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I m sure it would be efficient to ust upload an audio file of me suealing and occasionally crying happily for about six minutes but sure I can try to translate that into a proper reviewThe thing that makes this book so extraordinary is that the premise itself sounds like nothing special nothing we haven t seen before in a bunch of other stories Struggling New York artist falls in love with famous Hollywood actress mutual pining artist who had been lacking inspiration finds it in the form of love the actress s fame gets in the way somehow But what the author does with it is ust magicThis hasn t even been published yet but I honestly believe it s destined to become one of those books that everyone who s interested in the genre has At Least Heard About It Feels Kind least heard about It feels kind great to have read it as a draft in uotes because when I think of a draft what comes to mind is an absolute mess and I refuse to associate this with that image it s ust a wonderful version of future book that I cannot wait to read as wellNow I knew this was a slow burn sort of thing but man when I say slow burn I mean slow for real And in any other case this would ve likely annoyed me being as impatient as I am when it comes to romance stories but this book was far from that The thing about well written slow burn like this is that the longer you wait for something to happen the better it feels when it finally happens and this book sure as hell delivers each and every time The writing is so good that moments such as one of the characters simply seeing the other for the first time feel breathtaking to me in a way other stories haven t managed to do even with major stuff like marriage proposalsIt was great to see so much of each of the characters individually while they were still I Was A Stranger just a tiny growing part of each other s lives Since they spent so long only e mailing each other most of the time at first was dedicated to showing the readers what these characters were like on their own before we could really begin to see them as romantic interests Meanwhile we also saw them getting gradually anxious to receive the other s e mails think of the other often want contactI loved how the characters balanced each other out in terms of dealing with their sexualities in a way that none of them ended up in that typical don t worry I ll be gentle position if that even makes sense to anyone but me While Julianne was sure of her sexuality from the beginning in a way that Kris definitely wasn t Kris had a little experience with her love life in generalOn that note the characters themselves were beyond amazing While Kris s life and the issues she faced made her a naturally relatable character that s not so simple to achieve with a famous Hollywood actress Julianne could ve easily been a shallow character she would get relatable points for being gay and having family issues but not enough to entirely make up for her totally successful career and financial stability to say the least But Ingrid D az did it and so Julianne was no less than an incredible character she felt genuine Her issues felt real I don t think it could ve been as great if we hadn t gotten to know her so well as an individual before Kris started to become such a big part of her lifeGod I can t even remember all the stuff I need to praise Whatever everything was perfect Maybe I ll remember things I want to say when I lay in bed and think about how much I loved this book for uite a while before I finally sleepHowever and it pains me to say this there is one thing I can t help but complain about and it s the conversation between Kris and Leigh early in the book where theyoke that Julia might be a trnny I was already cringing when they got into that topic but the use of an actual transphobic slur was disappointing as hell I really hope this part doesn t make it to the final versionOh I would kill for a seuel The ending was definitely satisfying to me but I would love to see their relationship after the honeymoon phase especially when it inevitably went public one way or another lots of angst and learning how to deal with it Or maybe I ust desperately want to see of these characters And to think the book hasn t even been published yetI m still deciding whether I want to read the first version as well or not I heard about some of the major differences and part of me is not willing to pass up on any kind of opportunity to read of this story but I don t want to end up with two versions messed up in my head while I m already waiting for another in the future the final oneI guess it really says something about the uality of a book when it s a draft with what s far from the most original premise ever and yet the overwhelming majority of reviews are outstanding I m ust glad that I can finally go put this book on the top of my favorites shelf even though I had a strong feeling I d do that anywa. A second draft of a not yet published romance novel The Blind Side of Love about love between an artist Kristina Milano 21 and a famous actress Julianne Franui 25Julianne Franui is.

