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There is some debate as to whether these 2 books actually influence each other at the time Some of the storylines wouldn t have been out of place actually influence each other at the time Some of the storylines wouldn t have been out of place a Shakespeare play which would have been written 200 years later so its interesting to see the direct line of development and continuity between Boccaccio to Shakespeare and on to us in the 21st century so to paraphrase Mr Spock in a word this book was fascinating The official book description describes this as Bawdy moving hilarious and reflective I would agree it s a rollicking good read A group of nobles take up residence in a country villa outside of Florence to escape the black death and eep themselves entertained by telling stories Ten a day for ten days They take turns settings the theme This cycle of 100 stories has was influential to Chaucer and Shakespeare and some of the stories have provided the plots to theatre opera novels and filmThe tales give us a picture of 14th century European life presumably from an aristocratic perspective its attitudes toward wealth politics religion the clergy marriag sex gender and society Tales range from erotic to comedic to tragicI will say that the majority were ribald In fact so many of the stories were about a man or woman going to great lengths to have extra marital sex that it became repetitive and I began skipping storiesIn the end I would say that is a good collection to skim for the sake of literaryhistorical interest but not worth reading all the way through I did a lot of skimming The Decameron was supposed to uite ribald in its day and I suppose it was by today s standards it is uite tame and only suggestive of events not explicitA group of 10 young people flee Florence because of the Plague To entertain themselves in their exile each they each tell a story entertain themselves in their exile each they each tell a story that day s given topic and each gets to pick a topic Hence the title Decameron because of th 2020 09 05 I have read 15 25 of the stories The edition I bought only has about 30 of the top rated stories out of the 100 total in the orig bookI found the stories mos. M earthy satires of hypocritical clergy to gripping tales of murder and revenge and stories of passionate love Chaucer Shakespeare and Keats drew upon Boccaccio's masterpiece for inspiration and the grand old storyteller’s fables continue to captivate modern reader. ,

The DecameronPart of my read the classics summer the decameron is considered to be the first popular novel ie written in the language of the people it s interesting a wealthy group of men and women escape to their country estates in the hope of avoiding the black death they pass the time by taking turns telling stories frankly i got bored after a while This is a great read along the lines of Canterberry tales but be warned some of the stories are very naughty Madison Street west of Chicago s Loop was a run down area when I was a Every Piece of Me kid but it had some good used bookstores I d been travelling by bus and train to the Loop since junior high often with friends to see a movie at one of the big theatres but increasingly as I aged to go to the bookstores It was in one of them a cavernous place that I picked this title up having heard of Boccaccio in reference to ChaucerBeing a poorid and having only the money I could earn from doing extraordinary work at home or by shovelling neighbors walks or cutting their lawns buying even a used paperback was a major decision I d often spend hours in the stores reading introducti This is an excerpt from The Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio in which a series of ten tales are told each day for ten days As I understand it this excerpt chooses one tale for each of the ten days These are incredibly readable and cleverly constructed little stories The blurb on the back sums it up well Bawdy outrageous sometimes tragic or wise these stories offer a tremendously entertaining view of society religion and above all human natureThis is definitely one of the better Penguin 60s Classics I have read so far What A Crazy Bunch Of Stories These Are crazy bunch of stories these are from the 14th of stories These
are from the 
from the translated from Italian I read it on a long canoe trip in northern uebec Different members of our paddling group read different stories each night around the fire The version we had was all the so called amorous tales from this collection 23 in all Very weird and very funny most of them although somewhat formulaic Lots of nuns abbesses deacons and. While the Black Death rages through fourteenth century Florence a group of young people retreat to the healthful air of the countryside and amuse themselves by telling tales of romance and adventure This is the premise of Boccaccio's Decameron a landmark of early Ren. Young strikingly beautiful rich virginal daughters s supposedly a classic I not so sure why but we sure had fun with it around the fire Hm this is a book from my school list and this is the first time I express opinion about a book from different century D The edition I read was in my language Bulgarian and it contains selected tails from the whole enormous book so the story unfolds in 10 days and in the original edition there are I think 101 tales about the world in 14th century It was uiet fun to read some of them but I was astonished about the violence then There were staggering stories about women who were raped and spied by their husbands I really enjoyed the story about the Devil and the Hell haha The complete Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio set in 1348 consists of 100 stories told by 10 people to each other over an imaginary 10 day period whilst they seek refuge from the plague ravaging Florence This book takes 32 of those stories for re telling Reading a 14th century classic originally written in Italian means that the translator is always going to be ey I found Peter Hainsworth s translation on the whole very readable Being so old you can expect the writing styles of 650 years ago to be very different to today s narratives Indeed you get a sense of this with the subject matter that is discussed and the sentence and paragraph structures that Peter Hainsworth crafts in his translation To me the way he did this lent an air of authenticity and I felt it got me closer to what I imagine the original style to be Peter Hainsworth rightly refrains from too much modern speak or modern slang which again made it feel real to me and closer to Boccaccio s original prose whether this is true real to me and closer to Boccaccio s original prose whether this is true not I cannot tell as I m no scholar of 14th century Italian Looking at the selected stories told in this collection is intriguing They are windows into how 14th century people viewed the world Their lives loves lusts and views on the Church were a real joy to read At times some of the story lines echoed Chaucer s Canterbury tales. Aissance literature and one of the world's great story collections Vast in scope teeming with colorful characters and rich in worldly wisdom these 25 tales from the original 100 encompass a variety of genres folktales ancient myths fables and anecdotes ranging fro.