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To be The world is formed and the Titan Kronos eats each of his children as they are born However he misses Zeus the youngest child and as a result that particular god is able to grow up free his siblings and take arms against the Titans for control of the earth itself In an exciting comic book style George O Connor accurately depicts the tale of Zeus leaving off the story to continue with Athena the next in the series published as a separate book Endmatter includes an Author s Note Greek Notes as they apply to specific panels and pages Greek myth character trading card type pages a Bibliography recommended reads amusing discussion uestions 1 Zeus s dad tries to eat him Has your dad ever tried to eat you and an accurate but complex Olympians Family Tree on the front cover that you ll find yourself poring over again and againGeorge O Connor may be best known to some of us as the bloke behind Journey Into Mohawk Country and Adam Rapp s Ball Peen Hammer On the picture book side of things he did Kapow yet another comic inspired title and a popular one in my library at that With this book he had one big hurdle to leap Make the myths logical The thing about the Greek myths is that you can read them on paper all you like but some things are ust not gonna make a whole Lot Of Sense For of sense For we hear that Hestia has been so long on the stomach of Kronos that she has nearly been digested and barely has a form of her own All right smart guys Go illustrate that More difficult still is that if you re making these myths into a single concrete understandable story how do you explain Zeus falling in love with his sister The author finds a way and his words are not without their own rhythm and beauty I liked little things like Rhea feeding her husband a stone baby instead of Zeus and the conseuent line If Lord Kronos noticed his newborn son had less warmth than the rest he gave no sign On top of that O Connor tells the story with a structure that makes sense The repeated line that Mother Earth was still unhappy for she loved all her children is what leads to the defeat of the Titans and the rise of the gods on the one hand and perhaps the eventual destruction OF THE GODS LATER ON DOWN THE ROADTHE ART the gods later on down the roadThe art heavily inspired by O Connor s beloved comic books of yore He explains in his Author s Note his love of The Mighty Thor as a kid I remember staring at it trying to comprehend whether I loved it or hated it The story was full of all those enormous bigger than life beasts I remembered from my copy of Edith Hamilton s mythology If Greek gods are our original superheroes or super villains then it s natural to draw them as such We ve already seen some children s books do this The Mighty 12 Superheroes of Greek Myth by Charles R Smith illustrated by P Craig Russell comes instantly to mind so it makes a certain amount of sense One difference from comic books is the fact that while the men tend to go around shirtless and ripped the ladies aren t all that busty Fair play to O Connor then And I did enjoy the fact that comic book facts keep working their way into the notes at the end of this book We re told that the Adamantine that Kronos s sickle is made out of is where Wolverine in X Men get his adamantium of is where Wolverine in X Men get his adamantium Or that the Cyclopes are like Cyclops the X Men leader Actually thinking about it now all the comic facts seem to be about X Men I suppose the Wonder Woman facts will have to wait for a later volume in the series when we finally meet the sThe actual art in this book has all kinds of small details as well Kronos cut open his father the sky so his eyes and mouth show only the cosmos His wife Rhea is also the daughter of the sky and the earth but her pupils are crescent moons blue on blue Baby Zeus meanwhile is raised in a cave and in one panel looks out at the sky One cannot help but notice that the stalactites lining the image look like teeth reminding you of Kronos who has eaten Zeus s kin So without a word you are reminded that Zeus has temporarily exchanged one mouth for anotherAdmittedly there is zippo racial diversity in the images here O Connor isn t challenging any preconceived notions of what one god or another looks like By the end Zeus even has. Ost terrifying of all the Titans reigns as the unchallenged tyrant of the cosmosuntil his son the god Zeus sta. ,

A white beard The closest you get to a change is a brown haired Aphrodite I suppose the argument for keeping them white was that Greek gods are generally PRETTY SCUMMY PEOPLE AND WOULD YOU scummy people and would you want to diversify their flaws Still in this day and age it s hard to do an all white cast for anything even a children s graphic novelGreek myths are many things but child friendly I think all of us can remember hearing one myth or another as a child that didn t uite make sense Apollo chased a girl to get a kiss and she was so freaked out she asked to be turned into a tree Huh And how exactly did Zeus turning into a swan lead to Leda giving birth anyway And don t even get me started on the changes Disney made to that lamentable Hercules Hera is Hercules loving mom Puh leeze In this first Olympian title O Connor therefore has the unenviable ob of telling a story straight without making it uh explicit Zeus after all is the original letch So you do see him chasing girls without seeing them get caught That s how O Connor plays it and it works pretty well Admittedly he pokes fun at the material sometimes and there is a line in Zeus that adults will raise an eyebrow at but kids won t get at all At one point Zeus says that as a kid he used to think he could reach into the sky and take the moon Metis informs him that Selene the moon is much bigger than he is His response I don t know I can grow pretty big You don t need to even see Metis s Heh in response to get that one Accurate characters and personalities Still pretty kid friendly to get that one Accurate characters and personalities Still pretty kid friendly the endWhat I love about this is that not only is O Connor releasing one book per god but he s doing it so that the story from one book carries on into the next This must have taken a fair bit of wrangling and shifting on his part I m sure O Connor s natural inclination was to place Hera after Zeus but for reasons that we will learn soon enough he made Athena 2 It will probably have something to do with the fact that Athena s mother Metis has a relatively large role in this book and that storyline has not been wrapped up yetWhen she was uizzing me on this new