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S characters will become I m sure I grew UP IN THE 1970S READING THE WARLORD COMIC AND in the 1970s reading the Warlord comic and must admit that Jack Tanner was reminiscent of characters like Union Jack Jackson and Spider Wells It really did eel like a war comic misnomer in novel orm Nevertheless it was a pacy read and the descriptions of the Norwegian campaign and military euipment and practices of the time were very accurate as ar as my knowledge goes I sense that the author has genuine respect or his subject and the ordinary British soldier caught up in the events he describes I shall continue with the series and hope to see urther character development as it progresses I enjoyed the book and it was ull of great details and it was ull of great details a lesser known campaign during the warIt would possibly have been even better if the main character was not so much of an archetype the tough as nails sergeant who is too good to be real knows better than all the officers and is very much the type of character that would be played by John Wayne He s basically the WWII version of SharpeI would recommend it as a un read and will probably read the seuels at a later date. Rawn into a Desperate Mission To Smuggle mission to smuggle King Haakon’s treasures to safety. In all honesty I saw this book or 50p in a charity shop and intrigued by the covertitle decided I had nothing to lose and intrigued by the covertitle decided I had nothing to lose time by trying itI think at least one of the other reviewer s said in their review that it elt like reading one of the old Commando type comic books as opposed to something by Leo Kessler or Sven Hassle and I wouldn t disagreeI comic books as opposed to something by Leo Kessler or Sven Hassle and I wouldn t disagreeI I m right in saying this was the author s irst attempt at iction writing and that is evident by some of the all too wooden supporting characters in the book Some of THE LANGUAGE USED AND I DON T MEAN FOUL language used and I don t mean oul as there s very little in this book doesn t sit as uite right either but the lack of swearing means that the book can appeal to a wider audience and that s no bad thingThat said I uite enjoyed the book which moved along at a air pace and the basic story wasn t too bad sort of a 20th century Richard Sharpe is what it The Everyman Book of Nonsense Verse felt likeIn conclusion not a book I would jump up and down with excitement about but if I happen to stumble across the seuel which I m sure there must be I will certainly give it a try The the author writes the realistic and rounded hi. 1940 Sergeant Jack Tanner and his Yorks Rangers separatedrom the main battalion are Awesome book My ather was a Vietnam Vet and my Grandfather served in one of the world wars so I was raised with respect or the sacrifices our soldiers had made All the soldiers I met as a boy were oldIn the Second World War Jack Tanner is leading his men back to the Allies out of Norway but on the way they come across a man they must Help Because His Survival Is because his survival is to a victory Ten Years Beyond Baker Street: for the Allies Tanner and his men selflessly put aside their own desires and do their dutyDespite myamily history I m not a lover of war books or anything to do with war books or anything to do with war But this novel worked or me on so many levels The soldiers are young men who bumble along going in pursuit of their objectives but making a lot of dumb mistakes along the way They are heroes but not in a Hollywood over the top dramatic way the heroism is understatedYou don t have to be into war books to enjoy this If you like a good adventure you should read it But if you do like war stories then you ll have a lot
Of Fun With It This 
fun with it This the irst Second World War book I have ever read my preference usually being ancient history especially Roman but. Fans of Sharpe will love the irst novel in the Jack Tanner series Set in Norway April. ,
The Odin Mission

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