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Poor little yellow bird He keeps TAKING HIS TIME TO DESIGN A his time to design a Collect The Sticks And Build the sticks and build just the way he likes it But then an animal takes it over when he s ready to make himself at home Apparently the wild can be an unsettling place to home build because this happens to him again and again Fear not in the end everyone has a better understanding of what they need when little yellow bird is finally at home The artwork for this book was inked with pencil and colored digitallyFor children s literature middle rade literature and YA literature reviews feel free to visit my personal blog at The Miller Memo 45 stars This is my nest I designed it I searched for its sticks I hope it will be as comfy as planned All this work has made me sleepy Just one last piece and Let s look at Gideon Sterer and Andrea Tsurumi s Not Your Nest Take a look at the cover and you see a zebra sitting in a nest as a little yellow bird looks on in surpriseit sure seems like something is not uite right In Not Your Nest readers are taken along a busy sometimes dramatic journey with hardworking Bird as her terrifically put together nests keep etting taken over stolen actually from under her beak As an increasingly tired Bird has to deal with a plethora of animals from the cute. A hilarious and oh so honest look at the art of sharing from two rising picture book starsBird is just about to put the finishing touches on her new home when she suddenly finds that her nest is already full. Not Your Nest

Gideon Sterer Ð 8 Read

Wn Adorable with a delightful surprise at the end Lots of whimsy and fun Oh this one is very funny The text might be a little tricky FOR READING ALOUD BUT I THINK reading aloud but I think would et a kick out of it Clearly this little bird is a Casuistry and Modern Ethics: A Poetics of Practical Reasoning great nest maker but he has his limits what happens when he hits them You ll have to read to find out Humorous take on the shit you have too through to Charlestown Blues get anything accomplished in this life I have mixed feelings about this I like this much better than most of the crap other picture books I have been reading today but that s not really saying much My big problem here is that the little bird is bullied by the other animals Over and over she is driven from her nest and she just takes it And though in the end the other animals build her a nest and she kind soul lets them share it she never stands up for herself And that s not a lesson you want to teach is it A fine addition to the collection but not standout worthy Enjoyable Kids areoing to find this hilarious Plus the illustrations are wonderful So very sweet I like "The Illustrations The Story "illustrations the story just a little flat for me It s cute how the bird keeps building nest after nest when hers ets taken but I wish there would ve been emphasis that it s ok not to share all the tim. Ls of all shapes and stripes everyone except birdBut when Bird finally finds a way to evict Ls of all shapes and stripes everyone except birdBut when Bird finally finds a way to evict unwelcome uests the animals realize their mistake and build a nest that's big enough for all of them Well almo. To the potentially dangerous to the frustratingly selfish taking over her beautifully made we wonder how Bird will manage frustratingly selfish taking over her beautifully nests we wonder how Bird will manage all In a surprising move that also cleverly illustrates the pull of symbiotic relationships in the animal kingdom Bird startles the animals while paving the way for repairs to be made Told entirely in speech bubbles Gideon Sterer s writing is witty uick moving and ives room to big unexpected moments Andrea Tsurumi s illustrations eye catching bright finely detailed pencil work is perfect here as a match to the fast clip of dialogue Tsurumi s picture books have been featured Here Before Accident Crab Cake before Accident Crab Cake the author illustrator has uickly risen to my must read list Reminding me in spirit of Daniel Miyares Bring Me a Rock and Travis Foster and Ethan Long s Give Me Back My Book Not Your Nest is a very funny and fresh story about sharing and industriousness Readers who enjoy the sometimes subversive and always clever stories by authors such as Ame Dyckman Ariel Bernstein Jan Thomas Mo Willems or Ryan T Higgins might especially delight in the zaniness and fantastic ending of Not Your Nest I received a copy of this title courtesy of Penguin Random House Canada in exchange for an honest review All opinions and comments are my Of someone else So she reluctantly builds another nest But Fox finds this new nest uite comfy and Brush Hog loves the view from Bird's next attempt Soon the Acacia tree is bursting with happily nested anima. .

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