series my young patron asked desperately I love Hestia No one ever pays any attention to Hestia Will there be a book about Hestia There will be I assured her There will be a book on each of the twelve gods and kids will be allowed to find their favorites instantly Comics aren t for everyone and there are plenty of folks content with what the D Aulaires have to offer but definitely keep an eye out for O Connor s series ust the same Exciting accurate and intense it s bound to be instantly beloved of kids all thanks to its classic comic inspirationsAges 9 and up This is a really uick intro to the beginning of the Olympians reign but I think it purposely left out a lot of information that could have been included so that later volumes would have it The art was okay for me but I didn t find it incredibly aw dropping or anything A solid 3 stars Your hair it looks nice thanks I m hooked First it was a fast read Only about an hour if you include the extra reading materials the authorillustrator has at the back of the book I love when you can tell that the author is really invested in giving an accurate portrayal of stories from history In this case George O Connor gives you his bibliography including some websites that I have to still explore and recommended titles for younger and older readers Really appreciate this This is one of my first graphic novels that I have read I have plans to read next It took me a while to figure out that there isn t really a set way that you read these meaning the format is dictated by the panels and the panels don t really have any rules as far as two page spreads go Cool to think about with regards to yearbook design I also loved the Author s Note section and the GeekGreek Noets section which really made me want to look at all the names again and how we have so many words derived from this time and to go read the original stories of Homer and Hesiod and the Great Books series I have in our library I thought originally that I would loan these to my niece or nephew I think maybe when they are older Right now they are 9 and 7 On to Athena. Nds up and takes on his own father in a battle intense enough to shatter the universe Who will emerge triumpha. .

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Zeus King of the GodsI mean It s not that great but ust wanted to get my 40 book challenge done so I ust picked get my 40 book done so I ust picked this book and I was like I should ust read this and it turned out pretty good actually I picked it up because of how detailed and how carefully drawn the pictures were Reason for Reading I am a huge fan of Greek mythologyThis tells the tale of creation from the Greek mythological point of view up to the birth of Zeus Then it follows Zeus s story how he battles his father Kronos to become King of the Gods and the founding of the home for the Olympians on Mount OlympusFantastic first book in a new ongoing series retelling the Greek myths The story here is very well represented going right back to the beginning with Gaea The Cyclopes The Hekatonchieres and the Titans even before the birth of Zeus This part of Greek mythology is often confusing to children I never could understand it as a kid and the graphic representation especially of the Titans and the Hekatonchieres with their fifty heads and one hundred hands is the ideal format for telling this myth This story is also hardly ever included in children s Greek Myth collections and I ve read many such collections over the last 16 years to my children I feel uite con Surprised I have never come across this series before or that no one has done a straight graphic novel adaptation of the Greek myths to my knowledgeWhat I liked about this book was that it s not a reinterpretation or modern spin on classic mythology It is the artist s interpretation of course but he has done his research and gone back to the sources He "INCLUDES A BIBLIOGRAPHY AND HE S READ HIS HESIODTHIS " a bibliography and he s read his HesiodThis the actual Greek origin story starting with Gaea and Ouranos the rebellion of the Titans led by Kronos against their father followed by the battle between the Titans and the first Olympians Told as if it were a single issue of a comic book starring Zeus as a still young brash god The art and story makes it very much a superhero comic yet it s a perfectly authentic version of Greek mythologyThe Titans are titanic Zeus and his siblings are gods but don t seem all powerful against the Titans The Cyclopes and Hekatonchieres and ancient and scary The battles are epicAt times the art was a little anime ish especially with Metis and the target audience is obviously children there are even discussion uestions and glossaries in the back But this is still an attractive volume that will appeal to all fans of Greek mythology and I ll probably collect the series I love this series I had never heard the story of how Zeus got his lightning bolt This story tells that story I did Wonderful retelling of how Zeus became king of the gods Engaging and uick read but not my type of book I usually like to read But other than that it was a good graphic novel Girl walks into my library I m putting her age at around nine maybe ten Asks if I have any books on Ancient Greece Turns out the kid is so into Greek mythology that she is willingly learning about the true history behind that area of the world for her own personal knowledge In other words she is every children s librarian s dream patron I show her what we have and then we get to talking about mythology She s a huge fan of the D Aulaires Book of Greek Myths so we start talking fiction Has she read The Lightning Thief and other Rick Riordan titles Roll of the eyes Of course Has she read Anne Ursu s Cronus Chronicles starting with The Shadow Thieves Double roll of the eyes All right Has she read the brand spanking new Olympians series coming out via First Second illustrated by George O Connor and reimagined as graphic novels Not only had she not heard of it but she was practically clawing my eyes out when I informed her that I didn t have a copy on the shelf at the moment Kids love myths Kids also love comics Put the two together by a guy who actually knows how to turn a crazy myth into a comprehensible even dramatic story and you ve got a natural pairing that is going to have your patrons big and small hungering for Buy in bulkIn the time before time there was nothing Kaos From out of Kaos came Ge or Gaea our Mother Earth So begins a tale of how the Titans and subseuently the Greek Gods came. Here's Where It All Starts the beginning of everything the world the gods and even humanity Might Kronos the