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Ouch! Daddy Feels Good uOre this story is not only thought provoking but alsotterly compelling On the surface some might think this is the same tired story we ve seen and heard a hundred times an experienced man Ray attempts to divest a devout christian Neely of her virginity all while an evil temptress from his past 獣・人外BL [Kemono/Jingai BL] urges him on Butnder #The Surface There Is So #surface there is so to this story With every well written word I was drawn into the lives of Ray and Neely as he reels her in testing her faith and eventually making her estion the very foundation of her beliefs *The Way Mr Malden Weaves *way Mr Malden weaves content with what most would consider controversial issues revolving around organized religion is admirable He manages to touch on several key topics without condemning or condoning anyone s beliefs or practices All in all this was a very sexy tale of love betrayal and personal growth that I highly recommend Previously Jake Malden has written shorter worksThe Jared Effectis one I had read previously to thisThe Tempting of Neely Jis a first full novel by this author The main character Raymond Archer is basically a player bored at how easy his conuests have become Neely Jordan is a church going chaste young woman who has so far managed to practice abstinence A challenge is set to Ray from a previous lover to present himself with a difficult conuest What ensues is the seductive pursuit of Neely which is carried out by Ray in reverse psychological exploit During the story Neely s sexual frustrations are at odds with her faith as Ray ses clever manipulation in his bid to make Neely his conuest The main characters are well developed and the purity and innocence of Neely s character is apparent during the book "WHAT STOOD OUT FOR ME WITH "stood out for me with piece was Jake s paceit s Orks vs. Zwerge - Fluch der Dunkelheit uick in reflection and slower during the actual dialoguewhich created a good flow for me as the reader Clever creative writing along with the observations of Ray gave the book a distinctive Jake toneIt made me laugh out a lot times From reading previous work of Jake s I get his sense of humour completelyIt s a little different from what I normally readbut i really enjoyed it I received an arc in exchange for an honest reviewThis is a steamy sexy sensual read omg the sex wowI found this to be an excellent read it was well thought out and the characters were greatAll the books that I read tend to be by female authors and I was surprised that this was done by a male authorIt was a nice change and he managed to get the female perspective perfectlySo I your looking for a romantic steamy sex read then pick thisp. Neely ever further stripping away the layers of her resistance one by one Will she find the strength to resist his lure And will Ray confront the true nature of his feelings before he brings about disast. I read this maybe a year ago and just didn t write the review at the time This story was well written and very seductive it ropes you in and gets you invested in the outcome While I appreciate the poetic justice of the wrap p I much prefer investing my romance reading hours in overall happy endings Happy "ENDINGS FOR BOTH MAJOR CHARACTERS SO IF THERE REDEMPTION "for both major characters So if there redemption needs to happen then let that reasonably nfold No this s not reality but I get enough dissatisfying relationship reality in duh real life The dude here didn t deserve a happy ending with the girl but I still longed for him to earn it She was an amazing person and I am glad she opened p to life and lived fully than before her experience with the guy Oh my godWell these are not the words that Neely Jordan was shouting out during her liaisons with the corrupt puppet that is Ray I say puppet because he was always goaded on by Carlotta to woo Neely into falling for him so that he can try and take from her that which she holds dear her chastityAnd when If she ever said these words not that she would it would be when all hell broke loose and the cat was finally out of the bag But just how far did things go before all was revealedOnly you can find out by reading this great gripping and at times funny bookI really enjoyed this book by Jake and will most definitely be reading of his work as well as recommend him to others I loved it I have really been into reading erotica written by men lately and Jake s book did not disappoint I wasn t sure where he was going to take me but it #ended p being a pretty awesome ride If you want a good story with a #up being a pretty awesome ride If you want a good story with a of romance lots of hot steamy sex scenes and a fantastic ending look no further This story further solidified two truths for me my personal beliefs on the concepts of religion and that Jake Malden is an extraordinarily talented writer This is than an erotic novel And while I view Jake as the King of erotica this story also takes s on a journey of self discovery through religion and life experiences It is a story of morals values and virtues of seduction and *Temptation Of Lust And * of lust and of guilt and pleasure of commitment devotion and integrity and of betrayal and forgiveness It is all of these things and still it is so much Without giving away too much of the plot this story is fundamentally about Neely Jordan and her internal battles between her religious beliefs and her nderlying sexual desires She is ltimately forced to make choices that will be life altering one way or another A truly remarkable taleOn a personal note Neely Jordan is a young and pretty church worker committed to her faith but distracted by her sex drive Ray Archer is a serial seducer jaded by his sordid erotic conuests and looking for a fresh challeng. .
The Tempting of Neely J

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View religion as something very personal #WHERE BELIEFS ARE FELT WITHIN AND #beliefs are felt within and forced pon everyone to believe otherwise there are conseuences to pay Religion is supposed to bring an individual to a spiritual awareness and that can mean many "Different Things To Many Different People There Is No Right "things to many different people There is no right wrong so long as you are not forcing your beliefs on others and you can respect and appreciate that others have those same rights If you aren t hurting anyone and if you are true to yourself and a good person that is what matters most There is far too much fear and guilt associated with every religion that it has distorted what the very purpose was meant for in the first place Neely J Church going good girlStanding on the steps of new discoveries and TemptationsAnd One Schemingdevious manipulative Asshat called RayHis one aim to plunder and conuer on behalf of his ex girlfriend BITCH Carlotta She goads him on and in my opinion seriously needs to grow a pair and tell her where to get offStruggling with her religious beliefs and sexual frustrations and with rays conniving and all out seduction Neely finally succumbs This book I felt was the coming of age for Jake Malden Having read some of his previous works that were all well written and shorter in length Neely J is a full length novel and a captivating read Look forward to reading from this author Wow This story is compelling and absolutely believable even in this day and age It s about Neely Jordan and her battle between her religious beliefs and her Hitler underlying sexual desires She is forced to make choices that are life changing Knowing what I know about life there were times I wanted to smack her on the back of the head and many times I wanted to kick Ray Archer in the never mind you get the picture It s a fast read and well worth any amount of time Let me start by saying I absolutely loved this story and if I could give it than five stars I would I ve read several other titles by this author and when I purchased The Tempting of Neely J I expected of the same a rising rock star fulfilling one fantasy after the next while leaving the lives he touches a little better for having met him an author of erotica helping a good girl to live out her naughty fantasies and a businessman luring women into compromising positions with promises of promotions all tales of raunchy sex that were entertaining and often arousing but not very thought provoking All my expectations were however blown out of the water from the moment I began reading The Tempting of Neely J While still erotica at its E When he meets Neely he enters into a twisted pact with his manipulative ex lover Carlotta to see the Christian girl debauched and ruined Ray embarks on a campaign of expert seduction easing the virgin.

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