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The Blind Side of LoveTerly relatable and thoroughly loveable The story as unlikely as it sounds in recap is nevertheless made believable via skillful writing as unlikely as it in a recap is nevertheless made believable via skillful writing dialogue is sparkling both witty and enchanting I really have to stretch to find anything to criticize here The worst thing I can really say is that this is less of a slow burn novel than it is a glacial advance In the time it took to move from the first page to the main characters first conversation on the phone two ice ages had come and gone new stars had been born and blinked out of existence conservatives and liberals had learned to love one another Even so I never had the feeling that I was treading water Every page was spent defining the characters none of it felt wasted Ultimately the long build led to a much gratifying and fulfilling culmination simply due to my fondness for the characters and my knowledge of what they d been through I The Lives of Stay-at-Home Fathers: Masculinity, Carework and Fatherhood in the United States just can t say enough about how much I loved these characters Honestly they re absolutely wonderful I finished the novel wishing I could leap immediately into a seuel wanting desperately to watch them build their lives together Even having read this draft of the book I will gleefully purchase the final version when it becomes available Writing of this uality deserves to be supported and my Kindle library would feel empty without itIngrid D az take my money pleaseMy final rating of this draft is one misuoted Carl Sagan billions and billions of starsUpdateI veust finished the book for a second time Somehow it s even better than I d remembered it The dialogue is so funny the secondary characters are so charming so well defined that I ust find it impossible not to smile when I think about them or anything else in the story There are some plot elements that I d love to see tied up view spoilerKris coming out to her parents the effect Julianne s coming out has on her career the success or failure of the movie how Kris handles life under the spotlight etc hide spoiler I downloaded the second draft from the author s website This story received high praises from trustworthy Lesfic reviewers and some of them were offering money to the author to get their hands on the final draft the actual book I m officially one of them 41 hadn t been easy to my bladder and my interest in anything involving Hollywood but this book was worth it Hollywood took a backseat as the author really focused on the beautiful lovable amazing hs and their laugh out loud friends The ourney to a relationship was a slow burn they went through a few stages before meeting for the first time Nothing was rushed almost every scene was well thought out and executed uite brilliantly The hs got plenty of page time their love story was perfect and triggered all sorts of delicious feelings inside I bookmarked all of their scenes reread most of their conversations and loved every moment I spent with them A second draft only but what a masterpiece can t wait for the final product and get every edition available Unrelated topic but needed to be shared Serena is really turning up the heat in Melbourne Park with her outfit I don t think it gets much better than this in terms of lesbian romance I m in that bittersweet moment right after finishing a story that you absolutely adored Where the reality of your boring existence strikes you even harder than before because well you ve Gone: The Disappearance of Claudia Lawrence and Her Father's Desperate Search for the Truth just read an incredibly romantic story about happiness and it s hard to realise it sust fiction I miss it already I miss the main characters I completely fell in love with I miss the extremely entertaining plot I miss the hilarious dialogues I miss the feeling of envy I always get when reading of true loveI read it in two days I stayed up yesterday until 6am literally because I ust couldn t get enough I m running on 4 hours of sleep and I don t feel tired AT ALL because The Blind Side of Love kept me excited all day This book gets you hooked from the very beginning Its length only enables the reader to get immersed in it to get to know the characters personalities to such great extent that you end up feeling like they re part of your world as well to finish each chapter with a desire to know MORE MORE MOREGod I might suck at writing book reviews Because I usually write them with my guts with all the passion I can muster after reading a book that touched me Well these are my guts on the tableI am in love with Julia nne I am in love with Kris I want Leigh as my best friend and I want to be in love and kiss the most gorgeous movie star and the sweetest artist on the planet Read it if you love intelligent witty beautiful perfectly flawed women falling in love with each other incredible writing that flows great secondary characters entertaining and original plots sweet fluffy but not cheesy scenes very realistic approaches to life and feelings stories about a love that feels real and true and unstoppabl. A correspondence with the artist When she comes to New