as their backstories were slowly and simultaneously revealed to the reader and the other two other points in this three sided friendship Flashbacks padded the story line but also heightened my affinity with all three This begun as an enjoyable contemporary story but enlarged into so much Whilst I initially enjoyed this for the interesting story line it was it was the latter half that secured my love And it was the emotional depth of the narrative that honed itDespite discoursing on some heavily dark topics this is a novel that left me with some measure of hope It was a bitter sweet feeling as there was so much left to discover about these characters but I also appreciated how Forman gave less to

deliver The potential that this closed on cemented my feelings and alleviated my prior sorrow and tinged it with faith So the roundabout answer to my initial uery over whether I can still enjoy this author is a resounding and absolute yes 4 CharacterDriven Stars This was a book filled with amazing charactersFreya meets Nathaniel after falling off a bridge and landing on top of himHarun is a witness to the fall and so the friendship between the three of them begins I realize this seems like an unlikely way to meet but it really worked in this bookFreya is an emerging singer who has lost her voiceHarun is gay and than just a little afraid to come out to his parents Nathaniel is just a lost boy who will break your heart I really was drawn to each of these characters I found them all so raw and real I also found the bond and friendship they formed in such a short time uite realistic given the circumstances and the fact that they all really needed one anotherThe only problem I had with this book was it was very short it was almost like a tease you are given these amazing characters who are very well developed and then that was it I just felt as though there was so muc You gonna be okay she says How can you now that Harun asks When a broken bone heals it s stronger than it was before the break she replies Same holds true for broken hearts Better than I Was Here and Just One Day but not uite as wonderful and memorable as If I Stay and its companion novelGayle Forman does not write to impress Her writing style is simple though effective and even lyrical at times But I can share with you a list of at least fifty other authors whose writing styles are impressive However this is not why I am always happy to get my hands on her novels A book that has only its writing style going for itself while everything else is dull will very rarely make my list of favourites The reason why I eep on reading this author although she disappointed me in the past is because her stories have heart I Was Here was boring it s true but it was atmospheric regardless and explored important topics I Have Lost My Way is the story of three separate characters who each deal with their own problems Freya is a singer who cannot sing Harun is gay but afraid to come out to his religious parents and Nathaniel must relearn to live and let go I recently read a book that was also narrated from three points of view The Beauty that Remains and that one did not work for me because there was never a strong connection between the three protagonists In this case there is The connection is sudden so perhaps not entirely realistic but it did ring true to my ears possibly because I new from the start that all three teenagers were good people that were hurting and needed someone to be there for themIt is a pleasant read Not surprising a little short and frankly uite corny at times but I m proud of Ms Forman for finally writing a book with diverse characters YayBlog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin. Ay back to who they're supposed to beTold over the course of a single day from three different perspectives Gayle Forman's newest novel about the power of friendship and being true to who you are is filled with the elegant prose that her fans have come to now and lov. I Have Lost My Way

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This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life in BooksHave you ever lost your way I have I don t mean those times when I needed to stop and ask for directions when I was trying to find a location although I have certainly been that ind of lost I am referring to the Theres Always a Trail / Home in the Valley kind of lost where your life has hit a point and you can t think of what to do next Those times that you have no idea where you can even go from where you are I have lost my way More than once I am happy to say that each time I have been lost I have been able to eventually find a new direction to goI have very little in common with the characters in this book but I was still able to relate to them I understood Harun s need to please his family and his fear of losing their love if he shows them who he really is I also understood Freya s fear of losing the one thing that is such an important part of her identity I understood Nathaniel s need to not be a bother to anyone while living his life under the radar because it s all good anyway I haven t been in the situations that Freya Harun and Nathaniel find themselves in during this story but I found each of their characters very easy to like and I really wanted to see them find what they needed in lifeI really did enjoy reading this book This is the first of Gayle Forman s books