Through Streets Broad and Narrow Ivy Rose #1 E–book/E–pub

His type of novelThe three most important things I can say about this book are From the moment I started things I can say this book are From the moment I started I didn t put it down until I had finished every last word The first thing I did after finishing the book was go to and download the next book Actually that s a lie I went to bed first as it was now 330am in the morning but it was the first thing I did the next morning after a cup of coffeeAfter finishing the book I felt happier than I did before I started it and the next day I still felt happy looking forward to Small Talk reading the next bookThere are some minor problems with the story at times it feels a bit jerky There are jumps in the story where on a couple of occasions I even thought I had missed a page Also there are the odd unresolved incidents I suspect the author feels they have been finished and has moved on but I am left wondering what happened next For example Ann Marie has an emotional meeting with her Uncle about the behavior of one of her cousins Ann Marie leaves the matter with her Uncle and moves on with her life but we never find out what the Uncle actually does This is a minor thing and doesn t affect the main story but having grabbed my interest it would have been nice to know what happenedBecause of these minor problems I was going to give 4 stars but actually they are not important What is important is that this was the most enjoyable book I haveead this year Don t waste your time The story itself is interesting but the writing is terrible I loved this book A fast and easy Accidental Pharisees reading story of a tough life with Ivy and her friends in the tenements known as The Lane of Dublin Ireland in the 1920 s Her life changed though when her Da died and further again when Jem s horse drawn taxi service had an accident while engaged with an interesting fare I loved seeing this strong woman grow by taking castoffs of theich to No escuches su canción de trueno remake them into something that I almost passed this one byUnless a book is written by an author I am familiar with it s title and cover picture. Nt When an accident occurs in one of his carriages leaving a young girl homeless it is Ivy he turns to With Jem and the people she meets in her travels around Dublin Ivy begins to break out of the propertyidden world that is all she has ever known Through Streets Broad and Narrow is a story of strength and determination in the unrelenting world that was Dublin tenement lif.

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Mersed in the setting Overall though the writing was not all that great and in the e book version at least the copy editing left much to be desired Missing commas and oversights like A twist of faith instead of a twist of fate and sayings I thought were too modern for the times like no problem were distracting to me Certain story lines were started and then dropped so it ead kind of choppy for me For instance after all the hullabaloo about Emmy and her dead aunt her adjusting to her new life and settling in with her now uncle Jem was glossed over that should have been a eally big deal I think I did like the narrator Ivy though This early feminist was an inspiration But not enough of one to make me want to seek out or pay for "The Next Three Books In The Series I Got This "next three books in the series I got this a Kindle freebie from SO I AM NOT COMPLAINING DESPITE MY DINGS IT I am not complaining Despite my dings it still a fun ead and I did enjoy it just not uite enough to continue with the series A book that makes you grateful of the little things in life The story of ivy Sleight (AVRA-K rose Murphy and the life and times of Dublin in the 192os This book was a delight toead I felt like I had stepped back in time to Dublin in the 1920s A life of hardship and poverty that shows that even though they were hard times the little community was very tight knit and there was nothing a good cup of tea couldn t solve Jackson portrays life in the 20s so vividly and well you can t help but feel you are a visitor watching all the characters Growing to love them or loathe them and as the book progress I throughly enjoyed stepping back in time to a simpler time and learning about Dublin life in the past A Slave Labor Graphics Titles really enjoyableead I wish there was a seuel to this book because I d love to see what happens next to ivy and all the characters of the little lane in Dublin where everyone has a story to tell I enjoy eading historical mysteries and when this special offer from appeared in my e mail I though I would give it a try as it appeared to have many of the elements I look for in R the discards of the wealthy which she then turned into items she could sell around Dublin’s markets As she visits the morgue to pay her espects to her Da a chance meeting introduces Ivy to a new world of money and privilege her mother's world Ivy is suddenly a woman on a mission to improve herself and her lot in life Jem Ryan is the owner of a livery near Ivy’s teneme. Through Streets Broad and Narrow Ivy Rose #1A young woman in Dublin in the 1920 s
Father Her Da Dies 
her da dies having cleaned out every penny in the 1920 s father her da dies after having cleaned out every penny in hovel including money for the Ancient Astronauts rent Since age 9 and the flight of her Ma to a life somewhere else the pennies earned by Ivy Rose alone are all that have kept her lazy but oh so handsome Da and her 3 olders brothers all now departed in a bit of food andough shelter Ivy is now on her ownRead this story before Think she is going into service in some great house Or perhaps she will find a kindly older gentleman who will stake her to an education and a do over on life Not here the plot is better put together than many of those tropesWhile this book does not end in a cliff hanger and does wrap up a plot string it does not tell I-O readers enough about whether Ivy Rose s gambles on life are allesolved not does it tell us what will happen to the many lesser characters whose lives டணாயக்கன் கோட்டை [Danaayakkan Kottai] readers will care about if they like this type of historical fiction Somewhat in the fashion of season one in a television dramaWhile there are threads of what may becomeomances in future stories in the series those plots shoots have not blossomed yet I loved the setting but this was a somewhat of a hot mess There were so many andom events thrown together and the plot didn t flow well I don t see myself continuing with the series It used to be are for me to t flow well I don t see myself continuing with the series It used to be The Interpretation of Prophecy rare for me toeading a book but it didn t take long for me to uit this one There are too many inconsistencies and awkward problems including historic accuracy and general logic for me to keep New Rational Therapy reading it Also why would both the coroner s assistant and the daughter thinkather dreamily and Longevity repeatedly about what a fine specimen the dead corpse is Ugh Three mixed bag stars This series debut started out promising but started to drag mid way through and just kind of petered out at the end for me On the positive side I enjoyed the colorful 1920 s Dublin setting I think the author did a good job bringing it to life and showing not telling to help thiseader become im. On New Year’s Day 1925 Ivy Rose Murphy awakes to find her world changed forever Her irresponsible Da is dead She is grief stricken and alone – but for the first time in her life free to please herself After her mother deserted the family Ivy became the sole provider for her Da and three brothers Pushing a pram around the well to do areas of Dublin every day she begged fo. .