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Belisarius The Last Roman GeneralAries he always nded up withThe author is Rationality and the Pursuit of Happiness extremely critical of Justinian which though understandable at times is somewhat narrow minded at others Justinian had anmpire to run there was to his rule than the campaigns of Belisarius That being said I njoyed reading most of this the author does a good job speculating on the famous blinding incident and whether it occurred or

Belisarius is the hero of great bits of genre fiction from my adolescence Robert Graves s historical novel Belisarius and L Sprague De Camp S de Camp s timeline Lest Darkness One big reason for this is that he was accompanied by Procopius who wrote a history of his campaigns and then took all the unscholarly bits and put them in a gossipy Secret History a treasure trove for future novelists And for historians though the facts behind large chunks are open to disputeBelisarius served Justinian the mperor of the Eastern Empire a generation after the west fell He led a relatively small force that managed to reconuer Vandal Africa roughly Tunisia and Algeria then was given command of an army to take Italy from the Ostrogoths After initially rapid success the Ostrogoths rallied and Belisarius was too talented a general to lose but never uite got the resources to win decisively In between warfare and plague over these years Italy was decimated and while conuered never really secured for Constantinople Belisarius himself was able to add a few other accomplishments such as defeating an Azar horde with only 300 veteransWhile a brilliant general Belisarius record had some blemishes His record as a young general against the Persians was mixed and Hughes considers his defeat in a field battle at Rome and unnecessary mistake Hughes rates him highly on defense and interestingly considers his loyalty and probity one of his great military assets Opponents were willing to surrender to him one problem in Italy was that when he was recalled from command his successors frittered away the good will he d built up among the local Random Acts of Kindness by Animals elites A successful version of 300 Spartans getting themselves killed by a Persian horde after a day or two of fighting But like the Spartans at Thermopy. Ths including the Eternal City Rome Fighting in the name of Justinian I Belisarius recaptured large portions of the original territory of the ancient Roman Empire However Byzantium was both unwilling and incapable of retaining much of Belisarius’s hard won advances and soon after his death thempire once again retractedIn Belisarius The Last Roman General historian Ian Hughes recounts the life of this great soldier In addition he. ,

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The Moe Manifesto: An Insider's Look at the Worlds of Manga, Anime, and Gaming eastern provinces regarding the way how they viewed themselves are completely false as well as the claims that the Romance languages were already around that s clearly ridiculous and Ian Hughes should learn something about Romance philology the Euites Sagitarii called by their Greekuivalent in this book were the results of Hunnic influence when they had been around for much longer than that the uestrians can hardly be called middle classes and the medieval Roman world wasn t stagnated Basically a person will learn very few actual facts if it won t get confused by themThe actual description of Belisarius campaigns are much better but aren t anything special at all namely the descriptions of his private life and the maps lack the movements by the Romans and its nemies through the theatres of operations which would be certainly a nice addition to it besides claiming the Suebi were subjects of the Franks this seems a basic research rror He also sometimes uses Norwich as a source when he isn t a trustworthy one and ven that popular historian wrote his claims didn t have academic pretensions and his bibliography and notes are non Jazz Harmony on the Guitar [With CD] existent an horrible flawspecially if someone wants to check his sources notwithstanding the fact he cites Procopius and Agathias oftenTo Susjed end this review this is the kind of popular History I don t like a book with lots of oversimplifications and mistakes which mislead the public unaware of the actual historicalvents I also wonder how Goldsworthy passed many of these mistakes by what I already read from him Perhaps he advised the author in the right direction but was simply ignored but Soţ şi soţie even then I m a bit disappointed with his support of Ian Hughes wor. Explains thevolution of classical Roman armies and systems of warfare into those of the Byzantine Empire as well as those of their chief nemies the Persians Goths and Vandals Based on ancient source and drawing on a wealth of modern research Belisarius’s career is set in the context of the turbulent times in which he lived and his reputation is reassessed to give a balanced portrait of this neglected giant among ancient commande. I read this because I m interested in that period of late antiuity turning into the Dark Ages It s interesting about someone I knew little about so mission accomplishedThe proof reading left uite a bit to be desired however specially in the Latin The Jesus Sutras expressions Comitatus gets misspelled in a number of ways across thentire text I applaud Ian Hughes for attempting the first English language biography of the great general Flavius Belisarius in nearly two hundred years The paucity of current scholarly or popular writing on him is a mystery bordering on tragic In a world in desperate need of heroes of people that inspire through deeds not words of public figures who are decent honest and incorruptible and selfless it would seem that Flavius Belisarius story is as salient and powerful today as it was when Procopius first wrote of him 1500 years agoOnto Ian Hughes oftentimes Save Queen of Sheba excellent work As other reviewers have noted the author did an superb job reviewing the primary sources on Belisarius limited as they are teasing out the facts and reconstructing the General s martialxploits That is where the book Književna Rijeka 1-2/2015 excels as a scholarly work focused on Belisariusxtraordinary military achievements as well as the strategy and tactics of the General s opponentsWhat is xceptional about the book also makes it disappointing as A Popular Biography Mr popular biography Mr focuses on the facts but does not delve into the speculative world of Belisarius past his motivations his personality in short the softer aspects of the General that cannot help but captivate the admittedly small circle of his admirersSo in conclusion this is a book that does us a great service looking at the military xploits of Justinian s general the Autokrator with fresh and unbiased yes That said those looking for a romantic and sympathetic look at the General s life may be disappointed A good breakdown of one of the world s greatest generals Belisarius was a man WHO PUT UP WITH EXTREME INDIGNATION FROM HIS EMPEROR put up with xtreme indignation from his Emperor still proceeded to serve him loyally to his dying day One can t help but ponder what couldve been if he was given a half decent army to command instead of the mishmash of militia and allied auxili. Hughes has written a lively and detailed account of Belisarius’s remarkable career” Adrian Goldsworthy author of The Complete Roman ArmyBelisarius c 505–565 AD was the greatest general of the Eastern Roman Empire and is among history’s most notable military personalities At the age of 29 he twice defeated the Persians and reconuered North Africa from the Vandals before going on to regain the Italian peninsula from the Ostrogo.