that I have had the chance to read so I wasn t really sure what to expect when I started I have to tell you that I loved her writing style I sat down to read just a chapter of this book because I had things around the house and the next thing Inew it was 200 pages later I was drawn in by the words and the images that they painted of these characters I really liked that the story was hopeful These three characters are all at a low point in their lives and meet through a chance encounter It turns out that meeting each other is exactly what they needed I enjoyed watching them come alive and reach out to each other Their bond developed very uickly but it felt completely authentic I new that they would be able to find their way togetherI would recommend this book to others This is a pretty uick read that packs a punch I wanted to now exactly what brought them to the point where they feel lost and cheered them as they started to connect with each other I can t wait to read of this talented author s work in the future I received an advance reader edition of this book from Viking Books for Young Readers via Bookish FirstInitial ThoughtsThis was the first book by Gayle Forman that I have read I really enjoyed her style of writing and found myself not wanting to set this book aside The characters were great and I loved seeing their bond grow I really enjoyed this story 4 StarsARC provided by Penguin Random House Freya is a 19 yr old singer who is living in New York and recording her debut album She s on the verge of being famous when she suddenly loses her singing voice Her life goes from constantly working in the studio to endless doctor appointments She was on her way to becoming a star and now she wonders if the world will still love her if she can t sing any She feels like she s lost her way like the person she was no longer exists Harun was raised in a loving close family but one that has strict beliefs high expectations He feels like a coward and like he s living a lie He feels alone and is planning to run away Nathaniel used to love his life but now it s hard to remember the person he used to be He feels like nobody see s him Most days he feels invisible like he hardly exists He thinks he s unlovable He s lost every I marvel at Gayle Forman s clear eye and heartbreaking complex depiction of the fierce flawed lovable people at this novel s heartThis novel takes place in one day These marvelous character s tell their stories each painfully struggling alone The stories then get stitched togethera reminder that we are all connected The late teen years can be daunting Hallelujah for authors like Gayle Forman writing books like this They may be complete strangers with different lives and different problems but there in that examination room they are measuring sadness the same way They are measuring it in loss I m writing this review immediately after finishing because I am on such an emotional high right now I thought this was such a beautiful sad sweet bookTo be honest I reuested an arc of I Have Lost My Way only because I ve liked some books by gayle forman in the past but that was Forman in the past But that was The blurb hadn t particularly grabbed my interest and I was thinking I could just put it aside if it didn t work for me Instead I was completely captivatedThere s one big thing I didn t like and I ll get to that in a second But first I d like to talk about all the emotions this intricate character study made me feel You can tell instantly that the book is written by an experienced author who nows how to craft a perfect scene and convey emotions through showing rather than telling Forman uses an extremely compelling build up to frame the strange and fateful meeting between three very different teens Freya Harun and Nathaniel in NYC s Central ParkThe story takes place over the course of one day but is broken up with flashbacks that paint in the backgrounds of the three characters Each has as the title suggests lost their way and the author explores how maybe with the help of one another they can get back on the right path It is a novel told in uiet intimate details and in moments between characters Hope and uplifting sentiments battle it out with pain and loss making for a bittersweet mixThree very interesting stories are woven together here Freya is an almost famous teen singer who for reasons unknown has lost her voice She is the product of an Ethiopian father and a white Jewish mother and we soon see how her relationship with her father has affected her life goals and especially the relationship between her and her sister Sabrina I adored the complexity of their relationship and discovering what happened between themHarun is gay and Muslim struggling to come out to his parents His refusal to do so has led to his boyfriend James described as dark skinned breaking up with him I was shipping these two so hard and it broke my heart again and again when obstacles tore them apart There was also some interesting discussion of race and Islam in Harun s chapters specifically being Muslim in post 911 New York CityAt first I chapters specifically being Muslim in post 911 New York CityAt first I if Nathaniel would be noticeably less interesting than the other two characters but as his story is gradually revealed I realised that wasn t true at all His background carries the most mystery and we are left to ponder what has left him with only one