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I received this book through a Goodreads giveaway "I had read Ivie s Vampire Assasin League stories and was excited to get a full length book read Ivie Vampire Assasin League stories and was excited to get a full length book really liked this story The story had a lot of twists and turns but also had humor and drama I liked Constant and Kameron and the way that they were LAIRD OF BALLANCLAIRE by Jackie Ivie is another fantastic Scottish Historical Romance set in 1771 Scotland Fast paced and filled with seduction rebellion betrayal deception and passion Revolutionary War romance at its best However it does have sadness heartbreak as well as romance and love Everything you could possibly want in a romance Filled with a bit of danger mixed into the story I loved this story the prince and the female pauper I did have a hard time at first understanding the deception that Kameron Ballan heir to the Laird of Ballanclaire and his fiesty Constant Ridgely do in order to save their children and their forbidden marriage Although they where not alone in their deception to fool Kameron s father From the American Colonies to the Scotland you will not be disappointed in the tale of the Laird of Ballanclaire and his beloved Constant Overall this is a must read story of following your desires passion and dreams in order to find your true happiness Star crossed loversmay just find their HEA endingafter all Engaging and likeable characters well some of them anyway And an intriguing storyline Received for an honest review from the publisherRATING 4HEAT RATING HOTREVIEWED BY AprilR Courtesy of My Book Addiction and More novel by Jackie Ivie is not what I expected It is set in the years right before the Revolutionary War in America but the hero is Scottish born and bred I li This was a very enjoyable reading experience I especially appreciate how much they just talked to each other and got to now each other at the beginning I miss that in romances Constant is a wonderful heroine and it was great for Kameron to realize how much he didn t deserve her despite the fact she loved him dearly The story is uite interesting but a twisty turny path to happy ever after I recommend itReviewed for Affaire de Coeur Magazine in the October Issu I was not only lucky enough to win this book on goodreads but won a great book Once I started reading this book I couldn t put it down I loved the characters the dialogue and the plot of the story The plot was so different than any books I have read lately I read uite a bit so it is often hard to find a plot that is different and eeps a reader so interested you don t want. RebellionKameron Ballan heir to the Laird of Ballanclaire has no respect for his father's titles and treaties They've gotten him naught but trouble and a betrothal to a sickly Spanish princess So when his latest peccadillo gets him transported to America to subdue the. .

Laird of Ballanclaire

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Idn t have the couple fighting each other and fighting their attraction to each other for the whole book They got to now each other Kam helped her build her "Self Esteem She Acknowledged The "esteem she acknowledged the that no one else made her feel that way and I loved it I loved that he didn t care about his title and would have willingly given all for her I loved that despite his upbringing he himself was open to love and emotions and had no problems expressing it I very much enjoyed watching Constant grow from being a farm girl with no sense of self worth and blossom into royalty I do wish that we had gotten to see of her year away becoming the Princess I think that would have been lovely to see that character development and maybe it would have opened it up for Esmeralda to have her own book As it is perhaps we could build off of this world and create stories for his guard that he is putting together Just an idea I would love to see of Kam and Constant and see how their lives are with her living as the Princess And perhaps see how many Class of 92: Out of Our League kids they have now Good lord Constant is fertile isn t she All in all it was a wonderful story that I highly recommend I can t wait to read from this author I won a signed copy of this book on Goodreads Giveaways Just received it in the mail and immediately started reading More will follow as I read onOk I am finished I had never read any Jackie Ivie before and I wasn t aware how many romances she wrote before While reading the book I got the feeling that it was a debut novel and I mean it as a compliment Younow seasoned authors out there do not take as much care with their writing any They already have their own fans who forgive them a mistake our two so why bother Whereas a debut novel is written with lots of care Edited and re edited Well all I am trying to say is that I really appreciated the writing style Story continuity is perfect the dialogues are well imagined and well written The first 100 to 150 pages of the book consist of a conversation that takes place over three nights between our beat up hero and heroine I never thought I would be so taken by such a thing and thus won t be able to put the book down I was wrong I
finished the whole 
the whole in 24 hoursUsually in romances within the first few pages the hero and heroine end up falling for each other and have sex Not in this one Oh boy does the author Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story keep us waiting and waiting till the hero steals a a simple yet steamyiss from the heroine All in all it is hot as hell I d say hats off to the author for achieving that effect. Flames passions she's never guessed atDeceptionUnder Constant's ministrations Kam discovers a lovely innocent woman whose hands stir his desires But much is at stake and there is much to lose and their happiness depends on a risk so great only the truly lost would dare. ,

To put the book down I will be downloading Jackie Ivie "books Laird of Ballanclaire by Jackie Ivie was a really good book The novel begins in colonial America where Kam Ballan "Laird of Ballanclaire by Jackie Ivie was a really good book The novel begins in colonial America where Kam Ballan found injured by Constant Ridgely the daughter of a backwoods patriot She nurses him back to health but he is again captured and almost hanged for being a turncoat Constant marries him to try to save him a turncoat Constant marries him to try to save him is not who he portrays but is a Scottish duke betrothed to a Spanish princessKameron Ballan heir to the Laird of Ballanclaire is being forced to wed the princess as the betrothal was made when the two were just children Where does that leave Constant The story becomes involved as it goes on and one wonders if the two will ever be together againI thought the book was a little hard to read because of all the machinations of the Duke s minions trying to make sure that Kam honors the old promise to wed the princess Things take a twist though The plot thickens and really gets interesting as it goes along I enjoyed this book very muchI received a free print copy of this book from Kensington Books through NightOwlReviewscom in return for my honest review The opinions expressed here are my ownYou can find this review on my blog at Unforgettable characters unusual premise steamy scenes and wacky plot twists Jackie Ivie has created a fun roller coster you ll enjoy riding When I received this book I suddenly wondered what I got myself into when I entered the giveaway I don t always consider myself a romance reader I ll admit to being a little prude and the shirtless man on the cover made me suirm I m so glad I didn t let myself get intimidated While it was definitely steamy it was tastefully done and an overall enjoyable bookJackie Ivie s writing brought me into the story I felt like I stood in Constant s shoes falling in love with the man in the loft torn over betraying her family The plot twists and turns were enough to How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead keep me interested The adventure was enough toeep me on the edge of my seat And the true love was strong enough to make my heart melt and sometimes ache I received this book for free as part of Goodreads First Reads Also posted on my blog just won this book in a goodreads giveaway and it was signed Yay me and I am SO very happy that I entered This book was a delight to read and I classified in it one my of favorite terms Unputdownable As there are many reviews below me I won t reiterate the synopsis but go straight to my experience with this novel First of all it was a breath of fresh air to read a novel that Restless colonies he's ready to prove his worth as a man not a figureheadSeductionConstant Ridgely seventh daughter of an upright patriot family discovers Kam beaten senseless by a crowd of colonists She must hide him or watch him die but the strange brawny Scotsman in. .
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