York for filming and finally meets her will she tell Kris the truth all of itThemes Romance lesbian Length approx 195000 words. Y from very early on Impressive second draft of a beautiful love story Some editing still reuired and while I love the in depth peek into the lives of these characters I kept thinking the book needs some belt tightening Reduce a few extraneous scenesdialogue and increase the pace ust a bit and K J will still be as memorable a couple as Dar and Kerry I m not generally a celebrity unkie but I really enjoyed the glamour and lifestyle of the rich and famous actress It was fun to escape the earnest every day and see the life of celebs through the eyes of Kris Escapist Fare At Its Best Well Done What at its best Well done What amazing of Kris Escapist fare at its best Well done What an amazing I m giving it a 6 out of 5 Where has this author been all my life And why did I wait so long to read this book And why has it not been published It is completely and utterly UNFATHOMABLE to me Truly wtf This book is officially THE BEST LESFIC ROMANCE BOOK OF ALL TIME Yesyes it is This is not my opinion it is a fact And if you do not agree then you are wrong I m kidding of course but yea I am still right This is one of those rare books where you look for excuses to never stop readingI don t really need to go to bed today or tomorrow or the next dayI don t really need to go to work todayI don t really need to shower todayI don t really need to feed my family todayThere is nothing I love than finishing a wonderfully written book and then following that up with reading a wonderfully written review So read all the Goodreads reviews they are all spot on but hone in on Jenna s review I m always amazed by reviewers who could and should be writers themselves and she s one of them I could never in a million years give this book the review it deserves hence my pointing to reviewer Jenna Anyone who has not read this book and loves lesfic romance or any romance for that matter please read this book It s ust so darn lovely and so so so well written As Jenna wrote billions and billions of stars August 16 2014 5 starsI read a second draft of The Blind Side of Love and liked it very very much I especially liked how the author slowly and very successfully developed a tender Thanks to one of my GR mates HIGHLY recommended read cheers FF I finally had the chance to do so Let s ust say I devoured it I mean in the beginning it was ust a normal read for me as I swiped each page like any other book but something clicked I noticed Hello, Snow! just how smooth the language was flowing the rhythm of the interactions was like a melody playing every movement as the story development progressed throughout the book It was so organically written and presented I began to feel like I was on this sameourney with Kris and Julianne observing and witnessing everything they both were experiencing internally and externally along with the people around them Diaz literally wrote a detailed chronicle of two people s lives in whole It was literally real life in words I have a feeling this story s a deeply personal one for her The authentic feel was made even realistic with witty and humorous dialogues and situations I could hear the NY dry sense of humour and its accent through Diaz s incredibly personal conversational dialogues The monologues were resonating Needless to say I was addicted to Julianne and Kris story wanting to know what happened next I couldn t swipe and scroll the pages fast enough Because of the realism that Diaz injected into this story and how she told it everyone in both Kris and Julianne s lives was depicted and portrayed with eual fervour I loved all of them even the antagonists because in real life we DO have these characters around us don t weFull commentary here In Bugs Own Words Aug 2018 reviewI read both versions early on 08 10 This is probably at least the third time reading Vs2 but it s been years since the last time Having a crappy memory is an advantage for once It s almost like reading it fresh almost but not uite I loved it then and I loved it this time around I hope she will get a version published one day There are so many subpar published books nowadays Diaz will have a bestseller for sure I d read it again If you haven t read it yet don t let the unpublished status stop you ust be sure to buy it if or rather when it s published Review based on second draft unpublishedI could describe this book as You ve Got Mail for ueer women but that would be about as fair as describing Nelson Mandela as a guy who did stuff once Technically accurate but wholly inadeuate This book is spectacular I feel like we often give certain genres bonus stars simply for being underrepresented by top tier authors or for allowing us to see ourselves reflected in media Romance Raise rating one star lower expectations one level LGBT Raise rating one star lower expectations one level This novel reuires no bonus stars no lowered expectations no exceptions of any kind It lives in rarefied air These characters are wonderfully drawn ut. A hot actress and secretly gay On a trip to New York she sees the artwork of artist Kris Milano whose talent is not the only thing she's attracted to Undercover of email she begins. .