eye hungry and out of sorts in New York City The story of his strange childlike father who always needed to be taken care of is fascinating and sad As is his father s insistence on it just being the two of them like Frodo and Sam Was this how Frodo felt when Gollum finally fell into Mount Doom destroying the ring relieving him once and for all of the beautiful terrible burden The one thing I didn t like was the one day romance that developed There s so much to this book that I was able to overlook it but it was completely unnecessary It s not instalove exactly but their meeting is so overwritten and purple that one would be forgiven for calling it thatBut you now I just don t care that much I thought this book was great It was difficult to pull myself Away From The Characters Lives And Return from the characters lives and return reality I Have Lost My Way is not easy or neat but that s okay it s a stronger book for being messy and complex And I really appreciated the realistically diverse portrait of New York CityBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube I really liked this the characters were so deep and wonderful and there s some great representation too The one thing is that I wish it was a little longer It didn t uite seem resolved at the end everything just felt way too open for my liking Maybe just an extra 20 30 pages at the end or an epilogue haha They may be complete strangers with different lives and different problems but there in that examination room they are measuring sadness the same way They are measuring it in loss Gayle Forman is uite famously well nown for her If I Stay duology and while I have been the reader that watches the movie I have not read the book nor its seuel A powerful display of empathy and friendship from the #1 New York Times Bestselling author of If I StayAround the time that Freya loses her voice while recording her debut album Harun is making plans to run away from home to find the boy that he loves and Nathaniel is. Seem to realize now that I ve been missing out on her work actually Although 3 stars do not represent I loved the book I think there were only a few problems but yet they were major in the book so it s like it threw the whole aspect of the book itself With that being said Forman truly wrote an inspiring and eye opening book having her readers open their eyes and realize that life is so much than what it offers To share your loss with people is another way of giving your love In I Have Lost My Way we follow 3 characters Harun Nathaniel and Freya who have all seemed to lost their way While Freya has lost her voice during a recording for her album Harun is running away from his house to find the boy he loves and Nahaniel is roaming the NYC streets without nowing where he s going because his family tragedy left him lost When the three unexpectedly meet after an accident they begin opening up to each other and learning about what each other brings to the other I Have Lost My Way is about finding friendship in the most unexpected people to appear in your life out of the blue and realizing that they are the people they needed in order to heal their wounds and left scars It is about finding love and strong connections while learning that you are not the only one lost and trying to find your way back The prayer comes to his lips automatically He asks God to help Nathaniel To help him find Nathaniel To help him find Freya To help all three of them heal one another Because Nathaniel and Freya they are his people They are one another s people I think the biggest problem I had with this was how there was actually a romantic relationship aside Although it was not the most viewed thing in the novel I felt like it was unnecessary Coming from a contemporary romance fan I was enjoying this and what it was displaying the love of strangers bonding and becoming the friends they never thought they needed It was obvious it was gonna happen because there were these small gestures and hints Forman was throwing here and there in the beginning when Nathaniel and Freya met and since Harun is gay and was looking for his ex boyfriend it was obviously going to be between Nathaniel and Freya Aside from that the book was sweet and sad but it was leaning towards the side of sweetly heartbreakingMy favorite was definitely Harun He was the heartbreaking character and the character I felt the most sympathy for He s a Muslim and he s gay and he s fully closeted not thinking of telling his family because of the fear he nows they will have As the book was closing and coming to an end I wish he had a better ending Personally I thought he deserved better not because of what happened with James but because of what he went through for James In the end I was uite glad for the trouble that was caused between these three at his house not gonna lie I feel like it was just what Harun needed someone else to say it I felt like he needed the support Freya and Nathaniel gave him and the advice but obviously he had his mouth shut and couldn t open it and say the words so I was uite glad it was figured out another way even though it wasn t the best I new Jasmine was meant to be pretty and her manner of dress sexy and I Ten Years Beyond Baker Street: knew she was an object of desire by the way my brother was talking But I didn t care about Jasmine It was Aladdin I couldn t take my eyes off His face was pretty delicateind of alike Amir s And the scenes with Aladdin bare chested made that tickling in my belly stronger than ever Nathaniel and Freya apart from their relationship were also characters that can make you feel emotions and sad feelings Freya is struggling with the absence of her father who is Etiophian which is why she is biracial and trying to understand the fact that her mother and her manager are basically controlling her musical career she might get fired and her sister just so happens to be engaged I truly felt bad for her and for what was happening to her I wasn t a fan of her sister Sabrina even though her role in this is very accurately understandable for an older sister Freya had put too much confidence into thinking her father would return but you can t blame her He was the one who showed her who taught her about music and what it means to him and what it now means to her Nathaniel on the other hand had an arc that was slowly developing into a sudden upsetting one I didn t now about his story or his side of the story but it obviously was not a happy one He was isolated and wasn t able to accept the fact either He was lost in his thoughts and his surroundings It was uite Forman made his perspective the most confusing which made sense because Gayle showed us but didn t tell us which made us the readers experience it for ourselves I think that s why I really enjoyed his perspective because it s a story showed and not told so we find out little by little about him and what happened to him She looks at Harun at Nathaniel Unlike her mother or Hayden she does not believe in anything resembling destiny But at that moment it s hard not to believe that the three of them were meant to meet It s ind of hard to review this It s uite a short book fast paced and it changes in perspectives from the third person to the first person I wasn t a fan of it at first but then I realized how the book was ending uickly and didn t realize It Didn Bother Me didn t me any In the end I was actually appreciating it because we got to see the thoughts of the characters the actions and their flashbacks that led to their present situation Although unnecessary Forman wrote some chapters with one line only or a couple of sentences I m another one of those readers that didn t read Gayle Forman s books as a teen but I seem to realize now that I ve been missing not a lot but uite some They see him He hears them They find each other This is a little blue bundle of emotional destruction I actually had NO idea what this new Forman book was about but I really love If I Stay I sniffled a bit ok I do have feelings apparently and this one had that same emotional ruuuuin So that was GREAT However there are a few things that make me a bit uncomfortable about it But we ll get to thatAlso sHOUT OUT to the UKAUS cover because it absolutely resembles my headphones when I put them in my pocket for two seconds It s basically a Told Over One Day storyWhich is a trope I both love and hate haha I love it because it s short and powerful and the way I got so love it because it s short and powerful and the way I got so to these characters after just seeing their day is such good writing But I always feel eeeehhh at these stories because THE ROMANCE I mean how even do you fall in love in a day At least no one was pledging their lives to each other so It was like a very very intense crushbeginning and it is cute I do ship it justlowkey It also had 3 narrators Freya Harun and NathanielThe style was interesting because they have their backstory backflashes in 1st person but the actual present day part of the book is in 3rd 3RD PRESENT BTW WHICH IS MY FAVOURITE AHH HEART EYES And even though the book is really short I absolutely love these three My only negative lol lol is that Harun s narrative didn t seem to really fit He had a great story with a full arc and everythingbut you could ve cut him out and it wouldn t have affected the plot WHOOPS FREYA She s a raising star singer who suddenly can t sing We re never sure if it s nerves or a medical condition but just one day she couldn t sing any She feels SO lost and like as soon as she s fired from her singing deal she ll never be loved She s also biracialEthiopian HARUN He s from a strict Muslim family and he s gay but super deeply closeted He breaks his boyfriend s heart but all he wants is to get him back NATHANIEL He is a very smol sad cinnamon son WHOM I LOVED THE MOST who s very depressed after his home life falls apart and so lonely And so soft and sweet and will eat anything you put in front of him bless him They have the best meetcute everConsidering Freya s on her phone lamenting the loss of her career and she trips and falls off a low bridge and The Essential Library for New Moms 4-Book Bundle: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child; The Baby Food Bible; Infant Massage; Colic Solved knocks out Nathaniel He is super concussed Pukes on her shoes Harun is nearby and offers to help because he recognises Frey s fammmmous and thinks hanging out with her might get his boyfriend back So it s a huge pile of coincidences but I didn t think too hard to believe The. Arriving in New York City after a family tragedy leaves him isolated on the outskirts of Washington state After the three of them collide in Central Park they slowly reveal the parts of their past that they haven't been able to confront and together they find their